Best Sources to Hire Software Developers Across USA

Best Sources to Hire Software Developers Across USA

As with various technical fields, software developers are high in demand. Businesses around the world need them to pace up with the industry. However, the best talent gets snapped up quickly, making the right candidate out of your reach in just a few seconds.

So much of Demands & Demands!

Moving ahead into the process - of course, you do not want to go for the dregs out there! Right?

It is better to execute your hiring process in the right manner to attract skilled professionals to your company. Remember, every candidate (programmers, especially!!) has a unique set of skills that varies from industry to industry.

It also depends on the preferred working environment as well as the programming language.

To start with, you must build an inbound pipeline for candidates. This will ease you up throughout the process. Also, if you are putting efforts into outbound efforts to entitle developers.

Then try to self-direct and be a master of the hiring process. 

Our suggestion for you is to work smarter and not harder!

For that, you need to implement a process that takes care of the process and allows you to hire software developers without wasting much of your precious time. Keeping the hassles in mind, you as a recruiter goes through, we are all set to help you through the process of hiring top software developers.

Here is a reliable and scalable process that you can put in place to source and hire the best software developer for your startup or enterprise.

Let us take a step ahead!

How to Find a Software Developer?

Jumping up to the process of hiring!!

When talking about hiring a software developer, there are four main categories you must consider. One of the steps to hire software developers is by following the conventional outsourcing model.

You can do this by participating with the local developer community. 

If you want to do something different, then you can consider going for the freelance and remote contracting portals. Many startups in the US prefer to hire a software developer through Upwork, RemoteOk, YourTeaminIndia, VenturePact, and more.

For instance, YourTeaminIndia offers a large pool of engineers, vetted after a series of interviews. It is the best platform for those who want to hire the top software developers for their company.

Besides, you can also find developers who prefer pacing up with the ever-evolving industries like e-commerce, etc. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Software Developer?

The demand for software developers across the country is very high, making it difficult for employers to source skilled programmers onboard. And there are quite a lot of factors that affect the cost of hiring developers across the globe.

This is because there are a limited number of professionals available to match the high-demand.

Another aspect is that technology is evolving with pace. Therefore, the professionals do not have the right resources (most of the time), updates, or even time to keep up with that pace.

In the USA, 69% of the companies are hiring programmers remotely (which is affecting the costs widely). 

That being said - sky-high salaries and an outstanding workplace are not enough to attract the best software professional- not anymore!

Considering the aspects mentioned above, hiring a software developer in the USA can cost you somewhere between $84K to $150K yearly. The salary of a junior software developer in the US can be $ 60K- $64K per year.

Whereas the annual salary of a middle and senior developer may vary between $90k -$150,816.

Software Developer Hourly Rate Comparison Across the Globe

The Best Ways to Hire Software Developers

For this, you need to first understand that the term- DEVELOPER is not just limited to a single specialization.

It is quite broad in actuality!

Developers are known to serve various roles such as web developer, mobile developer, full-stack software developer, software engineer, and more. 

So, how can you source candidates to fill your pool?

Here's how:

1. Reaching out for Unconventional Sources

A perfect hiring process involves building a candidate pool. The better your candidate pool, the better candidates you will have in the pipeline to hire.

This will eventually fasten the process of hiring, providing you with the best results. 

Satisfying, isn't it? But what else do you need to do?

Well, here is all you can do besides sticking to a single job portal or the career section of your website:

  • Considering Personal referrals: The highly-skilled candidates tend to know quality workers. Don't forget to ask for the recommendations. Ask your existing employees for the same, as they have a better grasp of the industry as well. 
  • Stalking down the Bloggers: Many working professionals nowadays prefer maintaining blogs to share their experience. Finding a software developer who demonstrates his/her skills through blogs. This will allow you to invite them for an interview, and maybe you can have them on board. 
  • Looking Through Open Source portals: Open-source software is one of the favorite destinations of many recruiters these days. It is because many candidates like publicizing their work as proof of their skills. There are plenty of them- Track them out!!

You should not limit yourself to these sources only. Conventional outsourcing can also bring a pool of qualified candidates. However, the sources mentioned above are also great to hire passive software developers and pull talents from various platforms. 

Now, what is conventional outsourcing exactly?

2. Traditional Outsourcing

One of the most common sources that come into our mind when we think of hiring- is going for the conventional outsourcing model. Many companies and agencies have partners and sales offices onshore in the US.

Thus, they can meet their clients much before outsourcing the services to understand the project in a better way. 

However, some agencies offer both backend and frontend professionals who can work according to your requirement as a remote or full-time employee.

3. Opting to Hire high-quality Freelancers

Besides outsourcing, the next most common step recruiters tend to go for is to opt for remote hiring. They search for various freelance platforms and networks like Upwork, Toptal, and more to hire software developers.

These networks offer a wide range of candidates you can hire remotely. 

But, at first, you must understand the difference between the basics of in-house and outsourcing recruitments. It will help you to differentiate more effectively during the process. This will also make you well-aware of the risks involved in hiring a remote software developer.

Some of such risks are:

  • The likelihood of professionals working on various projects at a single time is very high. 
  • Problems in managing them, especially when you are trying to establish a remote team out of nowhere. 
  • Communication-related skills of the candidate might not be enough as per your requirements and standard.
  • He/she might not be able to provide you with the required quality.
  • Missed Deadlines and a lot more. 

So, here is our mantra for you- Differentiate your needs and hire the perfect one!

4. The Remote Recruiting Website

From the past few years, several websites can be seen participating actively to help you up with the right candidate. Also, developers can apply for work both in-house or remotely. Such websites generally provide:

  • Access to the CVs of the candidates who are looking for a suitable job.
  • You can post your job to hire remote developers or even to outsource your projects. 

Here are some of the most common website and their services:

  1. Cybercoders: The website has listed more than 40 job openings this week.
  2. RemoteOK: It offers contractual-based job opportunities to the candidates who are looking for remote or full-time jobs.
  3. Indeed: The famous hiring portal allows you to change geography and access the local markets even in offshore locations. 

5. Cooperation Platforms for Hiring Remote Developers and Agencies

Hiring platforms like VenturePact, YourTeaminIndia, and Toptal offer a vetted pool of software developers. This is a great way to find a software developer who can work remotely or even with your team at the office. 

These companies follow a comprehensive vetting process to ensure that you only hire top performers of the industry. Therefore, the quality risk is reduced considerably.

The skills of the candidate are also reviewed carefully during the process by such companies. This allows you to hire a software developer based on their skills and knowledge of programming along with experience. 

But, how can you ensure that the candidate you just selected is a perfect fit for your organization?

Well, our next step will help you in this case!

Determining the Skills of a Developer

Now, talking about the outcomes, how can you do that?

The answer is by getting in touch with an expert. Whether they are the existing lead developer or someone outside your firm (just like the companies we mentioned above). Adding more to this, you can also judge the technical abilities of a candidate, albeit with a grain of salt. 

Tips from our Professionals

  • Review the answers of different applicants. Observe and compare! Search for the problems in the code provided by the candidates (it is to verify if it is running accurately). The one with the right code is the one you must hire. 
  • Throw a challenge without any coding requirement. The choice of coding language and accuracy can tell a lot about the candidate. So, add some technical questions to the task that requires no coding. 
  • Just break the code. For example, ask a professional to design a simple applet having a particular function. How will the candidate handle it if you give it a little twist (a technical one, or you can play with the code)? An experienced candidate will program to solve the issue and provide you with an outcome. 

Always try to consider issuing at least one skill test of the candidate. Remember, on the job, a software developer should use all the resources available to him/her as required. This process is to ensure that the candidate is not relying on any external sources to complete the task. 

Last Words

Above are just a few sources and platforms that offer you many external resources for software development. However, there is a lot more you can do to hire software developers for your company.

As a smart sourcing decision, we recommend building an offshore development center with a reliable software company. Just keep yourself sorted, rest everything will fit in automatically.

Happy Hiring!!

Mangesh Gothankar

Mangesh Gothankar

Seasoned technology professional with over 19 years of experience leading technology innovation and execution with startups and MNCs. Experience in hiring and creating multiple world-class technology teams. Results-oriented with a passion for technology, recognized for successfully planning and executing major initiatives.