The Trend of Mobile App Development Cost in the U.S

The Trend of Mobile App Development Cost in the U.S

‘How much does the mobile app development process cost?’ - Usually, that is amongst our top three questions when going for app development. Cost is a critical factor to be considered when in countries like the U.S. In fact, it significantly sits at the bottom of any app development budget. 

“App Annie expects worldwide gross consumer spend to surpass $139 billion in 2021″ App Annie

However, no matter how much time we invest thinking or estimating the total cost, it is going to rely on different factors such as the market trends, the complexity of features in the app, the budget, requirements, and quite a lot of other factors. Simply put, not just one, but many impacts the overall cost of the app development. 

In this article, you will learn a little about the app development cost trends in the U.S. and a few other related information. 

So, let’s get started! 

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App Development Cost Breakdown for the Country (Works for Everyone)

Mobile App Development Cost

So, when we think about the cost breakdown, we have quite a few factors to consider, such as:

  1. The functionality and purpose of the application matter foremost. 
  2. What all devices and platforms do you need to support is also important.
  3. How complex visual objects inside the application are required helps make a decision.
  4. The seamlessness to integrate with third-party apps matters. 
  5. The overall ease of using smartphone features such as NFC technology, GPS navigation, and Augmented reality tech.
  6. The complexity of the database to develop the expected application. 
  7. After the development is completed, the maintenance charges have to be counted.
  8. Also, the overall size and expertise of the development team.  

What, in the U.S., do the Developers Take Home for Developing Apps? 

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Unlike highly affordable countries like India and China (known for their low-cost labor, the United States charges are usually on the higher side. So, that means if you are thinking of getting your app developed from the U.S. developers, there is a little you can think about saving some. 

Software Developers were making a median salary of $107,510 in 2019, with the highest paying areas being San Francisco, New York, Battle Creek, and San Jose. 


Another source (salaryexplorer) says that a developer in the United States typically earns around 89600 USD per year. And, salaries range from 41,200 USD being the lowest and 142000 USD, the highest. 

Indeed says that the base salary of a developer is this in the United States with a cash bonus and most common benefits. 

Built-in Beta concludes this as the average salary of the developer in the United States. 

Considering the current salary trend in the United States, it seems that charges are quite on the higher side, especially compared to countries like India and China. 

The developers are paid more in the United States, which also means they charge way more than other countries. Hence, the overall development cost in the U.S. is more towards the higher side. 

But, Can You Estimate the Cost of Development Accurately? 

App Development

Well, it is critical to finalize a team to do so in the United States and even anywhere else in the world. However, we can try estimating the approximate cost though. 

(Remember, the main cost of app development would be calculated based on the features and their complexity). 

Features are what makes the app unique. It is a special task for which developers need to invest a lot of time, effort, and creativity to create something unusual for the specific brand/company. In addition, the features must align perfectly with the business requirements, which should be presented in the app to the target audience. 

Besides, the app must be compelling enough to hook the customers. They must download it once and spend time on it. That is how powerful the app features should be. It could be anything from the sign-up button or complicated video-streaming integration that acts as a feature of the app. Hence, the features and their complexity is what make your app successful. 

The Formula That Can Help to Estimate the Cost 

Since we can’t estimate the exact cost - until we have a team of a particular location in the United States of a particular firm hired, we should presume the approximate cost until then to prepare our budget and keep a certain cost aside for the development. 

“Total Development Time X Hourly Rate = Development Cost”

So, when the app development starts, you will be given a rough idea of what is to be included in the app based on your requirements. The quote is usually the cost of the overall project description, business needs, and the technical specifications required in the app. 

How are U.S. Development Companies Calculating the Cost? 

Just like any other company nationwide, which usually involves the cost based on certain factors given as follows:

  1. Idea/Concept - Such as all the features that one wants in the application. 
  2. Features - The list of features explaining what it would do if clicked. 
  3. Complexity - Features and their complexity are listed clearly. 

With a clear idea of all these features, one is presented a product backlog, which lists all features, modifications to be done in the existing system, changes in infrastructure, bug fixing, and all other critical activities that are included in the app to achieve a certain outcome. 

Mainly the cost is divided into two main categories, which are:

Offshore Software Developers

  1. Fixed Cost - Here, the app owners are charged for a particular timeline. Mainly one goes for this one when they either have the smaller projects or know precisely the time to build the app is defined. The best part is that everything is discussed in advance, including the business needs, features, complexity, and the development company asks for a specific amount. Since the price is already known before the development starts, everything becomes easier for both parties. 
  2. Hourly Cost - Another one is based on the materials and time that is needed to keep running the project. Hence, the basis count becomes the hourly rate charged by the developers. With this one, the client gets the flexibility to modify things during the process. The features can be made more complex, and this one works pretty well for long-term projects. 


Estimating the cost of a specific country like the U.S. can be challenging if you haven’t studied the market or haven’t yet approached a certain development firm. To estimate the development cost in the U.S., you will have to keep certain factors in mind mentioned above, plus the experience of the developers. 

Besides, since the entire app is based on keeping up with unique features, it is recommended first to identify how complex the app’s features are to estimate the cost. Overall, a single factor will not help you estimate the cost but consider all or the maximum of it. 

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