Offshore IT Outsourcing: What All Should You Know?

Offshore IT Outsourcing - What All Should You Know?

Outsourcing is quite popular within the IT industry. Not only established enterprises but startups, as well as SMEs, are also adopting the idea of offshore IT outsourcing.

The concept behind the strategy is quite simple. Look out for an IT outsourcing service provider in a country where the cost of living is less than yours. And you will be able to increase your business efficiency by increasing productivity while reducing the cost of IT operations.

Thanks to the rise in technology and the development of lightning-quick communication tools, which have made it possible to collaborate in real-time. Earlier, the entrepreneurs were limited to hiring professionals locally. But collaboration tools have made it easy to hire developers from an offshore country.

This is exactly what offshore IT outsourcing is all about.

Offshore IT Outsourcing - What All Should You Know?
Offshore IT Outsourcing – What All Should You Know?


In technical terms, offshore outsourcing is; The practice of hiring external resources from a foreign country, to take care of software development requirements.

Why Should You Consider Offshore IT Outsourcing?

It is the first and foremost thing that comes to mind. Well, the answer is to achieve higher productivity at lower costs. Nowadays, every business is facing cut-throat competition, regardless of the industry.

This is the biggest reason to outsource IT services. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, it provides you an opportunity to easily hire dedicated offshore developers across the globe. Which is not quite possible when you plan to hire developers locally.

A Quick Glance into the History of Offshore Outsourcing!

One of the first known and cited examples of outsourcing services dates back to the 1980s.

European airlines, in the early 80s, had set up their back-office operations in New Delhi (India). This is assumed to be the beginning of outsourcing and in no-time India became the most popular offshore IT outsourcing destination, as we all know.

It was the 1990s when American Express set up its Japan and Asia Pacific back-office operations in the capital of India, New Delhi and soon after this, many giants followed making India the first choice for outsourcing IT services because of the low costs involved and the quality talent. Since then, most of the European and American countries outsource in India.

Where Should You Outsource IT Services?

If you are running a business and looking to take it to the next level, offshore IT outsourcing can prove to be the best decision you can ever make. There are a couple of reasons behind it.

First of all, by outsourcing your IT services to a reliable and trusted company, you can hire offshore developers across a variety of technologies.

The second major benefit of outsourcing is that you can focus more on core business processes rather than worrying about building a new team for IT operations. The best thing is that you can easily get affordable outsourcing services, without compromising on quality.

In fact, we are India’s most trusted offshore development company, helping startups, SMEs and enterprises to scale up their IT team quickly. We have a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in multiple industries. Being with us, you can be certain about working with world-class software development processes.

Planning to outsource software development in India? Drop your requirements at [email protected] and our business head will contact you shortly.

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