Top 10 Software Development Trends Leaning in the USA

Top 10 Software Development Trends Leaning in the USA

2020 has been a strange year for almost every one of us, with the pandemic turning everything upside down. However, in terms of software development, there was a rise in the demand for hi-tech solutions.

Companies started looking for technologies that could handle the new normal while working from home situations. Additionally, the security market fell in the pits of challenges, and web-based communication solutions were out there shining bright!!

Now, as we kick off another year of thrillers and exciting adventures, the world of software development continues to unfold a little more. Many businesses continue to search for better ways of planning and streamlining the workflow.

Here, in this write up, we would like to share a few observations from our experts at Your Team in India based on their experiences. As they say, it is now time to look ahead and see what the future holds in for us. 

Let's dig into the types of software development trends you can expect to see in 2021. Continue reading.

Latest Software Development Trends

1. Look Up, It's the Cloud

Recently, most of us have realized the growing requirements of the business. Such requirements include availability, data recovery, and high convenience. The credit goes to on-premise solutions. It deals with on-site infrastructure, which has pushed many businesses to switch to cloud alternatives. 

Surprisingly now, even the governmental institutions felt the requirement to shift on to cloud-based solutions. Additionally, with the ever-evolving newer technology, comes the distributed cloud solutions.

You can expect the need for this technology to rise even more!

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Software Development Trends

With this, there will be more cloud-based solutions in the coming future in various locations. However, this would make it easier for businesses to access vast data and information.

Undoubtedly, this will be one of the hottest trends in software and the industry in the next few years. 

2. Mixing it Up: The Mixed Reality

Well, it might not come as a surprise, as smartphones are already in action. Looking into the revolution, what if we say, mixed reality is going to move our lives yet again? Smartphones provided us with ease of access, but mixed reality comes with visualization.

For example; think of Pokemon Go. The game lets the players achieve a real-time view of the surroundings, which is blended with an overlay of virtual objects.

In case you are a business owner with complicated business operations, a mixture of Augmented Reality with virtual reality headsets can be a win-win scenario!!

Your employees and operators will have decision-making administration from the mixed reality interface rather than using paper directions.

This will direct the companies through the intricate control of the processes of the enterprises. So, it is not wrong to say that Mixed reality is the most advanced version of Augmented Reality.

Somehow, it also provides the companies with a sense of virtuality, making them capable of changing the user's view in the coming years. 

Let’s now move to some more latest software development trends!

3. Working with The Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence seems to be overhyped for many but not us. This technology has evolved at quite a fast pace, almost raging over the past five years. They say- machines can think more intelligently like us and do tasks that were first limited to humans only.

Artificial Intelligence is divided into various categories, such as machine control, deep learning, machine learning, and more that have grown exponentially over the years.

Here, the technological industry has seen rising software technology trends along with the development of applications and features like chatbots.

So, what current major trends are affecting the software development industry?

The AI chatbots have replaced human-based assistance and customer support. They have also reduced the involvement in anything, and thus it is less prone to man-made errors. AI will make every task automatic with reliability and speed.

Talking about 2021 - there will be several programming languages, chatbots, and customer analysis that requires fewer human resources. According to the market, the global AI market is expected to experience an increase in revenues from 9 billion USD (in 2008) to around 190 Billion USD by the year 2025.

These numbers clearly tell us a lot about AI software development trends. It is said to be a powerful force in the technological market today. Artificial Intelligence has reached various industries with augmented analytics, automated code generation in terms of software development. 

4. The Hottest Software Development Trend: The Internet of Things

Here, we know that the Internet of Things has come a long way on a whopping wagon. From simpler mobile devices to automated vehicles, everything nowadays is attached with instruments that allow you to track or gather the information. We can say that IoT is found in almost everything in our day to day routine.  

It is possible to get the best of the Internet of Things by blending it with other advanced innovations like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Software Development Trends 2021

What a significant development in the history of digitalization?

Talking about the retail sector, the companies have to link their assets to enable operations remotely. So, if your business falls under this sector, your expenditures are expected to rise in 2021. 

5. Moving from Financial Services to Blockchain Development

Since its inception, Blockchain has been the talk of the town! With digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain is widely used in the financial sector- this is how it has been. It will now be seen as a crucial part of the banking, media, healthcare, and Software Development sectors.;

Blockchain technology tends to help in the secured and abridged recording of digital transactions using a decentralized ledger. It makes it quite important in almost every industry vertical.

Now, this is how to keep up with current software development trends!!

This nature of the blockchain is said to be its biggest strength. It is because the ledgers store in an open database that is highly safe from the trouble-makers. The safety this technology comes with has poised it to have a huge impact on the future and the software development trends.

Many companies are known to try their hands on blockchain development.  Therefore, the software developers for blockchain are always in demand. Blockchain apps have emerged as the most popular options for developers to create a decentralized and open-source solution.

It is predicted that blockchain was earlier focused on financial services only. However, things are changing, and it is expectedly moving in the path of development. Blockchain will be utilized more to track down the process in the blockchain in 2021.

6. The Roller-Coaster Ride of the Big Data

Let us rewind the time a little!! Back to the time when things changed with the introduction of Big Data analytics. Well, the scenario changed on a wide scale!!

Businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world started to reap the benefits of the data.

Netflix is one such company. To understand the needs of its customers, the company has developed its entire credibility using big data. As we know that the customers are well-aware of their data and how much it is being obtained.

Businesses that act a little careless take this as an obligation and will lose the trust of their customers eventually. This makes the importance of Big Data analytics even more essential.

Software Development

Another benefit to avail from the big data in 2021 is Daas, also known as data-as-a-service. The cloud-based solutions allow businesses to use the data at any point in time to reduce redundancy. 

7. Progressing Towards the Web Applications (PWAs)

In the past few years, many developers realized the drawbacks of sticking up to the websites and mobile-based applications. Now, this led to the future of software development - PWAs (Progressive Web Applications). The technology happened to found an excellent middle ground. 

It is easy to develop and manage applications. Due to this reason, it has attracted several mobile app developers and related companies. Moreover, these apps come in lighter versions. Thus the applications are fast in terms of loading even with the slowest internet speed. 

Various websites offer several features that are easy-to-access from any browser or gadget. However, web apps can completely embrace the potential of hardware and software (one such technique is machine learning). PWAs tend to have connected the best of the two worlds.

Software Development Team

These applications tend to integrate new solutions that help you create compelling cross-platforms using the best development tools. They are different from regular applications, but every aspect of PWA runs in the background that separates it from the web page.

This is called the Service Worker. 

Companies like Google and Microsoft have invested highly in PWAs recently. As a matter of fact, Aliexpress is also known these days for having a high conversion rate of 104%. The company also has an increased time spent in a session (nearly around 74%).

So, instead of investing time and money in creating mobile apps, hire a progressive web app developer to build a reliable solution! Such apps are quicker and provide you with various benefits as compared to other applications.

8. CD/CI- Continuous Delivery and Integration

IT teams can now easily automate the process of testing changes and integrating using CI/CD. This technique helps you to streamline to speed up delivering software to amplify the production in the pipeline.

This Software development trend is quite popular these days. Do you know why? 

The developers catch problems much before, while your project is still in the development stage. Digitalization keeps evolving!

CI/CD can have an impact on the way you work. It also helps you to accelerate delivery cycles and provides your customer with a speedy experience. 

9. The Rise of Hi-Tech Outsourcing Companies

Now, the opinions may differ here!!!

Some businesses will prefer working with a single outsourcing company. Whereas others can be seen taking the best advantages of various outsourcing vendors. However, nowadays, more businesses are in need to outsource their software developments.

Reason being the fast-evolving tech industry.

It is unlikely to have an in-house software development team that makes it easier for you to keep up with the latest innovation and trends you are looking for. Companies are searching for outsourcing service providers to attain maximum quality.

The businesses also consider the necessity to collaborate with more than just one vendor. This is all to fetch the desired results!!

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However, if an outsourcing company offers complete software development with a highly skilled team of professionals. It will avail the advantages of being one of the best vendors to build strong yet transparent relationships.

10. Building through Low-Code Software Developments

Today, working from home, being the new normal, has affected the ways businesses work. There was never a consistent demand for Information technology and related departments to keep everything working. 

The software developers were not sure about the low-code platforms. They doubted if low-coding should be taken seriously.  Traditionally, application development required a lot of expertise and skills.

Now, the same team of developers is relying upon the low-code platform. The credit goes to Covid- 19!

Software Development YTII

Earlier, low-code development was a visual concept to develop web-based applications. It was considered to be a threat to software engineers in the market. As you do not need to code an application word by word when using a low code platform.

All you need to do is to sketch a flowchart.  This makes the process fast and automatic to create powerful new web apps without putting in a manual effort.  

This is the reason why the low-code platforms are the new software development trends as per our list. Businesses have started to use low-code development, as it is much more profitable when talking about the digital revolution. 

Final Words

Now that you have observed the latest trends in software development. Some of them can be the ones you are well-acquainted with, while some can be a little new as they keep evolving every now and then.

However, there are many others, yet to come with the hottest technologies that we will update you with soon. 

For now, if you have any suggestions or tips or any other information regarding the software development trends, feel free to tell us. At Your Team in India, we are happy to learn and improve with your valuable help.

Mangesh Gothankar

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