7 Rules to Follow while Hiring Remote Developers from India

The technology is developing at an unprecedented rate and businesses are nowhere behind in reaping out its benefits. Developers, who play a major role in enhancing the technical front of an organization are being hired in a huge number. Moreover, the recent surge in the remote revolution has opened new avenues for the digital population, majorly consisting of the younger generation. These millennials believe in flexible working hours. In fact, a robust 68% of the younger population look forward to employers willing to hire a remote workforce. Hence, organizations are going a step ahead and hiring a remote workforce for acquiring an edge over the competition.

7 rules to follow while hiring remote developers from India

A survey done by Elance shows that 54% of organizations are expecting their workforce to work remotely by 2017. Consequently, organizations are looking to hire remote developers from India, a major hub of the remote workforce across the globe. Indian remote developers are much in demand and are being outsourced by various organizations across the world. Wondering what’s the reason? Well, they are not only competent, hardworking and far-sighted but, are also reasonably affordable. Isn’t this what you want your remote workforce to be? However, there are certain criteria and rules that you must keep in mind while hiring remote developers from India. Let’s have a look at it.

Have a deep insight of the developers you hire: Make sure to hire remote developers who are competent to complete your work seamlessly. India might be an affordable outsourcing hub, however, do not compromise with quality because of budget constraints. It’s often seen that employers impulsively select the one who bids the lowest. This at times leads to compromise in quality as they might be shuffling between multiple projects simultaneously. Your work might not be their priority. Remember, hiring the best of remote developers is not an expenditure but, an investment. So, hire remote developers that might have competitive rates but, are talented and competitive, who are willing to take your organization a notch higher.

Understand the cultural differences: It is critical to understand the cultural differences while you hire remote developers from India. Indians literally worship their work. Hence, if you respect their work culture, you will be able to retain their top-notch talent for a long time. In addition, being flexible with time-frames, allowing them to incorporate their creative inputs and providing them leaves according to Indian holidays is also a great way of extracting the best out of their productivity.

Avoid freelancers and go for an experienced company: No matter how enticing and cost-effective it might sound, but avoid freelancers when you hire remote developers from India. Instead, go for an experienced company which has ample knowledge regarding effective project completions. Their skills and expertise are unmatched in front of freelancers and they give their best to provide you with high-quality projects.

Make communication a priority: Seamless communication is imperative in reaching out and conveying your requirements to the remote developers. Make sure your remote developers remain connected to you conveniently through regular chats, video calls where you can conduct virtual meetings, prioritize your work and motivate them to be productive.

Be sure they use good management tools and provide clear reporting: The remote developers you hire must have impeccable infrastructure comprising of good management tools. It doesn’t only enhance their productivity but, allows them to be precise and clear about their work pattern and reporting. A well-built and intuitive internet connection, robust network, 24/7 electricity availability and access to tools like Google Docs and Drafts not only triggers their productivity but, also saves your time along with maximizing your benefit.

Explain your objectives and reason to scale: Providing a clear picture of your objectives, expectations, and scalability to your remote developers is vital for the smooth achievement of the goals. Avoid ambiguity and give them clear directions and an innate process to follow. If the developers get a to-the-point and precise understanding of your vision, they will work extensively towards delivering the best of their work.

Be careful with payments and legal procedures: The outsourcing policies in India are very friendly and convenient. However, make sure you have thorough knowledge about its IT policies and taxation procedures to facilitate seamless work with your developers. Moreover, since the work is solely dependent on the internet and technology, you must get acquainted with its cyber security policies to save yourself from any kind of payment frauds, data theft, or hacking.

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With 85% of the world outsourcing done from India, it definitely can be your one-stop destination for hiring world-class developers and extract their talent to escalate your business. Just keep the above-mentioned points in mind and you will be good to go.

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