5 Reasons for Startups to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

react native

Mobile app development is the talk of the town but now it is not the same as it used to be. Going mobile is no longer a question of ‘why’ but ‘when’. Desktop websites have started getting replaced by smartphone applications that drive business value as well as growth. The powerful workhorse behind the mobile apps is the development frameworks making it easy for organizations to deliver a top-notch experience at a genuine price.

react native

As an entrepreneur, when you have a tech Startup, you are already obsessed with planning how to deliver customers something that is quick and efficient without losing the scalability on the run. This article will tell how you can start with a robust stack that can scale.

First things first

You have to choose a language and it is a very important decision. There are hundreds of languages out there but there are only a few having big communities. In the open source world, communities are very important as big communities are behind every robust technology.

Now it is your time to guess. Picked Javascript? There are a lot of developers who love it, especially nerds.  JavaScript has become one the most popular languages over the years because it speaks for itself.

It further became more interesting when Google released AngularJS in 2010 and there were a lot of innovative things that can be done on the browser.

You should always select a programming language on the basis of scalability and easy connectivity with other languages. React Native is the language offering scalability and performance, both at the same time.

Why Startups should choose React Native?

First of all, you should appreciate the initiate FaceBook took to build Native apps with the help of React. This came as a big surprise. Today, giants like Instagram, Walmart, Airbnb, and UberEats have used this framework for their innovative apps and all thanks to React Native.

Here is why Startups should focus on react native

  1. Code once

Initially, FB has iOS platform in mind to make the React Native app developers work on an innovative concept. After the huge success in the iOS app, Facebook told the same React Native development team to extend their JS libraries to support Android platforms also.

This means the same libraries are rendering for iOS and Android with the same code base. So, the efficient and dedicated React Native programmers give the framework compatibility for Window and tvOS. Single codebase saves time and resource of the developers without compromising the app quality.

  1. Advanced code

Ever dived into Java/Kotlin and Objective-C/Swift for native app programming? Challenging, isn’t it? Why get puzzled in the complicated programming technologies. JavaScript is the easiest, especially for the novice.

The low coding improvement is another major characteristic to be considered. Code lines are less in number and short in length. This further cuts the testing time and overall time to market. For these reasons entrepreneurs Hire React Native developers to make mobile app development more user-friendly.

  1. Reusable native components

Cross-platform, developers relied on WebView components for supplementing the functionality of native components in hybrid development. But in React Native, counterparts of native iOS and Android components exist.

  1. No rewriting for current apps

If an app is already running on any native or cross-platform framework and you are planning to switch to Native React, it won’t be a challenging overhaul.

  1. Hardware compatibility

For hybrid and cross-platform apps, the hardware support for various devices running on diverse platforms is a major issue. With React Native, your apps don’t completely rely on WebView for all native functions. The app can access in-built hardware elements of mobile devices like GPS, Maps, Bluetooth easily. Performance and user experience is commendable.

React Native aims at building mobile UI. It is more of a JavaScript library than a JS framework. React native development team will build highly responsive and flexible mobile UI with a seamless interaction.

What are your thoughts?

Are you planning to execute your innovative ideas with the help of modern technologies? React native has the power to reduce the cost and time to channelize into another part of app development. It benefits Startups app development because of the cross-platform and effective development approach.

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