What services can I outsource?

Outsourcing Services

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Over a third of small enterprises now outsource most or all of their operations. In 2021, even more, people aim to explore this alternative.

Outsourcing is when a corporation buys a product or service from a third-party provider rather than managing it in-house. Outsourcing allows you to get more done as a small business and delegate critical duties and processes to professionals without having to expand your full-time staff significantly. It allows you to increase productivity, control costs, and focus on the elements of your company that you enjoy and excel at.

Why should you outsource?

Outsourcing is indeed the new buzzword these days, as more and more cost-conscious organizations around the world go for non-core business process outsourcing.

Outsourcing your business processes to locations all over the world has several advantages. Some benefits are stated below:

  • Reduces and manages operational costs: Outsourcing is frequently less expensive than recruiting a new employee, eliminating some cost of Hiring developer unpredictability. The contract will clarify exactly what will be done and how much it will cost.
  • Improves the focus of the company: Outsourcing less important jobs allows the company to concentrate on more important duties.
  • Talent Pool Expansion: Outsourcing allows you to draw from a potentially limitless pool of prospective talent rather than relying on the talents of your current personnel.
  • Distribution of risk management: The contractor or contracting company will share some of the responsibility for performing the duties that have been assigned to them.

List of Services that can be outsourced

Most Popular IT Outsourcing Services


Are you wasting too much time handling operational logistics rather than focusing on building your company? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Less than 15% of business owners and managers believe they devote their time to the most productive activities. However, as expenses and competition rise, it’s time to abandon the “I can do it all myself” approach and delegate those time-consuming back-office responsibilities.

Only about a quarter of business owners believe they are using their time wisely. While every company is different, here are ten services that you should consider outsourcing.

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  • Web and Mobile Development

Web and mobile development provide an efficient and reliable means of communicating with clients and customers in today’s world. Not only can having a strong online presence assist your company, but web applications are also useful for successful marketing, public relations, and customer relationship management techniques. We are at the forefront of web application development customized to your company’s needs at YourTeamIndia.com.

At YTII we can build unique web applications for web-based business apps, e-commerce,  social computing, corporate portals, and intranet, etc., all while expanding your company’s reach. We provide outsourcing for development services in web, mobile, software, AI, and ML for Mid-level senior consultants to architect-level consultants. 

  • Automation using RPA 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be used to integrate workflow systems without the need for complicated scripting or Application Programming Interfaces, according to people who employ automation in business (APIs.) Simply said, automation software connects many aspects of your business infrastructure straightforwardly. 

  • QA (manual as well as automation)

Most IT organizations are increasingly turning to QA outsourcing services for some or all of their testing activities, or in some cases, the entire testing service function. Data suggests that, in the long run, outsourcing services might not only help firms save significant costs connected with quality management, but also allow them to get their products to market faster. Yourteamindia.com provides a wide range of services, including manual testing, process implementation, and tool knowledge.

IT Outsourcing

  • UI/UX 

As the world gets more digital, the need for IT software goods such as websites, mobile applications, and information tools, among other things, is rapidly increasing. People nowadays, however, do not want online or mobile apps; instead, they require applications that are simple to use and effective, with excellent UI/UX. However, good UI/UX design is a luxury for many organizations nowadays, which is why outsourcing it, is more economical. It’s something our UI/UX outsourcing teams can attest to.

  • DevOps

DevOps is a set of procedures and a philosophy for getting a product to market quickly and efficiently. In comparison to a standard software development lifecycle, this approach enables faster creation, testing, and deployment of new products.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are included in every phase of the product delivery process in DevOps. The purpose is to ensure that the project is running well and that the updates are consistent, cumulative, and traceable. 

  • Project Management/Scrum Master

If you’re looking for a software development team, you’ve likely heard a variety of terms. Most software development teams identify themselves with their preferred software development technique, whether it’s Scrum, agile, or waterfall, because it shows that they follow a systematic approach to development.

Trying to plan your team’s schedule, next steps, and other details when outsourcing can be challenging. A Scrum Master, on the other hand, is already in place to act as project manager and keep things moving.

  • Business Analysis

Business analysis is an important first step in the software consulting process since it identifies company needs and aids in the development of IT solutions that address them. The business analysis also provides management with intelligence, allowing them to examine business performance, explain performance gaps, and develop improvement initiatives.

Business analysis at YTI follows a set of steps that are well defined. It begins with getting a fundamental understanding of the company and progresses through the deployment, final design, and validation of the IT solution to best suit the goals of the organization.

  • Digital Marketing 

When you outsource your digital marketing, a third party creates content or performs marketing activities on your behalf, which your firm then uses to promote and grow your brand. Writing or blog management, ad design, social media post creation, video content creation, lead magnet creation, pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management, Facebook ad creation, affiliate or loyalty program management, and SEO management are all examples of outsourced duties. These are some of the marketing services that we outsource at YTII, and we have shown proficiency in those areas.

  • Accounting

One of the most typical areas that small businesses seek to outsource is accounting. If you’re not a financial specialist, learning all of your company’s processes and compliance standards can take a lot of time and effort. An experienced accountant, on the other hand, may frequently manage this area for numerous enterprises at the same time. This improves efficiency while also saving your money.

  • Data Entry

The key to your company’s growth is accurate and well-organized data. Almost all firms are switching to paperless approaches to implement their normal operations as everything becomes computerized, and thus hand-operated labor becomes obsolete day by day. Data entry is now an integral aspect of every business, whether small, medium, or large.

Data entry outsourcing is only effective if it is done by professionals. We give you the contact information for NDAs as well as a legal agreement service, ensuring that the protection of your data is in good hands.

We specialize in capturing, digitizing, and processing data from a variety of sources, including fax, Web forms, e-mails, and hard copy and scanned documents.

Hire Developers


Outsourcing may be a sensible way to expand your organization’s capabilities while focusing on your core expertise. Using freelance or contract workers is one of the best ways to save money, saving you anywhere from 30% to 50% compared to hiring full-time developers. Don’t forget about other benefits like lower risk, better compliance, and more resource control. Most significantly, outsourcing helps you refocus your objectives as a business owner or manager and avoid wasting time, money, and talent (including your own) on operations that may be handled more efficiently by someone outside your firm.

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