Why Startups Prefer to Hire Full Stack Developers?

There are approximately 472 million start-ups in the world today, 100 million new launchings every year. This clearly means there are plenty of start-ups emerging every day. Isn’t it a huge number?

Now the question arises, how many start-ups are able to survive the waves of change that have transformed the startup’s nature? There has been a huge paradigm shift. As more and more businesses are looking forward to multifaceted skills, full-stack developers are in high demand.

According to the StackOverflow Survey, 48.2% of developers have become full-stack developers because of their high demand in the information and technology industry. 

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018

Before you understand who full-stack developers are and how to hire full-stack developers, it is crucial to understand the hiring challenges of a startup!

1. Lack Of Hiring Experience

Small companies and startups struggle with a lack of knowledge, resources, and time to hire. Because there is no hiring team as such, the process is always off the track. As they haven’t invested in the HR department, the owner has to take up the charge.

They have to sort through different applications from candidates and then narrow down the CVs. When they find the right match, they don’t have the skill to evaluate the potential of the prospective individual.

2. Less Self-Driven Candidates

Nine out of ten startups fail. Reason? Either there is a lack of demand in the market of their products and services or they are unable to meet the market changes. This is the reason why a startup needs a highly trained full stack developer that takes their business to another level. Another important factor to consider is the willingness to do the work and maintain a relationship with the company for a longer duration.

3. Poor Cultural Fit

It is challenging to hire developers who have the required skill and experience but don’t fit culturally in the company. It will take a lot of time and effort to make sure the individual is in sync with the organization’s environment. He should also understand the core values, work patterns, and behavior.

So, make sure you interview the candidates in such a way that he is willing to be a part of your organization. For this, it is important to understand their talent, strength, likes, and dislikes.

4. Retaining Millennial

Do you know that millennials are expected to overtake 50% of the workforce by 2020?

Millennial is a powerhouse as they grow up using technology. For this reason, they expect work flexibility, transparency, security, career growth that bring creativity If you want to retain them, it is important to offer them a role where their opinions and thoughts count and contributions matter.

Now, let’s come back to the definition of full-stack developers?

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is someone who is a technology expert and can simultaneously work on both front-end and back-end applications. In simple words, he is an all-rounder developer who is aware of most of the technologies in order to create an app or website. They have the skills that can make the whole product functional on their own.

The developer should be familiar with each layer of a 3-tier model:

  • The Presentation Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • Database Layer

What Full Stack Developers Do?

The full stack developer manages both back and front end applications and websites. Experienced individuals are well-versed in the popular web development frameworks and programming languages. 

The full stack developer works as a front-end developer to build the interface. He also works as a back-end developer engineer the software. He is capable of doing everything. They take care of designing, coding, client-side coding, server-side scripting, creating and managing databases, and different project development requirements. 

Here is the List of Activities Performed by Full Stack Developers:

  • Managing the complete project inclusive of the full-stack development and designing
  • Coordinating with clients and keeping them updated
  • Detecting bugs and troubleshooting errors
  • Writing backend codes on different languages like Python, Ruby, and Php
  • Introduce the testing techniques for the websites and apps
  • Creating front-end codes in languages like JavaScript or HTML
  • Writing backend codes in Python, Ruby, and Php
  • Analyzing, creating and debugging database queries
  • Making test code for app validation
  • Improving user interface performance

Over time, the skills of full-stack development have evolved. Earlier, it was LAMP stack having Linux, Apache, MYSQL, and Php.

Today, a full stack developer takes care of the front-end development with the help of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JS framework. Similarly, for the back-end, Express and Node is used and for database MYSQL and MongoDB is followed. 

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Why Should You Hire a Full Stack Developer for Your Start-Up?

Why Startups Prefer to Hire Full Stack Developers?

1. Full Stack Developers Keeps The Manpower Low

Running a start-up successfully requires efficient communication and execution of clearly defined goals. The entrepreneur has an objective in mind, but there is a lack of resources for execution.

Unlike the established enterprises, think deeply about every penny that you will spend. 

If you are planning to develop a mobile application or a responsive website, the team of best software developers will help you set it up.

It is always best to hire specialist full-stack developers so that they can efficiently handle back-end, front-end, or database. Moreover, the lesser people you have on board, the better it is (because you have a limited hiring budget). 

The best thing is, when you have a few specialists, you have more flexibility.

2. Full Stack Developers Grow With The Start-Up

As a start-up owner, it is important that your team understands your vision. As far as the development and maintenance are concerned, it is easy for a full stack developer to comprehend the insights of the project.

When there are IT project managers who supervise the process, full-stack developer manages their work. They also grow with the company and deliver the best benefits in the long run.

A full-stack developer is an inspiration for everyone, especially the newly employed individual. Similarly, he is a perfect translator who communicates the requirements and acts as a bridge between the client and the team in the right technical manner.

Furthermore, hiring a MEAN Stack developer as he keeps learning and growing. They are the ones who want to see a flourished start-up.

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3. Full Stack Developers Are Experts And Flexible

Startups are likely to face all types of issues. Full-stack developers also called MEAN Stack developers (Mongo Express Angular Node.js) are life saviors for them. They are termed as ‘unicorns’ because they specialize in different verticals. 

The biggest USP of a developer is that they are flexible to an incredible extent. As a startup entrepreneur, you can rely on your developer for front-end, backend, or architecture as per the need. 

In your small organization, you may not have front end masters or back end experts creating the best web infrastructure. But having full-stack developers means you will never be left stranded.

They will make sure to do everything to scale up the business with a flexible approach. If they are appointed, there is an A+ infrastructure built that comes with the scale as you have better revenue to invest in the business.

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Advantages your Startup will Gain on Hiring Full Stack Developers:

1. Diverse Experience

Full-stack developers are always well-versed in the nuances and app development. After evaluating the complete project, they come with a viable blueprint and development phase without delay. Having years of experience in different fields, the full stack developers look for the ‘out of the box’ solutions and solve random obstacles in a better manner.

Other developers may not possess this skill.

2. Versatility

The front end developers handle all front end and back end tasks. They coordinate with different types of developers. In addition, they are also capable of assisting back-end developers assigning them in building codes and testing for database and CMS solutions.

They also help front end developers to code and test the databases and CMS solution controlling the UI experience. They are the connecting bridge between both the developers.

3. Improved Quality

The dedicated full stack developers have to keep their knowledge and skills updated and make sure the client website is compliant with the current norms and regulations. They keep detecting the loopholes and come up with quick remedies.

The deployment of a full stack developer helps in achieving a functional app or website. They have a clear picture in their mind about how to polish the project so that it stands out from others. Hire full stack developers in your start-up to get a quality website or app.

4. Fast Troubleshooting

Several bugs pop up during the development of the app or website. This can happen at any development stage. Finding the origin of such an error is a tedious task. If not done right, it can lead to delays and cost escalation. If you have hired a full stack developer, they are capable of making everything better.

They know what the potential issues can be and have the remedy in advance. They are better at troubleshooting than others.

5. Budget-Friendly

As a startup, you have to work with a shoestring budget but still, require a spectacular website. When you hire a developer from a full-stack web development company on board, it helps in keeping the project cost in control. Their specialization and versatility vanished the factors related to cost overrun.

Cost is one of the major factors that start-ups consider, and this is the reason why full-stack developers are hired. Since they are able to handle all aspects of the job, there is no need to employ multiple developers for projects. 

6. Up-Gradation

94% of people say that web design was one of the main reasons why people loved or rejected a website. Hire the best full stack developer to make your website responsive for all the devices. They are updated with all the latest technologies and platforms. That is the reason why they are able to implement smart features in the project. 

7. All-Inclusive Work

Beyond being the technical head and creating new features that improve the project, full-stack developers know how to represent your company. Their incredible ability to swiftly switch from one task to another helps in streamlining processes and development speed. 

8. Troubleshoot Issues

Because full-stack developers are well-versed with every aspect of website development. Having the ability to identify problems that arise during the development phases, they know how to combat them. They implement long term solutions for the optimal functioning of the app or website. 

9. Time-Saving

Time is precious for all. Any start-up company that plans to create an app or a business website wants everything to be done quickly. There are entities that want a solution in the shortest possible time. Then there are situations where hiring a full stack developer makes sense.

They know how to analyze the project need and come up with a feasible solution and then implementing it in the best possible way.

10. On-Time Delivery

When full stack developer takes charge of the project, it becomes easy for everyone to share responsibilities as they coordinate to deliver best results. This also helps in faster delivery of the final outcome.

Impossible Deadlines - Hire Developers at Your Team in India

11. Fast Development Process

Full-stack developers are aware of different technologies, tools, and techniques. This means when they start working on a project: they aim at completing it as soon as possible. They will not take much time in discussing, understanding, and collaborating with the already existing team.

12. Project Ownership

You can rely on the full stack developer for the project needs. He is accountable for the Minimal Viable Product development, from the beginning till the end. Even if you will set up an offshore development center in the middle of the project, they are so adjustable that they will fit right in and move the best way possible.

They also help in quality assurance and quality control of the design project. 

13. Boosts The Productivity

When the specialized full stack developer is working on any project, the overall productivity of the complete team gets boosted. Everyone in the team looks up to these developers for reference and cross-checking things before deployment.

These developers also act as a source of motivation for others. Faster collaboration helps in better syncing and thereby enhancing productivity.

A full-stack developer gives the project an edge it needs to command the market dominance. They not only handle the MVP development single-handedly but also control the server-side and client-side of the application to streamline for quick delivery.

Evaluation of Skills

It’s necessary to evaluate full stack developer skills while you hire them. Here are some tips:

1. Valid Qualification

A full-stack developer should have a considerable amount of experience in different nuances of full-stack web development. This individual has to be proficient in various web development frameworks, programming languages. He should know how to manage CMS tools, RDBMS solutions, and APIS.

They should be aware of languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS. They have to be expert in Python, Php, and Ruby on Rails and different frameworks based on these technologies. The developers are knowledgeable about SQL, Joomla, and WordPress.

Last but not least, they are also aware of web security which is related to development.

2. Experience Matters

The total experience of the full stack developer should be evaluated before the hire. Have a close look at the projects he has worked previously. Take some time to analyze the projects. It is recommended to hire someone who has worked on challenging projects and have several years of experience to their credit.

3. Effective Problem Solving Skill

When hiring a start-up developer, look for candidates that have an excellent ability to solve issues. Full-stack developers have the competency to handle every aspect of the project. They have a practical solution for the problems that a startup faces as they know the entrepreneur is unable to spend extra money on expert and skilled front-end and back-end developers. 

4. Executive And Managerial Skills

Collaborate with an offshore technology partner and hire developers on board, that have years of experience in the business. An experienced and dedicated full stack developer has the knowledge of working on the front end, backend, and middle architecture layer. Hire someone who has leadership qualities and managerial skills. 

5. Straight Approach

A reliable full-stack developer is someone who is always curious about the ongoing trends. He should not work on something if not convinced regarding the related aspects. Starting from the project budget to the deadline and client requirements-he evaluates everything before accepting the project.

As a start-up owner, you should not rely on someone who doesn’t ask any questions and accepts the project right away.

Where Can I Find and Hire Full Stack Developers for Startup?

There are many reliable websites from where you can hire a full-stack developer for your startup but what is more important is the collaboration model that you choose. It can be one of the following:

1. In-house Developer

The most traditional model where the full stack developer is located in your country. They join your team and fit in the cultural work environment.

2. Offshore Developer

The offshore developers are located in a completely different time zone, and your collaboration is remote. This is a very good option for the start-ups as you are tight on budget. With the help of these developers, you can get reasonable prices stipulated but the cost of living in another country having a different geographical location.

3. Distributed Team

There is no headquarter, and all the team members are dispersed across the globe. In this type of collaboration, it is quite challenging to manage the team as they are in different countries. 

Note: It is recommended to hire Indian full-stack developers as they deliver quality solutions with the budget constraints. 

Key Takeaways

Efficient in working at front-end and backend, full-stack developers know what it takes to work on diverse projects. These specialists are a perfect match for your requirements, especially when you want that the project should be completed faster while offering quality solutions.

Hire full stack developers as they take no space in your office premises, provide room for flexibility, have better long-term human capital, and adapt to the complexities of the development environment whenever required.

Most importantly, dedicated full stack developers are an essential component for startup leveraging emerging technologies. Having a powerful grasping ability, in-depth knowledge, and learning aptitude of different front-end backed technicalities makes them a very valuable asset for every organization.

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