The Right Way to Outsource Your IT Needs

The Right Way to Outsource Your IT Needs

Outsourcing amidst the pandemic has gained the most traction. Businesses are trusting it now to get access to potential talent across the nation. Though the pandemic has given a boost to outsourcing, it was already a thing amongst the companies before that. Nevertheless, quite a bright future is expected for this industry, reaching around $397 billion by 2025 at a growth rate of around 4.5%. - Source 

But how do the companies exactly manage to do the outsourcing to fulfill their IT needs the right way to leverage the maximum advantage of this industry? 

Let’s figure that out! 

What Do They Mean By IT Outsourcing?

When businesses sub-contract the external service provider, majorly responsible to carry out all IT-related activities and functions. Simply put, an outsourced team is responsible and answerable for all tasks delegated and discussed in advance. In many cases, companies even prefer to outsource even when they have an existing in-house IT team. The other case is when a different team is outsourced to handle different IT functions. In short, it depends on the firm, their needs, and objectives about the specifications they need in the outsourced team. 

The Costs Needed to Keep Outsourced IT Team Going 

Outsource IT Services

Your outsourcing IT team is going to cost you a few expenses, which majorly rely on your budget and needs. On the other hand, it even leads to cost-cutting on some majors like software, equipment, training costs, insurances, employment taxes, and quite a few others. 

Having said that, here are a few other reasons why companies go for outsourcing IT:

  1. To access skills that are not available in-house
  2. To save on funds, otherwise indulged to maintain and sustain the employees
  3. In-house resources are freed up to focus extensively on the core business operations
  4. Improves the ability to innovate and try something new

Hence, you must know about the costs that you will incur and save when picking outsourcing for your IT team. You need to have sufficient funds to maintain your outsourced team. It is indeed essential to plan it the foremost. 

Reasons to Outsource Your IT Team

Well, there are quite a few, and the most prominent ones are here:

  • Outsourcing in india saves you time and money
  • It lets you access the talented professionals nationwide
  • Your business experiences improved efficiency and productivity
  • High savings on infrastructure and technology
  • Allows your in-house team to focus more on the core business functions 

How to Plan Outsourcing IT Seamlessly? 

It Outsourcing

Quite a few things have to be planned before outsourcing the IT team, which goes as follows:

  1. Don’t Rush, Start Small

It might seem quite exciting in the beginning, however, it still demands patience and starting small. Patience for finding the best ones, and starting small to ensure you don’t miss or mess anything in between. It is all about getting to know the process, explaining our business needs to them, and understanding how well they can do it. Get comfortable with the process, and pick them for a small project first. Don’t get into a very big project in the beginning. Eventually, when you think they are taking it ahead smoothly, go for a bigger and better project. 

  1. Plan Tasks to be Outsourced 

Decide which IT tasks do you want to be outsourced first. Set the priority and then look for a suitable team to complete those tasks efficiently in the given time. The choice is yours - keep the most important ones for your in-house team or delegate the outsourced team or even assign all of it to your new team. You will have to plan and maintain the right balance so that tasks are handled effectively and targeted to attain all business goals. 

  1. Being Descriptive Helps

IT Outsourcing

Don’t shy away from being as descriptive as possible when explaining your business needs to your would-be outsourcing team. For that, create a detailed list of IT operations, be descriptive about each task, and finally discuss everything in detail with the team you are interviewing. Ask them questions if they could really understand and deliver the same that is expected. These steps are necessary to avoid any miscommunication in the future. In short, they must be able to handle all IT tasks assigned seamlessly, without your help in the future. 

  1. Don’t Fall for the Cheapest Bid

It might seem a lucrative option for you to save some money, however, it is not recommended at all. Falling for a cheap bid won’t be as fruitful in the long run. We suggest you at least interview a few of them before making your decision. You might repent on your decision for picking the lowest bid later when there is an absence of quality work. And, what is a business without quality processes and outcomes? Hence, it is suggested that you do not go for the cheapest bid rather the one that offers you a balance of both quality work and the best price in the industry. 

  1. Seamless Communication is the Key 

IT Outsourcing Team

Another critical factor to consider when outsourcing an IT team is to keep communication as seamless as possible. You don’t need to do fancy things, but keep the entire communication process as simple as required. You need to stay updated about what is going on with the processes and your outsourced team once selected. There have to be milestones and deadlines for every project, especially the larger ones. Constant communication, feedback on work, continuous improvement is what will keep your outsourcing IT team going and growing. 

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Outsourcing for your IT needs or even any other business process is totally in. Why wouldn't a business go for it since it offers quite a few evident advantages such as cost-cutting, constant flow of work, great dependability, reliability, more time for core business operations, and much more? However, be sure to follow these tips to maintain your outsourcing business, so that your business and team grow with time. We recommend you try it yourself to leverage the benefits of outsourcing and see the positive changes in your business today.

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