Top 8 Reasons you Should Invest in Flutter Development

Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Flutter Development

Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Flutter Development

With each passing day, the mobile app development industry is booming, and so is the Flutter development. Though, Flutter is not the first but definitely a revolutionary framework for building engaging mobile apps.

Having the cross-platform ability & intuitive UI, this framework is becoming popular among development companies around the globe. Earlier, React Native was the best cross-platform solution available in the market. But with the stable release of Flutter, everything has changed.

Plus, by offering the ability to build enhanced user experience, Google has put Flutter on the top, in the list of best mobile app development frameworks. And this gives rise to more confusion among the entrepreneurs.

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In case you need more insight into the technology, let’s take a short recap on the development of Flutter. Google engineers have worked on:

  • Majority of parts of the engine to enhance the performance
  • Support for Windows development
  • Support for Firebase APIs
  • Inline video, ads, and charts
  • Professional documentation
  • Accessibility
  • Internationalization

The Flutter community has grown tremendously and all the credit goes to the libraries and packages. You will find the packages for opening images, making HTTP requests, sharing content, storing preferences, implementing Firebase, and more.

Spot on Features to Consider:

  • Free source
  • Open-source
  • Uses C++ rendering engine
  • Based on Dart language
  • Provides widgets

Have no idea about the difference between open source and free software? Here’s your guide!!

Top Reasons to Invest in Flutter Development

Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Flutter Development

1. The Cross-Platform Approach

The prime objective of an organization is to build mobile premium mobile apps with maximum ROI. And the best way to achieve this goal is to build cross-platform mobile apps to target maximum users.

A few years back, the user experience of cross-platform apps was not good in comparison to the native apps. It’s all because developers have to create UI experience in JavaScript.

Due to this reason, entrepreneurs preferred hiring mobile app developers with hands-on expertise with either Swift/Objective-C or Java/Kotlin.

Flutter gives the advantage to ‘write code once’ & create beautiful apps with amazing performance similar to the native ones. Besides cross-platform ability, Flutter can give you a development start for the Fuchsia platform. Fuchsia is an experimental operating system that is being considered as a replacement for Android.

2. Ideal for MVP

If you are short of time & money and want to launch both Android & iOS applications, building a Flutter mobile app is the best decision. It’s simply because you need to hire iOS and Android developers separately. It will only lead to spending a lot of money.

Whereas, developing a mobile app using Flutter will be way cheaper. To get started, you can build your Flutter app with core features only and collect valuable feedback from customers for future updates.

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3. High Productivity of Flutter App Developers

The increase in productivity comes from Flutter’s hot reload. The feature allows the flutter mobile app developers to see the changes made in less than one second and the change in app structure in less than ten seconds. You can see the modifications as soon as you make them.

Isn’t that a great feature?

4. Front-End and Backend with One Code

Unlike Android coding, where you see separate files for front-end (Views) and back-end (Java), flutter uses single language (Dart). Dart takes care of both front & back-end and uses react native framework.

Dart has been beautifully built having the best of the features of other languages without losing the familiarity of Java. Also, it was built keeping the app developers in mind, and it has made a lot of common tasks easier.

5. Aesthetic Design and Appeal

Because of the careful implementation of material design specifications, it is good to create powerful UI experience out of the box. It produces the smooth, seamless experience that you see with native apps.

In fact, Flutter has inbuilt widgets that implement Human Interface Design specifications for iOS, giving you the native feel on the iPhone and iPad.

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6. Extension Catalog for Open Source Packages

The set of open source packages helps in developing the app at a faster pace, and there are a lot of packages available that makes a lot of tasks easier. The package library continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and the credit goes to the experienced Flutter developers that are continuously contributing to the community.

7. Flutter Supports IDEs

If you choose Flutter Development,  you will have the option of choosing from a number of Integrated Development Environment. Initially, you can start with Android Studio and then shift to Visual Code. VS Code has the property of being light and fast.

8. Widgets are Everywhere

Widgets are necessary for the app’s view and its interface. They should have a natural look and feel regardless of the screen size. They should be fast, extensible, and customizable.

Flutter has got it all. It has a rich set of widgets and extensive capabilities that create complex custom widgets. Moreover, widgets in Flutter are not only used for views but for the entire screen and for the app itself.

A Widget Defines:

  • Structural element (button or menu)
  • Display element (front or color scheme)
  • Layout aspect (padding) & more.

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