Why Should You Prefer to Hire Flutter Mobile Developers for Building Apps?

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In this post, we will discover flutter, reasons to choose flutter for app development, the advantages of choosing flutter over other technologies, and the benefits of choosing flutter developers over freelancers. Simply put, this post will help you understand why hiring flutter developers and choosing flutter for app development is beneficial. 

Let’s begin! 

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit by Google, designed to develop apps for multiple platforms using a single codebase. The UI toolkit is written in Dart, C, and C++ to develop apps for iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, and Google Fuchsia. 

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Reasons to Choose Flutter for App Development

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The first point to understand is why one should even go for Flutter when surrounded by dozens of efficient technologies for developing your app. Well, there are numerous reasons why people are preferring Flutter, and here are some of them:

1. Accelerates Developer’s Productivity (by Ten-Fold)

One of the prominent reasons to shift your focus to Flutter is how efficient it is to multiply a developer’s efficiency and productivity by many folds. Flutter can make almost instant changes in coding without any interruption and halting the smooth development process. 

The credit goes to the ‘Hot Reload’ function, which has allowed programmers to relax while increasing productivity by ten folds. They can instantly see the instant impact of a code change that reflects in seconds, ultimately allowing them to speed up the development process apart from efficiency and productivity. 

2. Mature Community Support 

Another premium reason developers prefer Flutter app development is the access to mature community support of experienced and knowledgeable coders. Developing community support for programmers is a challenging task for any new technology. 

However, in Flutter, you can enjoy an exclusive community that is becoming a knowledge base for every Flutter developer and even other programmers. Hence, the mature community support, brief knowledge of the technology, and instant connection ability with Flutter experts nationwide are another reason why you should go for Flutter. 

3.Extraordinary Design Experience 

The flutter team has given every Flutter developer the chance to experience the powerful material UI components along with the Apple design system to develop robust and premium mobile apps that fulfill the purpose. Developers aim at building innovative, interactive, and extraordinary designed apps. Flutter gives them the power to do so. 

By using Flutter, programmers can easily develop what satisfies user’s expectations and what’s expected from them. Furthermore, flutter gives them the flexibility to create their own widgets, let them enjoy innovative customizations, and ultimately deploy precise and satisfying user experiences. Hence, all parties involved in the app development process are absolutely satisfied. 

4.App Migration is Not Challenging 

Flutter programmers can seamlessly build an app that was previously built using the iOS/Android native framework and now need to be developed for other platforms (without really compromising the quality) using Flutter. With Flutter, migration of your existing app is quite a seamless process. 

It provides support for multiple platforms allowing you to cover the broader market area. Considering the flexibility of Flutter with every platform, it is easier to develop for almost any platform. Besides, it even makes app maintenance super easy. The overall migration process is super easy and cost-effective- as all you need is to test just one codebase for it to work. 

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5.Backend/Frontend Development with Single Code

 Flutter utilizes a single language to handle both frontend development and backend development. It uses ‘Dart’ as the programming language, which is developed to assist coders in organizing code seamlessly. Also, this programming language is super easy to understand, and developers can create any app type and progressive structures without stressing about really learning the language. 

Moreover, Dart is a comparatively cleaner, easier, and amazing language that lets developers start immediately with the development process. Hence, the waiting time between learning and application is minimum, allowing quicker, effective, and on-time app development. Just the engineers need to have previous experience with other languages, including TypeScript, C#, and Java. 

6.Easy Integration with Firebase

Flutter offers incessant support for collective services, including cloud functions, hosting, authentication: real-time database, cloud storage, and much more in just one single package. And, experienced programmers can instantly go serverless with this support.  

Developers can easily integrate Firebase and eliminate the need to develop the assets and the infrastructure. Furthermore, it is quite simple to do the integration and automate the development to just release processes like Fastlane. 

Advantages of Flutter over Other Technologies

Flutter App Development

The world is revolving around digital experience and on-demand apps. And, Flutter absolutely satisfies this requirement. So, let’s dig deeper into how Flutter is advantageous over other technologies. 

1.Low Cost of Development

Building a native app is an expensive deal for startups. Professional developers need to write different codes for creating apps for different operating systems. With Flutter,  this cost can easily be avoided, as a single code base works efficiently on multiple platforms. Hence, the overall cost of developing an app is diminished. 

2.Easy to Avail Plugins 

Flutter allows cross-platform application development, for which it uses a wide range of plugins that make the entire development process much easier, innovative, and comfortable for the developers. Even users are highly contented with the outcomes, as it is interactive, innovative, and satisfies their expectations for experiencing something new. 

3.Development Time Savior

Flutter is an absolute development time savior. First, it develops for cross-platforms. Second, a single codebase does for multiple platforms, avoids the need to write the code repeatedly, and diminishes the time to market the final product. All of this, together with free up the Flutter developers from working on repetitive tasks and focus on quicker app development. 

4.Flutter is Open-Source

Hire Flutter developers for the next project, and you will know how easy it is to develop a flutter app. Flutter is an open-source language that simplifies the entire project (even the most complex ones), allowing experts to seamlessly turn your app idea into a perfect solution by utilizing beautiful built-in material design, rich motion APIs, smooth, natural scrolling, and much more. In addition, there are countless design options available in Flutter. 

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5.Exclusive Widget Catalog 

Irrespective of the business’s size, the biggest concern is always the app’s performance. Every business owner who is thinking of backing up their business with an app will think twice before investing in app development. Flutter has all widgets incorporated that allow native performance of an app, making it overall a successful deal for your business. In addition, flutter widgets like scrolling, icons & fonts, and navigation allows for hassle-free Flutter app development. 

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Advantages of Flutter Developer over Freelancers

Well, that’s a big concern for businesses when they think about developing an app for their business. So, let’s clear this concern of your right away so that you can proceed towards Flutter app development with absolute clarity. 

Flutter App Developers – What do they do? 

The roles and responsibilities of the Flutter app developers are likely to differ based on companies. However, the core roles and responsibilities remain the same, which are:

  • Design and Develop a Functional App – That’s the primary role of any flutter app developer. They must know how to build an app for different platforms that operate well on different OS and devices. 
  • Develop Clean Code – The developer must develop code that is clean, easy to maintain, extend and debug. The code must save hours of future engineering effort and extends the app’s life.
  • Well-Versed with Complete Development Lifecycle – Right from the initial design to the final thing, developers must be well-versed with the complete development lifecycle. Also, he must be readily available and flexible for any change at any step.
  • Fixing Errors/Bugs – Even after perfect development, if the bugs and eros need fixing at any step, the developer must be able to do it absolutely with no trouble. For that, developers need to have problem-solving skills for tracking down all bugs and errors from the application. 

Flutter Development Services

  • Advantages

If you have hired a full-time developer working for you, it is easier to carry out the process without having to wait for the communication. You can also see the complete progress of the app at any step of development. And, if something is not working as per the expectations, you can correct it rights away. 

Also, being a business owner, you know that you always have an expert to fully take care of your development needs. You can even halt one project and work on other projects without having to hire another team, which is generally the case with freelancers. Hence, a permanent flutter developer is definitely worth hiring. 

  • Disadvantages

The only disadvantage of hiring full-time flutter developers could be that you will have to pay them regularly. However, if yours is an app development company, that wouldn’t look like a drawback to you. 

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Flutter App Freelancers – What do they do? 

The roles and responsibilities of Flutter app developers are pretty much the same as full-time developers. Basically, a flutter developer freelancer is an individual who specializes in producing Flutter apps for different businesses. Freelancers may or may not be working on multiple projects at a time. 

Like full-time Flutter developers, they have passion and in-depth knowledge of the technologies and development processes they use. Hence, if you consider flutter freelancers, your work will not be hampered, which is the myth that most businesses believe in. 

  • Advantages

Usually, companies prefer freelancers considering their specialization, which their existing teams might lack. Also, when a company just needs that specialized skill for just one project. Thus, hiring a freelancer may base upon quite limited needs. However, if they perform well, it can lead them to a full-time position in any company. Thus, the ultimate purpose of freelance developers is to bring in high-end, specialized, and precise talent at very short notice. 

It can be a cost-effective deal hiring freelancer developers as it cuts down the requirement of hiring a full-time engineering team and paying them every month. All you need to do is hire and pay them till the project is completed. 

  • Disadvantages

The culture of hiring flutter freelancers has risen post-COVID-19. However, it can be challenging to find the ideal developers in such a huge market. Besides, you don’t know whether they will be delivering the quality you need. Besides, sometimes, they may lack to be on the same page while understanding the organization’s goals. So, you have to be very precise about goals and projects when working with freelancers. 

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We recommend hiring full-time flutter developers over freelancers for the following reasons:

  1. Better control over developers
  2. Constant check on the development progress
  3. Steady expert team to rely on for development chores
  4. Instant communication for discussing every detail
  5. Complete loyalty & trust can be expected
  6. Absolute security of the idea and project 
  7. Minimum efforts to manage the development team 
  8. The scope of flexibility is higher, hence quicker changes in the app as per expectations.

Wrap Up

Flutter is the baby of Google, and considering how wonderfully it works, you must indeed go for Flutter app development. Hire the best flutter app developers (full-time or freelancer) based on your development needs, and get ready for your business’s success thereafter. Flutter is really powerful, and you must try it positively. 

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