Is Node.js App Development The Right Choice For Your Application In 2024?

Is Node.js App Development The Right Choice For Your Application In 2023?

Putting together a tech stack for a new project might seem like a challenging task, and it even is. After all, the success of your entire project relies on this sole decision, which is about picking the right tools and technologies, languages, and figuring out a ton of other aspects deciding the future of the application. Simply put, there is a lot to consider - simplicity, performance, effectiveness, and even the app’s scalability. 

Hence, it is critical to make the right decision at the start of building your new app. 

So, sooner or later, while scanning through different frameworks for your app development in 2021, you will surely come across Node.js. Hence, in this article, we will learn everything about why Node.js is still the best choice for your application development project in 2021. 

What is Node.js All About? 

Node.js is popularly known as the most prominent framework used for backend development. However, it is neither the framework nor the library but a runtime environment based on the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome. 

Initially created as an alternative to the client/server model, where the server reacts only in response to the client’s request. And shuts down the connection instantly after every response. 

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Moreover, it helps create interactive communication or, better say, a two-way connection between the user and the server’s browser. Overall, that helps in achieving low latency along with high throughput. 

Why is Node.js a Good Choice for App Development in 2021? 

Nodejs App Development

Well, there are some prominent reasons why node.js must still be used for app development in 2021. And, here are a few of them:

  1. Simple Learning Curve 

JS gives a quick and good start with node.js with prior knowledge of the backend development principles. However, overall the understanding of the programming language simplifies a lot of things for the developers

  1. Support of a Huge Community 

Being an open-source project, Node.js is all set to offer you the support and contribution of a gigantic community aimed to improve every bit of this framework while allowing everyone to adapt to the platform easily. Hence, node js developers can be quite sure of improving and getting better with time when using nodejs. 

  1. Amazing Scalability

Node.js App Development

The true jewel of Node.js to enhance the overall app development process is to offer amazing scalability to the apps built. Thus, the apps can easily help the business grow, irrespective of its size and type. Furthermore, this framework works with the microservices architecture, where flexibility and scalability are achieved quickly and seamlessly. 

  1. Robustness Worthy Trying 

The fact that Node.js allows organizing the full stack JS development helps it ensure that the speed and performance of the app built is extraordinary. So, when using node.js for app development in 2021 and beyond, you can expect high-performance and smooth apps that run seamlessly, without any interruption. 

  1. A Reliable Ecosystem 

If you browse the node.js package manager, also known as npm, for almost 650000 free code packages, you will understand how reliable this framework is, even in 2021 and even after. Besides, the fact that you can reuse these packages anytime and anywhere with Node.js gives you a sense of reliability, which is what this ecosystem is meant for. 

When is it Best to Use Node.js for Your Business? 

Node.js App Development

Well, now is the right time to begin since many are already leveraging the benefits of node.js. So here are businesses that can use node.js for their business right now, without a second thought:

  1. Media Streaming 

For all those uninterruptible business video conferences and web streaming apps, node.js is a perfect choice. The reason? Node.js solves heavy processing without much hassle. Also, the streaming apps are quite complicated, which certainly needs a robust framework like Node.js, which doesn’t store the temporary data or caching. 

  1. Chat Apps

Node.js is perfect for creating chat apps for maintaining tons of short messages with low latency that every business needs. It even handles other critical chat app features like live chat and instant messaging almost seamlessly. Besides, these features are must-haves for apps nowadays to maintain heavy traffic flow and allow multi-user to keep using it perfectly. 

  1. Data Analytics 

Analytics of gigantic data involves figuring out the problem, designing the data needs, processing the data, and even visualizing it from time to time. We know how challenging it is to deal with such massive data since it involves a lot of processes and handling. A frozen browser is pretty much enough to irritate the user with such huge data managed improperly. Hence, node.js is critical to allow data flow by splitting the data into petite chunks. Simply put, it makes big data more accessible and easy to use. 

  1. Sever-Side Proxy 

Have you ever imagined how tough it can be to stop the chaos created by third-party proxy in web apps? Also, HAProxy and Nginx alone are not enough to deal with the multiple requests. Hence, node.js become critical to deal with the number of connections, allowing the requests to pass easily without really blocking it or interrupting the connection flow. The input/output processing is used in Node.js, allowing the next processing before the complete transmission. 

Curious to Know About the BIG Brands Already Using Node.js? 

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Considering all the benefits and ease of app development, it offers the developers is something worth trying. And, many big brands out there are already making the most of this framework for an incredible app development process. 

Here are some brands that use Node.js: 

  1. UBER

With a real-time architecture to manage the ever-increasing connections on this app, Uber has managed to be one of the most seamless apps that the world has ever seen. This rising popularity of the app with so many businesses want to make a connection with it, utilized advanced analytics on data to perform seamlessly. Hence, node.js production helped them manage the food delivery, package delivery, freight transportation, and ride-hailing services through different rental vehicles. 


One of the best video streaming platforms that leveraged node.js in their production and surpassed the existing set benchmarks without much hassle. Netflix was earlier using Java on the server-side and JS on the front side. However, considering the growing popularity of their platform and the seamlessness of node.js, they made the shift. The reason even was the common language for both the front side and the server. As a result, the acceleration time dropped to amazing 60 seconds. 


One of the topmost social media platforms for sharing thoughts, news, and networking with people worldwide uses node.js. Earlier, Twitter relied on JS on the client-side with Scala on the server-side, which offered them quick data connectivity. However, it was quite challenging for them to maintain and develop the stack easily. Hence, they replaced Scala with node.js to speeding up the platform and network efficiency too. 


Amongst the other big brands that shifted to node.js, even have Paypal in the list. They took the risk of shifting back then in 2012 when the language was not as known as it is today. It was a huge decision for them to plan this shift. However, they chose to go with node.js finally. It took them very little time to make the shift, and the risk was worth their time and efforts. Paypal successfully shifted for a much quicker and seamless platform for people worldwide to deal with transactions. The time of the page server was 200 ms faster and even helped them earn user experience through PayPal Account setup, PayPal Wallet, PayPal Funding Source set by Node.js. 


They shifted from Ruby on Rails to Node.js because of the performance effectiveness and scaling opportunity. LinkedIn is one of the most reliable and most probably the most prominent social platforms dedicated to networking. So, when they shifted to Node.js, they enjoyed the success from running fifteen servers to just four for controlling the traffic. In addition, they increased the traffic capacity with a massive cut in servers. Overall, it got twenty times faster on the server-side and ten times speedier on the client-side, which was an enormous success for LinkedIn. 


Node.js is a powerful tool for developing highly effective and scalable apps for an extraordinary user and client experience. Besides, the support of the highly reliable community is always there to make your node js app development experience even better. Already top brands are leveraging the benefits of node.js, and it is time you consider this amazing framework for your next app development project. Also, make sure to hire the best developers for your next app for deploying results as expected. 

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