The Paradigm Shift of Mobile App Development Industry

The Paradigm Shift of Mobile App Development Industry

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The whole world loves the awe-inspiring world of mobile apps. Businesses are well aware of the potential of mobile app development. That’s why more & more companies are hiring app developers to build mobile apps and reach their customers online.

Regardless of the genre, mobile applications have become a necessity today. The mobile app market has drastically grown and all thanks to smartphone utilization.

The Paradigm Shift of Mobile App Development Industry

The Paradigm Shift

In the recent past, the mobile app development industry has experienced a paradigm shift. Earlier, mobile apps were meant only for entertainment purposes. History states that a few Java games, a calculator, monthly calendar were a few that came under the mobile app category.

The first-ever smartphone launched in 1993 had features like a calculator, world clock, calendar, and contact book. BlackBerry was the successor in 2002. But, now the mobile app development industry has changed the way how things are done.

The apps have made many complicated tasks easier than ever. Whether you plan to book a movie ticket for the latest flick, fix a doctor’s appointment, buy grocery online, or anything else, smartphones are capable of performing all these tasks excellently.

With the instruction of functionality and features, mobile apps became useable & capable of tackling real-world issues. You will be surprised to know that the giant strides of mobile technology are ruling over a period of years.

How the Revolution took place?

There is not only one reason for the revolution, but a number of factors have also contributed to this movement. Better smartphones managed to systematically organize marketplace for app download & timely updates with some commendable apps.

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Hiring Mobile App Developers for Success

It’s quite simple. To run a successful business, you need a lot of planning, decision making, and investment. Building a team of mobile app developers is a type of investment, that can help your business to grow eventually.

But the question is how to do it?

Building a team of app developers isn’t a cakewalk job. You need recruiters, interview and onboarding process to hire developers. It may look easy but it really is a time-killing and tiring process.

The alternative to this can be remote hiring. Jot down all your requirements, decide your budget and then finalize the country where you would like to outsource mobile app development.

Pro Tip ~ India is the most favorite destination for American and European countries.

It’s really simple. Just share your requirements with the outsourcing company & they will provide you developers with years of expertise. Not only it will give you an opportunity to build your remote development team, but also help you to reduce the overall operational cost by up to 60%.

Hiring Mobile App Developers

Benefits of hiring an offshore development team

  • They have the ability to guide you through the methodology of improvement and provide involvement in creativity.
  • They know what goes into a successful app.
  • Having enough skills to differentiate what will live up to the expectations of the customers and what will fail miserably, they are aware of how things are done right.
  • Understand the true meaning of the user interface. The success of the app depends on the high score of usability as an aesthetic appeal.
  • Because there are plenty of choices, you can always negotiate with the budget as they were adept in offering customized solutions at genuine prices with the latest technologies.
  • The offshore development team believes in building a relationship and not just revenue.
  • Flexible engagement models are provided on hourly, weekly, monthly, and project wise custom cycles.
  • Every project is unique and therefore requires different engagement models.
  • The foreigners utilize cutting edge technology as they passionately work on building and designing an app that possesses the best quality at an inexpensive price.
  • For them, quality is a major aspect as it will turn out to be profitable in the long run with the least risk involved.

As per a report, there were 19 billion mobile app developers in 2014 and the number has drastically grown into a whopping 25 billion in 2018. Countries like India, Russia, and China have the maximum number of passionate mobile app developers across the world.

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Impact of Mobile Apps

The impact of mobile app development has been unprecedented. Shopping, navigation, net banking has gone to another level. The apps are helping professionals to work effortlessly as they complete their job remotely. With the increasing popularity, there will soon be a time when they will surpass the desktop app and user base.

With technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the Internet of things, etc. apps will soon make a powerful impact on the audience regarding the context. The mobile-centric strategies are the future of business and are here to stay.

You will soon witness the growth of innovation that will transform how business work in the process of creating a unique mobile app. Get in touch now and hire top offshore developers to get started.

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