Why Java is the Preference for Top Entrepreneurs?

Why Java is the Preference for Top Entrepreneurs?

Programming languages have evolved and seen enormous growth in the last few decades.

Every language has its strengths and weakness. So, it is the individual’s choice to choose which language serves better for a particular project. However, out of all the top programming languages, Java is one of the most popular and preferred languages for entrepreneurs.

Power-packed features, strong memory management, high performance, backward compatibility, and top-notch security are a few of the best Java features. Java can be used in a multitude of domains, but it is widely used for the development of small modules or applets for applications.

But why most entrepreneurs consider it the best? Let's find out!

Why is Java Still Powerful and Dominates as a Programming Language?

Why Java is Still Powerful and Dominates as a Programming Language?

The major reason for the popularity of Java is that it is one of the oldest & fundamental languages in the programming world. Java’s coding style is larger and elaborative. When you look at the practical agility, Java has undeviating refactoring support because of the statically typed system.

Security is the part of its design as the compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment were developed keeping safety in mind. Not just security, there are a lot of other reasons that make Java popular.

Even in 2020, the programming language is gaining traction. One of the main reasons behind this popularity is platform independence or multiplatform support. Since most entrepreneurs want a cost-effective and reliable approach for app development, the cross-platform capability of Java makes it a more sensible choice.

As long as there is a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Java programs are executed on different machines. Whether it is smartphones, Linux, macOS, Windows, or even large mainframe computers, JRE is 100% compatible. 

Java has been into existence for more than two decades, but it has never lost its charm.

Even after spending so much time in the tech industry, there are no signs of slowing down for Java as this high-level, object-oriented programming language is climbing the ladder of popularity.

Java Real-World Applications to Consider

Java Real World Applications to Consider

Throughout its journey, Java has been powering millions of different types of applications. Java is used in a majority of applications, some of them are listed below!

  • Application servers
  • Web applications
  • Unit tests
  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Enterprise applications

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Simplicity is the most important factor in Java. It is a perfect amalgam of modern-day features and ease of coding, making it really effective as well as useful for both developers and organizations.

Due to this reason, Java is being used for almost all the latest technology trends.

1. Working in the Cloud

Java is used for building cloud-based application services, web APIs, client applications, etc. Java has a proven ability to work anywhere and can perfectly fit into the cloud, mobile, and desktop applications.

2. NASA Exploration

Did you know that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration uses Java for different applications? Yes. One of them is ‘World Wind’ which is an SDK (software development kit) allowing you to zoom-in from outer space and examine any Earth’s location.

3. Internet of Things

The popular Nest thermostat relied on the mixture of Java and Artificial Intelligence. The Java-based software is used to track inventory, temperature, humidity, and location. In addition to this, many wearable tech applications are built in Java.

4. Virtual House Calls with Chatbots

‘Doctor Online’ is one such application that relies on Java. The system includes a full suite of modules designed to make doctors and patient interactions convenient. Remote doctors via robots perform tasks like checking patient’s temperature, tracking heartbeat, and checking blood pressure without leaving office.

Java is so widespread that there are a lot more real-world applications of Java that are worth checking out. So, when an entrepreneur plans to build a Java solution, working on the project in-house or outsourcing becomes a major dilemma.

Should you Insource or Outsource Java Development?

Should you Insource or Outsource Java Development?

Whether you choose the in-house approach or outsource Java development, your decision can make a huge impact on the company’s expenses, performance, and culture. If you are struggling to make a decision by yourself, this comparison table will make things clear for you!




Culture Adaptation

Employees are quick culture adapters and this helps avoid miscommunication. Adaptation is quick as they are experienced professionals.


Need constant training to upgrade skills & methodologies. Access to experienced professionals having a huge wealth of knowledge. It also helps in the training of in-house employees.

Cost to the company

Fixed salaries but many employee benefits, resources (laptops, etc), incentives, medical insurance facilities, reimbursements, leaves, etc. (Eventually more expensive) Working with an offshore team gives you an opportunity to save up to 60% as you only have to pay for the work done and nothing else.


Not enough work to justify the employee salary sometimes. You can add more tasks as per the engagement model you have chosen.

Resource requirement

Utilization of resources owned by the company to achieve a goal. Use their own resources for completing the project successfully.


Hiring and investment in the right assets consume some time. A skilled remote team takes grasp of the project quickly.


Planning at the initial stages is required. On-demand availability of IT specialists.


Possible only if the resource pool is big. Addition or reduction of remote workers as per requirement.


Compliance with deadlines leaving no gaps causing resource and skill issues. Accelerate time-to-market for product or services

For more detailed differences, continue reading!

Why Outsourcing Java Development is a Better Decision?

Why Outsourcing Java Development is a Better Decision?

IT Outsourcing is all about building software solutions by taking the help of dedicated offshore developers located in a foreign country. Reducing the development cost is the primary motivation for outsourcing.

But gradually, entrepreneurs have realized that outsourcing also helps them to focus on the core business operations, while their offshore team is efficiently working on the development tasks. Not only it improves the overall business efficiency but also makes it easy to increase the global outreach.

Let's say, you have finally decided to outsource Java development. What's the next step in the process? Well, location is a significant factor to consider while outsourcing. So, let's discuss it in detail.

What Makes a Country Good for Outsourcing?

When determining the best country to outsource the Java project; cost, communication, and quality are the major considerations. If an offshore development company is able to satisfy all these conditions, you are good to go!

Hiring a dedicated development team from a foreign country brings in different sorts of challenges. But if you choose the right country and outsourcing partner, it is easy to counter them. Plus, if things go well, then you can even make your offshore team as an extension of your in-house team.

In the outsourcing world, India, Ukraine, and the Philippines are the top 3 outsourcing countries to consider. However, India tops the list. Let's find out the reasons.

Why is India the Most Preferred Outsourcing Destination?

India is the best country to fulfill the IT requirements of your company. It is the second-largest English speaking country in the world. And having a large pool of skilled technologists, the passion for creating something innovative blossoms within the Indian developers.

You will be surprised to know that The National Outsourcing Association (NOA), in its Annual Offshore Outsourcing Conference depicted that there is a visible trend that many international companies choose India as their IT outsourcing destination.

Moreover, the Indian government constantly supports the outsourcing industry. In fact, they have made the policies flexible to ensure that foreign companies outsource in India with ease.

So, if you want the best, you need to hire the best! That brings us to another important question.

How to Hire the Best Java Developers in India?

How to Hire the Best Java Developers in India?

After making all the tough decisions, you are all set to hire Java developers and take one major step towards the progression of your business. As hiring from an offshore location is a bit complicated, it's best to consider the following things:

1. Hire Developers Smarter than your In-House Team

This is the best tip. Look for a remote Java team that is more creative and experienced than your in-house team. This will help in triggering your in-house team to turn into highly intellectual developers.

2. Hire Developers that can Give Solutions to Real-Life Issues

During the online interview process, provide a real-life technology problem to the developers. If they will get success in finding an appropriate solution in the provided time, you can go ahead and hire those Java developers.

3. Flexibility with the Programming Language

Every year, companies release new tools. So, it's best to test the knowledge of Java developers with the trending tools and technologies, that make the development process easier.

4. Hire a Creative and Passionate Developer

Only hire Java developers that are both creative and passionate. Working with developers having both qualities will allow you to go beyond the boundaries and build a software solution with the potential to reach heights.

5. Ensure the Java Developer Writes Clean & Crisp Code

Written code should not look complex to understand. So writing clean and crisp code is important.  Always hire a remote Java developer who is technically strong and writes readable code. Have an overview of the technical capabilities that every Java developer must-have.

Want some more tips on how to hire the best Java developers? Here you go!

Key Takeaways

Even with the introduction of many new innovative languages, Java has still managed to find its place in the niche market. Java is used for both enterprise-grade and Android applications. Websites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, and eBay are still using the language.

Additionally, Java has a strong development roadmap having continued progress in terms of security and performance. Instilling absolutely great features and usability, Java has become the first choice for entrepreneurs when it comes to choosing a programming language.

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