How to Hire a Dedicated QA Team That Fits Your Office Culture?

How to Hire a Dedicated QA Team That Fits Your Office Culture?

As businesses are looking for growth and success, companies find access to global talent that assist them in accomplishing their goals.  

Working with a dedicated team model means there is no need to find legal support, recruitment or maintenance.

Regardless of what project you are working on, it is important that it meets the standards.

And Quality Analysts take care of the development carefully to ensure standards have adhered from start to end.

QA engineers watch software testers set up and use an agile framework to provide stability at every stage of development.

Collaborating with an offshore development company that promises to cater to a team of qualified professionals who work exclusively on your project.

Reasons to Work with a Dedicated QA Team

a) Need to conserve resources and outsource QA

Hire a Dedicated QA Team

Hiring in-house employees are very expensive.

With the help of IT staff augmentation, you hire an experienced team and pay for the skills that you actually need.

If your plan is to hire them for a short period, you can also dissolve the collaboration after the project completion.

By hiring a remote QA team, you make a safe, fiscally responsible decision.

The graph depicts the growth in development after testing

b) Want constant maintenance of your projects

Hire a Dedicated QA Team 2021

Having a virtual QA team by your side means keeping control over all the priorities.

When tasks are assigned to a QA, you have the decision making power while keeping the project secure.

To make sure the end project is successfully delivered as well as maintained, your company’s management team shouldn’t relinquish the project authority.

c) Low bandwidth

Hire Dedicated QA Team

If your company is looking to hire qualified Quality Analysis, make sure they are proficient in bringing expertise.

Successfully delivering quality projects is a big No without a QA team.

If the project completion time or deadline is short, it is the responsibility of the dev team to complete the project before time and hand it over to the remote QA team for testing.

d) No experience with the latest platform

Dedicated QA Team

Troubleshooting clearly means dealing with technical details.

There may be a chance that you have a good QA team but they are unaware of the current trends in the market.

In that case, shake hands with the best offshore development company having qualified QA.

This takes away a lot of burden from your already existing in-house team.

e) Need to ensure timely project delivery and smooth release

QA Team 2021

The remote development company’s Quality Analysts help guarantee timely delivery and stable release in a way, the in-house team can never imagine.

Working on a diverse range of projects, they have gained a lot of experience.

Thereby, the productivity of the team increases.

Sometimes when you are running behind the schedule, the loose ends and the details involving the quality standards get ignored.

By hiring Quality Analysts, you will be strengthening your ability to manage risks while ensuring quality from the beginning.

f) Already have a team but require a third-party review

YTII Hire a Dedicated QA Team

There are various reasons for which an organization seeks global help.

This outside expertise is great at audits. The same is the case with dedicated Quality Analysts.

A third party review paves way for your internal team and proceeds with their work unaffected making sure your in-house employees are not overburdened.

In addition to this, having an offshore development center helps in bringing fresh ideas, objective analysis that your team may not otherwise have.

g) The startup is not ready to hire full-time developers


Startups Have a limited budget. So, this makes it impossible for them to invest in highly experienced staff.

Also, onboarding and recruitment take a lot of time.

In order to keep the hassle at bay, connect with a staff augmentation team that will help you hire the best Quality Assurance, virtual team.

The QA team gets involved with the professional team and starts working on the projects while taking the requirements and market research.

This further addresses your needs for QA while cutting down a lot of costs.

h) Using the same tools, need to revamp them


The additional talent helps you get access to the latest tools that your team may be unaware of.

This sharing of knowledge means your in-house team is getting trained for better.

When you need to deliver projects on time and using new tools, taking the help of a remote team makes sense.

With dedicated offshore developers, you can improve your market position and build client reputation. However, there is a long list of benefits that come down to the team you build.

The remote team has to fit your office culture which you have.

Here are the steps to follow to successfully hire a QA team:

1) Evaluate your company’s methodology

India QA Team 2021

You are aware of the coding and testing methodologies of your in-house team.

If you are a startup or established firm looking for an overhaul in methodologies, it is important to determine what type of team you prefer that can successfully collaborate with your company.

2) Gathering the potential options online

QA services

Start promoting your requirements via social media, job portals, and different other ways.

Right candidates are available on sites like Toptal or other reliable remote development companies.

3) Ask about the procedure they follow

How to Choose QA Team

When you finally find the right QA developers for building a team, make sure you take a dive in their approaches and strategies.

Give them random scenarios and ask different questions regarding the testing procedure and other concepts.

This is a great way to understand their thinking ability and recognize problem-solving capacity.

Also, include questions regarding the office culture.

Also, ask about the coding approach they follow.

4) Test the testers

How to Choose QA Team in india

An execution test is necessary before you make the final decision.

You should invest in creating an assignment that completely aligns with the work culture.

Put the limitations that you face on a daily basis.

Decide the ratio of manual and automated testing. 

5) Quality Assurance Team Structure Roles & Responsibilities

QA Specialists in IT

Do you want the product and services that you build to put you in headlines for various different reasons?

Here are the roles in the QA team having a brief synopsis:

6) Junior Tester

 QA testers part-time

This tester is at the junior level who follows a strict set of instructions to validate the software or product.

7) Manual QA

Building a High-Impact QA Team

The Manual Tester is responsible for developing procedures and hardware/software needed to manually test an application and the components.

8) Automation Quality Analyst

Hire QA Specialists

The Automation engineer develops, executes and maintains automated test plans.

9) Test Manager

Hire QA Specialists 2021

There are Test managers who have the overall responsibility to ensure that the testing team stays on schedule.

They coordinate with the whole team to see that problems are resolved in an effective way.

10) Technical Lead

Quality Assurance Services

The Technical lead has a hands-on approach helping the team to solve issues while defining the testing requirements.

This role clearly requires strong technical skills with solid management ability to push the team members towards the desired objectives.

11) QA Manager

Quality Assurance Services india

The manager provides leadership in the efforts to develop, deploy, manage and maintain quality standards. He supports all the team members and QA processes.

The role and responsibilities of the offshore development team may vary from project to project and company to company. 

How an Efficient Dedicated QA Team should work for the best results?

In the conventional waterfall development, the QA process can take place anywhere along the development-deployment lifecycle.

However, they are concentrated at the testing and release phases.

This is a fact that Quality assurance is a part of every phase and is implemented along the way.

When the team member is responsible for the quality, the quality of products and services are improved.

Benefits to Hire QA offshore development team

a) Break free from Traditional QA techniques

Hire Quality Assurance Team from a country that offers cost-effectiveness as well as quality expertise.

Testing is all about creating an iterative and incremental release of a tested and functional product.

Don’t consider putting QA only at the end of the process.

The Agile approach weaves it into every step of development.

Infuse in the minds of the offshore developers that they have to ensure that quality processes are in place.

Make sure everyone is doing their job and both in-house and offshore teams are on the same page.

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b) Testing Early & Often

Testing strategies should be planned beforehand for the development process.

Every iteration requires testing so that problems are identified and resolved before the beginning of the next sprint.

This ensures the product quality throughout the development lifecycle.

This appears that frequent testing slows down the development.

So, it is important to hire Agile Quality Analysts, they plan to when the testing will occur making sure it doesn’t impact the delivery schedule.

Testing should be done within the development process else it results in rework and unplanned delays in delivery.

c) On-time automate testing

As testing is considered as an efficient part of the development process, it has to be automated wherever and whenever possible.

The complete project may not require automate testing, especially not at the beginning of the project.

The remote development team should decide at the start of the project which part of the software should be tested using automation.

Also, the team should decide at the outset how failures have to be handled.

How everything has to be prioritized.

This way the complete section of the process doesn’t come to a grinding halt whenever there is a test failure.

d) Making the backlogs lean

The product backlogs are changed as new features are either or taken away.

Managing the backlogs is important to make agile work.

There is a key to keep backlogs from becoming bloated is planning. There has to be clear ownership.

Backlog management is a complex task that your in-house team may be unable to handle.

However, if you wish to hire Quality Analyst team from an outsourcing company, you will be putting smart steps during the journey.

e) Additional benefits to consider

Experienced QA from Offshoring Company ensures that the final product completely meets functional and non-functional requirements.

As software development is a dynamic process, the requirements and functionality may change at any stage.

A dedicated testing team will ensure that every new feature works well with the rest of the product’s functions.

For every penny that you spend on an in-house QA, you will save $100 or even more in the long run.

The cost change grows exponentially with time. So, the earlier you hire, the better it is.

f) Functional Testing

Functional testing helps to verify a program fulfilling different requirements listed in the functional specifications.

This means testing the program feature to ensure the correct output is achieved.

This is one of the most popular specializations among the quality analyst that you hire from India.

There are experts who focus on functional testing and most of them have more than three years of experience.

g) Non-functional testing

His type of testing focuses on the way the system is operated, rather than the specific features.

Having features like compatibility, load, usability and security, this type of testing is a must.

The most popular requests for offshore programmers specializing in non-functional testing and it includes:

h) Performance testing

With this type of testing, you can evaluate if the product or website will be able to handle high loads.

Performance testing QA experts are available only at reliable offshore development companies.

i) Security testing

The software testing focuses on the security mechanism of different products ensuring the resistance of cyber threats inclusive of hacker attacks and data breaches.

Hire Qualified Assurance programmers are skilled in security testing and this is the reason why Indian developers are hired.

That is why it is recommended to use security testing services from trusted partners instead of hiring a freelancer.

Over to You

You should ensure that the conversation is never one-sided.

Collaboratively discuss the complete project with the team and clear all the queries that you may have in your mind.

Remember to be transparent, honest, and open about everything. Define your budget prior.

Use the opportunity to build a personal connection with the offshore development agency.

Well, this rapport will make the decision to work with you in a better manner.

Not only the Dedicated QA Team, but you can also hire highly skilled developers, designers, testers and digital marketing experts.

Offshoring is no big secret. Hire Indian Developers and build an offshore development center having qualified professionals who will take the project to another level in a hassle-free way.

In the end, offshoring is a win-win situation for everyone.

You are offered the best services within budget as they are experienced and dedicated professionals working on the tasks.

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