How to Hire Full Stack Developer for Your Project?

To create apps and websites, companies leverage the expertise of development firms or hire offshore developers.

However, it is very challenging to have developers that have a good level of expertise. 

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who are confused about how to hire developers that will give optimum results?

Well, this post will help you decide better.

The Full Stack Development has been in news for a couple of years since the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the demand for Full Stack Developer would exceed 853000 by 2024. 

The origin of full-stack developers goes as far as June 2008. As per Evan Data Group, there are more than 23 million developers across the globe. And by 2023, this number will reach 27.7 million.

Before we begin, it is important to understand the three-tier architecture.

The 3-tier Architecture

The presentation layer, related to the UI issues presenting data to the end-user. 

The business logic layer concerned with data validation and data processing to generate useful information. 

The data access layer dealing with data persistence and storage of data.

You need a specialist of these three layers and the only one that can handle them is a full stack developer.

Who is a Full-stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is someone who is proficient in programming language for front end and backend and front end.

They should also know how the website or application would look at the user’s end. 

Companies prefer hiring full-stack developers as they save cost and there is no need to hire individual developers on a technology basis. 

What is the Role of a Full-Stack Developer?

 A full-stack developer performs the below-mentioned tasks:

Managing multiple projects and coordinating with clients while keeping them in the loop.

  • Writing backend codes in Python, Rub or Php
  • Creating front-end codes in JavaScript or HTML
  • Analyzing, developing and debugging database queries 
  • Creating test codes for app validation
  • Keeping tabs on web apps and UI performance
  • Testing and resolving web application bugs

When Should You Hire Full Stack Developer?

 The demand for full-stack developers is driven by the role and requirement. Hiring a full stack developer is a good idea because of the following reasons:

When you need an MVP

When the company’s goal is to validate the idea by creating a minimum viable product, full stack developer is the best bet.

He should be capable of understanding the idea and turn into a fully functional prototype. 

When you require Product Managers

Full-stack developers are very good product managers. This is because they clearly understand the business requirement and are aware of their abilities.

Having a diverse skill set and experience, they know how to tackle different situations. Well, these full-stack developers prove to be extremely valuable.

When budget is a constraint

When it becomes challenging different professionals for each layer of the development process, full-stack developers will be your saviors.

Instead of spending so much on front-end, back-end, QA, designer, etc., is it better to hire full-stack developers?

This will certainly be cost-effective. 

When you require a CTO

‘I have an amazing idea about an app but I need someone to build it.’ This is a common thing that can be heard.

If you are looking for a CTO for a symbiotic relationship that involves technical expertise, full-stack developers are great CTOs. 

What are the Qualities of a Full Stack Developer?

Look for someone who is:

  • Passionate about learning new things
  • Have knowledge about different technologies
  • Guide you in the right direction
  • Can visualize the big picture 
  • Understand business vision
  • Can understand customer requirements

Technical Skills to Hire a Full Stack Developer

1) Git, GitHub, and SourceTree

In every full stack developer description, it is evident that they have an understanding of how Git works and should have a Github profile.

Every small change can be evidently tracked by having knowledge of Git.


HTML and CSS help in styling the content on a web page. It uses markup to define structure while HTML presentation is determined by CSS. When both work together, there is an engaging front-end of the application.

3) JavaScript

This object scripting language takes the help of HTML to add behavior to it. Developers use JavaScript to write code for servers. He should have complete knowledge about JavaScript and its frameworks.

4) Backend

Backend manages database operations and also user authentication. With the help of frontend, many other functions are also performed.

5) Database and web storage

Various apps generate data that has to be stored. A best full stack developer understands relational databases. He also knows the difference between relational and non-relational databases. 

6) Web architecture

The Microsoft developer should understand:

  • How the code structure is formed
  • Where to place the data
  • How to separate files
  • How to work on computational tasks

7) HTTP and REST

HTTP is a communication protocol used between servers and clients. REST, on the other side, is an interface using HTTP.

This generates operations on the data and obtains it in a different format. REST API helps backend to better understand the front end.

Skillset Required in Brief

1) Frontend

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Frameworks like Vue.js, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, etc.

Libraries like jQuery, AnyChart, etc. 

2) Backend

General-purpose programming languages like Ruby, Python, Php, etc. 

Frameworks like Laravel for Php, Ruby on Rails for Ruby, Django for Python, .Net for C#, Express.js, etc. 

API design and development

Know how to connect between backend and database

3) Database

Relational Database Management System, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server

Design the schema of the database

Know how to store data efficiently

Difference between rational and non-relational database

4) Servers

A web server like Apache, Nginx etc.

Operating system deployment tools like Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, etc.

Aware of server security issues.


Http, Restful APIs and caching

Hands-on Git, Github, and Sourcetree

Awareness of web application architecture 

Things to access when hiring a full stack developer

When you are evaluating the candidates who are technically qualified for the job, look for the following:

They have the ability to deal with uncertainty

Passion and interest in learning

When you hire full stack developer, ensure that you:

  • Look for inherent qualities
  • Make the technical assessment mandatory
  • Choose a good mechanism to evaluate technical skills

What are the Different Types of Full Stack Developers?

There are various full-stack developers that work on various domains. Here are a few technology stacks based full-stack developers: 

a) Full Stack Elixir Developers

Elixir is a functional programming language that creates scalable applications. It is also the backend of the Phoenix framework that is known for its reliability.

As a backend language, it is integrated with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, React and Angular.

Elixir handles the request of multiple users without any function lags. The scalable language is fault-tolerant, easy to use and has a strong developer community. 

b) Mean Stack Angular Developer: MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS  

The mean stack has JavaScript technologies. From the client to the server-side, the language is completely dependent on JavaScript helping to create high-quality websites.

  • MongoDB Full Stack Developers: The open-source and cross-platform language takes the help of binary data like JSON.
  • Express Full Stack Developers: Highly flexible and lightweight web server framework for robust web apps.
  • AngularJS Full Stack Developers: The open-source framework having MVVM architecture helps the full stack developer to create smarter and faster apps.
  • NodeJS Full Stack Developers: NodeJS developers work on open source and cross-platform technology that builds highly scalable web applications. 

c) Full-Stack React Developers (MERN)

These full stack developers replace AngularJS with ReactJS but retain all other MEAN technologies.

React developers offer the best experience by saving time, fastening development and testing. The one-directional data binding makes it highly stable.

d) LAMP or Full Stack PHP Developer 

LAMP is preferred for Linux hosted websites and apps. Linux is an open-source operating system.

Apache: Open-source cross-platform web server software acts as a link to backend and database.

  • MySQL: Open-source relational database system.
  • PHP: Open source scripting language. 

e) Full Stack Python Developers 

The object-oriented, high level and general-purpose language build highly scalable and responsive apps. Used with PostgreSQL or MySQL for databases, it works well with MongoDB.

HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, React and Angular are front end languages Python uses. 

f) Full Stack Java Developers

The full-stack java developers know all the Java-based languages and integrate them with compatible databases and frameworks.

  • Front-End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JS.
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Web Server: Apache and Database Servers
  • Back-End: NodeJS, Spring, and other ORM frameworks like JPA and Hibernate 

Now let’s understand the benefits of hiring full-stack developers

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Full-stack Developer?

There are plenty of benefits of hiring full-stack developers to oversee projects from ideation to launch and beyond. 

a) Accomplished Web/App Developers

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A senior full-stack developer has qualifications and experience to add groundbreaking features to the product.

They have the ability to manage the whole stack from the ground up. If you want to get good returns, you should invest in full-stack developers.

This is also because not everyone can have the skill to handle your project from a 360degree perspective.

b) Versatility

best full-stack developers, full stack developer, Full-stack experience developers, Full-stack js developer

A full-stack developer excels in front and backend development.

Front-end developers create codes that are responsible for the appearance and interactivity of a site in a browser.

On the other hand, a backend developer writes prototype codes that connect a website to the CMS (content management system).

The professional developers are foresighted regarding customer’s expectations and finding solutions without depending on others.

c) Experience

best full-stack developers, full stack developer, Full-stack experience developers, Full-stack js developer

Many developers have created various web projects. The in-depth knowledge that they have is highly beneficial to the performance and market reception of projects.

d) Know the Bigger Picture

best full-stack developers, full stack developer, Full-stack experience developers, Full-stack js developer

The full stack developer role is to help you with the complete design structure, and give input when needed. Their services go beyond the basic development in order to optimize the existing system.

e) Up-gradation

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A professional frontend and backend full stack developer makes a website and app more user-friendly.

This is because they are updated with the latest technological innovations.

They know how to embed smart features in the project so that the end-user gets a responsive app or website.

f) All-inclusive work

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Beyond being the tech head and adding new features that enhance the project, these front end full stack developers can also represent your company and the product whenever required.

Their ability to swiftly switch from one operation to the other helps in streamlining the processes and fast tracks the development.

g) Troubleshooting issues

best full-stack developers, full stack developer, Full-stack experience developers, Full-stack js developer

Full-stack experience developers are well-versed with every aspect and stage of website development. They know when a problem can arise during the project.

The best full stack developers implement long-term solutions for the optimal functioning of the website or application. 

h) Budget-friendliness

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If you have a shoestring budget and need an amazing website, it is ideal to seek full-stack development services.

They are the ones full-equipped to single-handedly take care of everything. This eventually saves a lot of money. 

i) Project Ownership

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You will find it convenient to rely on the mean stack developer for the project requirements.

They are accountable for MVP development from start to finish.

Even if they start working in the middle of the project, they will chart in the best way possible.

Having a full stack developer is good as they help with quality assurance of the design project.

Mobile or web stack developer gives the web/app project the edge it requires to command market dominance.

Beyond taking care of the MVP development, they know how to control the server-side and client-side of the app. This further streamlines fast track delivery. 

j) Problem-solving skills

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Full-stack js developer knows how to solve an issue. They are competent to handle every aspect of the project.

This offers a practical solution for startups and small businesses that are unable to spend on expert developers. 

k) Management Skills

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 Companies look forward to full-stack development from the ones that have knowledge and experience of working in the front, backend, and middle architecture layer.

They are very capable of performing better than individual developers. 

l) Faster development

best full-stack developers, full stack developer, Full-stack experience developers, Full-stack js developer

As complete stack developers are aware of a diverse range of technologies, tools, and techniques. This means when they take up the project, they complete it at a faster pace. They won’t waste too much time discussing and collaborating with the team and get going.  

Key Takeaways

Looking for the best full-stack developers that work on your project may be a challenging task.

You should be clear about the project requirements and the engagement model that you select whether it is in-house or offshore.

Before hiring, you simply have to test the skills and experience to get proof that they are proficient within their technology stack.

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