Top 10 React Developer Skills To Look For While Hiring

Top 10 React Developer Skills To Look For While Hiring

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ReactJS is the most commonly used framework for web app development. Hence, ReactJS developers are in great demand for numerous web application projects in diverse niches. However, procuring the right candidate for your team isn't easy. There are many things you should consider to seek out the best fit for your company. If you look forward to hire an efficient React developers, this blog post is for you. Here, we have shed light on some essential react developer skills you should look for while hiring. 


A ReactJS developer is one of the crucial recruitments for ReactJS development services or companies. Developers' coding skills, UX sensibility, and ability to collaborate with technical and design teams can affect how clients view your company.

In addition, react is the most worldwide used client-side programming technology. Therefore, knowing how to screen top React developer skills is key to finding the right talent.

This blog is the ultimate guide to help you get the best ReactJS developers for your company. Here you will get the React developer's necessary skills to screen while recruiting talent.

For your convenience, we have split the needed React developer skills into hard, aka technical and soft skills. So let's begin with the technical skill sets:

If you are planning to hire reactJS developer for your business, ensure that the ideal candidate possesses the needed skills.

React Developer Technical Skills

React Developers Skills - Technical & Soft Skills

1. HTML and CSS

If you are looking for a ReactJS developer, HTML, and CSS are fundamental skills you should consider. 

The aspirant's acquaintance with these client-side technologies and necessary ReactJS development tools unveils their capability to create visually elegant and extremely interactive user interfaces.

The user interface plays an essential role in deciding a web application's expected value and quality, and the ReactJS developer expertise can indirectly influence the similar.

2. Rudimentary of JavaScript

JavaScript is the main skill for developers. Therefore, it is crucial to check their knowledge of JavaScript concepts, including variables, data types, operators, functions, code structure, loops, booleans, switch statements, objects, primitives, arrays, etc.

Giving these fundamentals their due significance is vital as they would be used while coding. Hence, their coding skills would be useful in developing a high-performance app if they have a good core understanding.

3. JavaScript ES6

A ReactJS developer must understand ES6 along with the above points. This version of JS enables programmers to create and maintain web applications as per the client's requirements.

The top ReactJS developer ES6 skills comprise scoping variables, arrow functions, array methods, event handling, call-back functions, DOM manipulation, high-order functions, this keyword, etc.

ES6 is quite a progression of the fundamentals of JS bandied in the above point. Hence, it is the key question when hiring a ReactJS developer.

4. Git 

The developers familiar with the Git toolkit are great at version control, storing, and maintaining code. Such skills enable developers to hoard the project on centralized version control systems like GitLab, GitHub, and BitBucket.

Programmers can make required updation to the code using commands such as push, pull, comment, add, etc. Git keeps a report of these modifications and lets the coders combine and isolate modules to check code performance under different circumstances.

5. Redux

Asynchronous state updates are one of the feeble points of React development projects. Hence, the capability to comprehend and work with Redux becomes one of the most essential ReactJS project development skills.

Redux is an inbuilt state that enables a programmer to control and maintain the React library. ReactJS developers can utilize it for state management. Redux helps the programmer develop applications that behave consistently, are easy to test, and run equally in diverse environments.

Find amazing developers with our Step by Step Guide to Hire ReactJs Developers who are a good fit for their roles and the culture of your firm.

6. Node+NPM 

Node may be essential if you are searching for a full-stack ReactJS developer. A ReactJS developer with good knowledge of nodes can adequately understand the development requirements of the client side.

Moreover, make sure that developers possess a comprehensive understanding of the NPM (Node Packet Manager) registry. This helps the developers unbind more value within the React library and redesign app packages.

7. Fetch data from both GraphQL & Rest APIs

We know that ReactJS is a front-end building framework and can be utilized to fetch data from the back-end in web application building.

A common method to fetch the data from the back end is to use Rest API and GraphQL. So the ReactJS developer having this skill to get the data using these APIs will be helpful.

Now we have wrapped up the top technical skills needed to look for when hiring ReactJS developers, let's glance at some essential soft skills to help you hire a gem.

Soft Skills to Consider while hiring React Developer

8. Great Communication 

The development process calls for enduring communication, whether internal with the team or external with clients. Therefore, looking for a developer with good communication skills is crucial to engage people involved in the app-building process, comprehending project needs, conveying the said needs to other team members, sharing progress reports, etc.

9. Problem-Solving Approach 

A candidate's logical thinking, understanding, and reasoning contribute to their problem-solving approach. Indeed, how coders switch from recognizing the problem to finding a solution determines the project's success.

A developer with a good problem-solving approach can handle any situation, such as an accidental mistake that pops up during app creation. Therefore, you have to hire someone courageous enough to think out of the box and be open to making errors and learning from them.

10. Capability to work in a Team 

ReactJS developers are not lone wolves prowling the forests. On the contrary, even the developers with sufficient full-stack ReactJS knowledge must collaborate with other team members such as the tester, designers, and clients.

Hence, ReactJS programmers must have a persona that lets them work with and connect with other team members. After all, their technical acquaintance goes down the drain if they cannot work within a team.


Hiring a ReactJS developer can be hectic, but things become more manageable when you know exactly what you are searching for. Hence, the next time you plan to hire a ReactJS developer, consider all the React developer skill sets stated above. Eventually, research and hire a tech-savvy to get the most out of your business. All the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the essential skills to look for in a React developer?
Some of the essential skills to look for in a React developer include knowledge of core React concepts such as components, state, and props, proficiency in JavaScript, experience with other front-end technologies like HTML and CSS, understanding of React ecosystem and tooling such as Redux, and knowledge of performance optimization techniques.
How can you assess a React developer's proficiency in these skills?
You can assess a React developer's proficiency in these skills by asking questions about their experience with React and related technologies, giving them a coding test, reviewing their portfolio and past projects, and conducting technical interviews.
What is JSX, and why is it essential for a React developer to know?
JSX is an extension to JavaScript that allows you to write HTML-like code in your React components. It is a crucial part of the React ecosystem as it enables developers to write more expressive and maintainable code. A React developer should be proficient in writing JSX and know how to use it effectively to build UI components.
What are some common mistakes that React developers make?
Some common mistakes that React developers make include not using key props correctly, not optimizing component rendering, not separating concerns between components, not managing state effectively, and not following best practices for React development.

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