A Guide to Hiring Remote Developers in India

Technology is a crucial aspect in modern business establishments. There’s absolutely nothing that can replace it. Considering the fact that most organizations are highly dependent on tech for expansion, experts are developing newer versions of the technology. Skilled professionals are scattered across the world and hiring a team at one particular work spot can get difficult as well as an expensive affair. An answer to the question of how to hire remote developers in India without much financial burden is that remote hiring is the new recruitment trend and is here to stay. The scenario here in India is also very much the same. Many professionals possessing different expertise prefer working from home and they are indeed answers to the expensive hiring woe. Web development is the stream where the maximum number of professionals prefer the work from home strategy. This culture has been well received by organizations across the world.

A Guide to Hiring remote IT developers in India

The credits to the idea of remote hiring in India are many. It enjoys the freedom from geographical restrictions as it happens while having an onsite recruitment. Expertise from different regions and people can be brought together to create something phenomenal. As good as it sounds, there are certain things that have to be practiced while opting for a remote hiring process. Apart from recruiting these expert professionals, it is also important that you retain them and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

So here are the best practices while hiring remote developers in India:

1. Test their level of adaptability and cooperation: This is an important aspect while assessing a candidate. With so many people involved in the project and each of them following a different time zone and belonging to different community and cultures, there ought to be certain issues that may disturb the way work is done. Especially in a country like India that is a home to so many different religions, cultures and enriched with a variety of customers and traditions, this is indeed what is supposed to be taken care An ideal candidate must be able to adjust well with co- workers, scattered across the world. They must also be capable of adapting to the work culture in your organization even though the connect is only virtual. Their communication skills, aptitude for problem-solving, all such factors determine whether your recruit is perfect for your project or not.

2. Past Freelancing and portfolio check: Let’s state the fact. It isn’t easy to assess the potential remote recruit’s skill accurately due to obvious reasons. It is also difficult to conduct traditional training for such recruits. In such cases, it is imperative that you consider the recruits past work experience, their freelance history and a detailed scan of their portfolio if available. This will help determine their suitability for your project. Though this will help you judge their skills, you will get to know them better only after the first few weeks. Make sure you test their skills in the initial days itself for better understanding of their capability.

3. Perfect communication: In such remote hiring processes, another essential quality that must be tested is the candidate’s ability to communicate well. The potential candidate must possess exceptional communication skills since they are going to be working with people from across the globe and where English may be predominantly used. In spite of the location constraint, the recruit must be able to communicate with managers and other concerned officials in order to make the project arrangement successful. To be able to understand the process outsourced, communication is essential.

4. Remuneration: It is necessary to provide your recruits with the remuneration they ought to receive. Additional bonus and other facilities to work well towards motivating them. Salary definitely is a factor yet additional benefits do their part. Travel allowances, housing allowances, food and other such benefits may not be provided to such recruits hence bonuses and periodic training work well for them. The right training, combined with monetary benefits as per the company policies will definitely make employees feel connected with the company and will instill a sense of loyalty towards the organization.

5. Check their progress regularly: Monitoring your employees is essential but make sure that you make them feel comfortable while working. They must be empowered to connect with the project and express their ideas. Conduct video conferences, connect the employees working on a particular module and help in the ice breaking. A friendly approach always motivates the employees to put forward their best. Major decisions must be communicated with them. This sends a sense of reassurance in their minds and they feel well related to the project and your organization. This will also bring about better processing of information and will result in a much higher level of synchronization.

Managing a remote developers team in India is indeed a task and demands a lot of your time and interest. You may employ a manager to handle the project for you but it makes a huge difference if you are personally involved in managing the team and interacting with them on a regular basis. These people help your company actualize its penultimate potential. A daunting task, retaining and maintaining a better relationship with the team will work wonders for your organization and by using these tips, you may be able to pool talents from across the world.

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