What Do Experts Say: MEAN vs MERN Stack Development

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What Do Experts Say: MEAN vs MERN Stack Development

The tech-stack has taken mobile app development to a whole new level in the last few years. Every web or mobile platform that we come across has the basic two sides to it, One, the frontend, which includes visualization of the data, design, and its interface.

Second, the backend functions- running in the background to make the frontend works. The backend features are generally comprised of server-side programming along with the database. Whereas, the tech-stack happily indulges in a set of frameworks to create a well-customized app or software solution.  

Here, in this piece, we will discuss the Mean Vs. Mern stack development that are two popular stacks with distinctive features. The main difference between Mean vs. Mern stack development is that MEAN employs Angular as its front-end framework, while MERN uses React JS for its User Interface. Furthermore, MEAN is more considerable for enterprise-level architecture, while MERN is more considerable for smaller applications.

Let’s have a detailed overview of these two widely used technology stacks and their differences that you should keep in mind when looking for a custom software solution.


The term- MEAN STACK refers to a set of collected JavaScript-Based Technologies that are used to create complex websites and mobile applications. To simplify it a little more- MEAN is also explained as a full-stack JavaScript Framework. It is used to simplify and accelerate web and app development and related processes. 

MongoDB, Express.Js, Angular, and Node.Js are the technologies that combine together to form MEAN STACK technology in Mobile and Web App. Recently, some of the complex websites and applications are powered by MEAN Stack. 

It is a kind of structure that tends to come from analogy to place all the pieces stacked on top of each other. So, this makes it quite easier to pull the items stacked on the top of the stack and use them. To send the items somewhere deep in the tech-stack may let the other pieces be involved.

Benefits of Hiring a Mean Stack Developer

A MEAN Stack Developer is the best choice if you are looking for a speedy solution for iOS and android app development ide. Following are the most common benefits of hiring developers in India, the USA, Europe, and more: 

  • MEAN Stack Developers are known to provide a complete development process that covers everything from the front-end to the back-end of a mobile app using JavaScript. 
  • This stack includes MVC architecture, which is known to lessen down the heavy workflow, thereby streamlining the process of development for your business as per your needs. 
  • The developers work with prime technologies such as MongoDB and Express.Js for the backend and Angular.Js and Node.Js for the front-end.
  • They also use the framework to enable the most popular plugins and also to reduce the time frame for the system administration. 

Skill Sets a MEAN Stack Developer Should Have

When opting to hire an app developer, make sure they have the following skills:

  • Sound knowledge of cloud technologies, web development, designing, integration, and architecture. 
  • The expertise of HTML and CSS.
  • Understanding of Agile Environment and SDLC.
  • Access to several frameworks for software development and designing. 

Why Choose Mean Stack?

MEAN STACK is highly flexible when it comes to code transfer among other frameworks. By using this tech-stack, you can easily develop a robust framework that supports your business-related needs. 

MEAN Stack is quite simple and the easiest to learn and use. It is also preferred for small- to- medium-scale software development projects. 

Getting To Know the – MERN STACK 

The MERN Stack is almost similar to the MEAN stack except that it uses React instead of Angular as its framework. 

Both of these stacks are developed with open source components and provide an end-to-end framework to create a comprehensive mobile or web application that easily connects the browser with the database. The only common feature between these two is the JavaScript these stacks use.

Benefits of Hiring a MERN Stack Developer

MERN Stack Developer can effectively create web and mobile applications using conventional methods along with abilities. Below-mentioned are a few benefits of a MERN Stack Developer.

  • MERN Stack Developers execute design thinking with an improved expertise on several technologies. 
  • Professionals tend to maintain a full-fledged development in a short timeframe.
  • Professionals focus on hi-tech solutions by maintaining a sound user-experience and providing a scalable cloud integration.

Skill Sets a MERN Stack Developer Should Possess

Below are the skill-sets that you must look for when hiring app developers:

  • A MERN Developer must be proficient in HTML and JavaScript.
  • Understanding of profiling mobile applications and enhancing them. 
  • Knowledge about various databases as well as designing and programming templates. 

Why Choose Mean Stack?

When compared to MEAN STACK, MERN STACK comes with the best UI layer abstraction.  It also implements code development quickly due to a variety of dynamic user interfaces that are available in the library. 

MERN serves the best in managing and controlling large dynamic JSON data that can be used to move between the frontend and the backend without any hustles. 

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Things To Consider Before the Right Stack for your Business

  • Project and Business Requirements: Always analyze your business and project requirements to examine the feasibility of the tech-stack. 
  • New Tech-Trends & practices: Add in the Agile Development processes to offer the best services to the customer-driven market.  
  • Versatility and Expediency: +-Understand the difference between database software solutions and database architecture.
  • Development cost: Verify several cost-effective processes for the entire process of mobile app development. 

Final Note

Given the plethora of availability of the tech-stacks, MEAN and MERN Stack provide you with similar features and functionalities when working with them. 

Talking about the best android development environment, MEAN and MERN are equally important when it comes to their roles. They are growing in terms of popularity and efficiency. When it comes to Full-Stack Development, both MEAN and MERN are quite reliable frameworks. However, the only difference is their structure and their placement. 

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