Setting Up Your Own Remote IT Development Infrastructure

If your company is expanding and growing exponentially, you are bound to face overwhelming challenges within your organization; and chances are, you might be in a fix since you cannot anticipate all the internal chaos that goes on in the company when it starts growing. You will suddenly realize, that you cannow, afford to spend more on each function but at the same time lack the expertise and resources to meet the changing needs. For instance, IT project will get more complex which means more unexpected issues and more chaos. Traditional thinkers, in this situation, will try to develop an in-house IT infrastructure to meet the changing needs, however, the more rational approach will be to go for outsourcing.

setting up your remote IT infrastructure

Offload your work in the hands of experts and enjoy numerous benefits and utilize your time and resources in expanding your business further. We know, hiring a remote IT development structure sounds like a complex work but trust us, it’s much simpler than you think and offers loads of benefits. Let us first understand how simple it is, to setup your own remote IT infrastructure and then learn how doing so will aid your business:

How to hire an experienced and dedicated remote IT infrastructure partner:

Clarity is the key here. The clearer you are about your requirements, expectations work policies, the much better results you will get. So, start by clearly defining your project requirement and scope. Make sure you write down every detail that is important in the decision-making process. Now outline the qualities of your ideal partner, for instance: verifiable experience, expertise in the required technology, scalability, budget constraints, work policies, customer support services. Be clear on all the expectations you have with your partner. Now, consult your existing vendors and customers if they can recommend any offshore IT developers. If you get some leads, maintain a database. Also, you can get numerous results in your online search.

Shortlist the candidates who meet your requirements and express your interest to them for a detailed discussion. Call them for an interview to your office or through video conferencing, and check out their performance or credibility on all the parameters that you have outlined in your ideal partner. Based on your discussion, and also on the basis of the best quote, finalize your IT partner and sign a detailed contract specifying the work policies and project management process, scope, and timelines. Initially, opt for a short-term contract and based on the performance can move on to a long-term contract. That’s it with these simple steps, you can easily finalize a remote IT partner for your company.

4 key benefits of owning a remote IT development infrastructure

It is always difficult for a company to come to the conclusion of hiring a remote IT development infrastructure since managers usually stand divided between in-house development team vis-à-vis remote team of developers. Communication and management of remote IT partner was the major cause of concern earlier, but thanks to the technology, it has been perfectly taken care of and with the following benefits, there will be no reason why one should refrain from owning a remote IT development infrastructure.

1. Cost-Effective

If you plan to go for in-house full-time developers, you will have to invest more in infrastructure, hiring and management cost, retaining cost, training and development cost,project management and resource allocation and so on while if you choose to go for a remote team, you can get access to best talents and expertise at a fraction of cost. The project will meet the quality specification and will be delivered on time.

2. Higher Efficiency

While hiring for in-house IT projects, you will have the restriction of budget and geography while hiring the best talents. And chances are that since your core business will not be IT, the top talents will not see much scope in joining your organization and hence you might not have the access to the best talent pool. However, in developing remote IT infrastructure, the companies hold an expertise in the specific technologies and have the potential to attract and retain the best talents in the industry. They sometimes even manage remote employees and hence the geographical constraint is also not there. So, when you go for remote IT partner, you actually gain higher efficiency due to best talent management.

3. Scalability

IT is constantly evolving, what seems relevant today might turn obsolete tomorrow. Hence, even though IT might not be your core business function, you will have to keep yourself relevant with the changing face of technology. It is easier said than done. Doing so will require continuous learning process and ability to adapt itself to the changing needs of the business. This is extremely challenging with in-house IT developers while an obvious advantage with remote IT partner.

4. Better customer service

When you go for remote IT developers, you hire the professionals which immediately raise your bar, in terms of technical support. This increases the customer satisfaction rate. Also, remote developers offer round the clock customer service which further adds to customer delight.

Thus, hiring a dedicated remote IT partner is the safest bet for you. So, if you are planning to invest in remote IT development infrastructure and have some queries or concern, then we, at Your Team in India, can help you with your unique business requirements. Get in touch with us at and we will answer all the questions that you might have regarding outsourcing services or the technology specialists that you are searching for.

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