Things to Know Before You Hire Offshore Developers

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Today, the average salary of a software developer in developed countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc ranges between $100 – $150/hr. So, if you live across any of these countries & can’t afford to hire developers locally, then offshore hiring is the solution.

In this technological era, the concept of offshore development works for all types of businesses. The key reason for entrepreneurs to choose this model is to save costs while creating a high-quality product at the same time.

Engineers are king right now and “Coders are super important to everyone.” notes Sam Schillace, senior vice president of engineering at cloud storage and collaboration company Box.

Setting up an offshore development center can help your business to scale up, and extend the reach of your business globally. This way, businesses get detailed work, office-wide productivity, and get innovative ideas from creative and talented minds.

Before taking a leap in hiring the best offshore developers, you must consider a few things.

Things to Know Before you Hire Offshore Developers

Things to Know Before you Hire Offshore Developers

1. Develop a Communication Strategy

Communication is one of the major outsourcing challenges. When you work with offshore staff, communication may become a barrier to the success of a project. So, it is best to prepare your organization for this challenge beforehand.

Whether it is the initial establishment or the specifications or short project discussions, everything should be clear between both parties. 

To prepare your business for an offshore collaboration, you can define the channels to use for project discussions. For example, emails to share the documents and important files, Slack or Hangouts group for general project discussions, etc.

A well planned and documented strategy is paramount importance, especially when it comes to the success of the remote collaboration. If you don’t have the right tools, make sure you find them or develop with time. The strategy should have a schedule that organizes the structure of the whole company on time with scrums, seminars, training, and meetings.

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2. Clarity and Responsiveness

You must create a work environment where everyone is up to date. It is best to avoid situations where a team member will keep waiting for a vital piece of information. Everything should be transparent and crystal clear.

The ability of the dedicated offshore developers to communicate with a considerable depth is one of the greatest assets. Whether the developer is into discussions with the in-house team or with the project manager, he/she must be proactive. Having a high standard of competence, English skills, expression, and facilitating a strong work ethic is important. 

3. Keep Time Zones in Mind

While planning to hire offshore developers, it is important to consider the geographical location. Depending upon the strategy you are going to adopt, it is possible to put a time zone to your advantage.

For example, most companies across the USA, prefer outsourcing in India. Though there is an approximately 9-hour time difference between the two, companies utilize it by segregating the work between the in-house & offshore teams. This way they reduce the time to market and launch products to market early.

4. Synchronizing the Working Hours

Synchronizing the Working Hours

Though time zone difference can work as your advantage, it is equally important to overlap some of the working hours with your offshore team. It will be the best window for you to communicate with your team, share your feedback or appreciate them, find out any loopholes or bugs, and ask them to fix it, etc.

Therefore, plan an extra hour for synchronization and information flow between the teams. Plan activities like joint team events (in-house and remote), pair programming, reviews, and more.

So, wisely choose a team of offshore developers for collaboration.

5. Smooth Work Process

Developers should establish a continuous integration approach with test coverage. Having common email thread and group chats between the team helps to reduce the issues they are facing.

Plus, it is advisable to ask the following questions before making collaboration:

  • Has the offshore company previously worked remotely?
  • Are they comfortable to work collaboratively with the in-house team?
  • Why is that company interested to work on your project?
  • Which type of work environment do they prefer for their team?
  • What common challenges do they face while working remotely?
  • Which strategies do they follow to ensure the project’s success?
  • What collaborative & project management tools they prefer using?
  • Which technology stack they prefer the most & planning to invest in the future?
  • Has any project on which your company has worked ever failed?
  • Any top achievements and accomplishments?

Moreover, evaluate the offshore development company on the basis of the following:

Make sure that your dedicated team of offshore developers is clear about your business objectives. This will save you tons of time and prevent you from making a bad choice. Get in the habit of being personally involved in the process of the interview. 

Never neglect soft skills as they are very important. Go ahead and ask open-ended questions and pay attention to the communication skills of the developer. Take your time and choose the best one.

Undertaking a period of due diligence before awarding the project can be the most important thing to do during the complete hiring process. In between, consider getting an answer to the following questions:

  • Does the outsourcing company has a quality management system?
  • Do they follow any strategy that manages risk?
  • Do they have a vertical and technical business specialization?

6. How are you Going to Pay for the Services?

Before you hire developers from an offshore country, you must think about the payment modes. It is advisable to set up your development center in a country where the government supports software outsourcing. This way you can feel more relaxed about your investment and can choose the engagement model you believe is best for your project & business.


Always consider defining the requirements as the first step, while planning to hire offshore developers for your project. Also, access the technologies and skills set required to fulfill your business objectives. Make a shortlist of the type of work you require and check the expertise of the developers.

Then, successfully set up negotiations by online meetings, Skype calls and let them know your standards. It will make the hiring process easier.

It is possible to make your offshoring experience successful by following a strategic approach. Trust your remote team as they know what is important for your project. Treat them like your in-house employees, and this will make the quality of their work good so that you get to benefit from it.

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