7 Things to Consider Before You Outsource IT Services to India

The statistics of Hexagon Consulting depict that the outsourcing industry of India stands at a value of $US 118 billion. This figure is enough to show India’s dominance in the outsourcing Industry. Also, the Tholons top 100 outsourcing destination list places India in the top 10 list when it comes to outsourcing IT services to India. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that India is the favorite outsourcing destination across the globe. Availability of meticulous employees and well-qualified professionals encourages global industries to invest in outsourcing IT services to India.


The IT outsourcing service in India is growing at a rate of 18% per year, making its success very evident. However, there are certain things to consider before you outsource IT services to India. Aspects such as capital, time, human resources, money, and labor should be taken into consideration before you think to outsource IT services to India. It wouldn’t only give you the best results but, will let you extract the full potential of Indian employees. Here is a list of 7 things you must consider before you outsource IT services to India.

Efficient and productive Employees: Outsourcing works towards improving both the quality and quantity of work by dividing it into multiple parts. Hence, it becomes imperative to outsource such employees who are dedicated, efficient and productive in their work. So, when you think to outsource IT services to India, make sure the employees you outsource have the ability to manage the differences and work extensively towards achieving a common goal with greater productivity and negligible flaws.

Ability to reduce operational costs: One of the main reasons why firms opt to outsource IT services to India is low operational cost. Reduced operational costs not only control the budget but, also strengthen the financial stake of the company. Hence, it is critical to look for such IT services which can be outsourced at cheaper rates along with easy access to labor. Furthermore, the service provider you’re opting for should be capable of maintaining and developing your company’s finances.

Competent in risk analysis and risk sharing: Outsourcing helps to share the risks associated with a venture. In fact, the service provider is under the higher responsibility of studying, analyzing and managing risk because the company has invested its resources with them. Hence, if you are thinking to outsource IT services to India, consider choosing a service provider who is the best when it comes to risk analysis and risk management. They should also be able to garner your trust and build their credibility while helping you grow your business significantly.

Seamless Communication: Seamless communication is a crucial factor for the success of a firm’s strategies and goals. Indian employees are known for their great communication skills. In fact, it is said that they speak better English as that compared to their Chinese and Filipino counterparts. Hence, it is vital to consider outsourcing such Indian employees who possess impeccable communication skill and have the ability to effortlessly carry on important conversations.

Access to latest technology and infrastructure: Outsource IT services to India from such Indian agencies that have access to latest technology and infrastructure. Such agencies train their employees on the latest technology and make them competent in every field. Opting for such outsourced employee would not only cater to your overseas demand but, also assist you in making your critical projects successful quite flawlessly.

Good customer support: A business can be successful in the long run only if it is able to satisfy its customers. In this context, outsourcing doesn’t only enhance productivity but, works extensively towards customer support. Therefore, it is important to outsource IT services to India from such service providers who are willing to work around the clock, provide better customer support despite the time zone differences in order to get 100% customer satisfaction, resulting in the considerable amount of recurring business.

Resort to favorable outsourcing policies: Indian economy has strengthened its roots through foreign exchange earned by outsourcing. India’s flexible and convenient outsourcing policies have made it the outsourcing hub of the globe. It should be known that India’s outsourcing industry has increased significantly from $US 50 billion in 2010 to $ US 118 billion in 2016, making it evident that the outsourcing potential of India remains unmatched. Hence, opting for such service providers who make the most out of these flexible outsourcing policies and give you access to the best and skilled labor at lower costs is something that should be considered and kept in mind before outsourcing.

Tom Peters, the management guru says, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest!” It indeed holds true. Outsourcing doesn’t only cut the cost but also gives you ample benefits of having access to skilled and expert labor, reduced overhead, flexible staffing, and enhanced efficiency, minimal turnaround time which ultimately generates more revenue and gives you a competitive edge.

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