Why Flutter is Ideal for MVP Development?

Developing and then launching a successful mobile app is not an easy chore. Every concept is distinct, and therefore requires specific testing for its validity, market performance, product functionality, and feasibility before the launch. 

Especially for start-ups, it is significant to gain popularity with a unique product. For this, in-depth research for the core idea and the key solution is required.

The second step involves the development of a minimum viable product, based on its basic features. This will give an overview of your product to the customers and help you get their valuable feedback.

Your mobile app developers will recommend you the same! Because developing an MVP ahead of the product launch will help you check the product viability. It will also give you enough time to make any modifications if required any.

What is the Need for MVP?

MVP is required to validate the idea, as it confirms the user’s interest in your product. The main purpose is to test the hypothesis by reducing errors.

MVP is basically developed to bridge the gap between “what the business is offering to customers and what they actually need.” Thus, developing a minimum viable product saves time and effort, helping the company get a better understanding of the entrepreneurial venture.

Minimum Viable Product
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Benefits of Investing in Prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Reducing the development cost
  • Finding the right audience
  • Evaluating the idea
  • Taking feedback from users
  • Saving a significant amount of time, resource and effort
  • Improvising the product
  • Engaging potential investors

It is always recommended to start with the basic model and limited features, especially for startups. Additionally, it will give you an opportunity to promote your product earlier. Using this approach, you can easily reach out to your target audience. And as soon as you will get a clear picture of the users’ preferences, you can improvise the end product accordingly.

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Besides this, a tangible outcome can help you gain the attention of potential investors.

What Makes Building an MVP a Necessity?

1. Minimal Cost of Development:

This is something every company wants. The more resources go behind the development process, the more will be the cost. Whereas in the case of an MVP, the cost can be significantly reduced to almost half of what is required to develop the full-fledged app.

2. Testing the Idea to Ensure the Idea Viability:

Every entrepreneur feels that his idea is the best, and will certainly succeed in the market. But do you think this belief is enough to accomplish success?

The best way to get confirm this is to launch it in the form of an app with minimal features in the real market and field-test the research data.

It will not only help you get your idea out in the market but also help in gathering the feedback, do market research, and improve the app for future use. Moreover, it will help you find concrete answers to the following questions:

  • Will your product solve an existing issue, or is it a solution redundant?
  • Is your audience willing to try new alternatives, or they are satisfied with the existing solutions present in the market?
  • Is the user base for this solution enough to justify the development cost?

If the answer is yes to all the questions, keep reading!!

3. Saves Time & Effort:

Besides the perk of low development cost, it saves a lot of time and effort. Minimum Viable Product showcases you with a clear picture of your product. This further allows companies to use it’s time and money wisely.

To further reduce the cost of development, you can hire remote developers or set up an offshore development center in India.

Hire Offshore Developers

4. Reaching to the Investors:

The initial release of the product helps in getting the feedback in monetary terms. The income won’t be impressive, but it will be definitely meaningful support for product development. However, once the MVP is out, there is a chance that you get noticed by the investors.

5. Low-Cost Allowing Easy Maneuvering:

Creating the first version with the essential features at its core makes it a safe endeavor in terms of budget. Moreover, when you are not investing too much at the start, you leave space for easy maneuvers in the near future.

6. Minimum Time to Market:

The product that appears first wins the market (only if it is able to solve the problem of the users or gives an innovative solution).

The sooner you will launch the product, the better it is. Or another company will take your place. MVP development takes a couple of days and gives you an opportunity to roll out the product fast, having better chances to prosper the market.

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Evolving Technology with Flutter App Development

With plenty of mobile app frameworks trending in the market, it is quintessential to select the one that best fits the company’s objectives. Flutter is one such platform that is worth investing and promises to deliver superior-quality apps for both iOS and Android.

Flutter is creating headlines within the mobile app development industry. The top-notch quality and effectiveness are evident by the stable release of Flutter 1.2.2. Furthermore, adoption by big giants like Alibaba, Google Ads, Birch Finance, App Tree, etc, adds up more support for the use of this framework.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is basically an open-source user interface development kit that is in the market since 2015. And, it remained in the beta stage before the official launch in December 2018. But has now evolved as a mature framework and best choice for the development of hybrid mobile apps.

What Makes Flutter an Ideal Choice for MVP Development?

Why Flutter is Ideal for MVP Development?

Over time, Flutter has become popular for enhanced features, bug fixes, and widgets. Being open-source, it complements MVP development whether it is for startups or established firms. Now, it’s time to discuss why Flutter is an ideal choice for MVP development:

1. Development of a Cost-Efficient Mobile App

From the very beginning, cost limitations have been the major hindrances for businesses that wish to enter into the mobility space. While developing native apps, you may end up spending a lot on the team of iOS app developers and Android app developers individually.

Flutter can facilitate the development of budget-friendly MVP in different ways.

Flutter comes as a solution, supporting the development of mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android with a single code base. Also, with the availability of widgets makes it easy for flutter app developers to seamlessly work on the UI aspect of the application.

Besides this, Flutter gives you the opportunity to make valuable integrations. Developers can export the sketch design directly into the pixel-perfect codes. Despite making changes in the visuals, developers can prioritize delivering the value.

2. Expressive and Flexible User-interface

Flutter carries what Google is popular for; the expressive and flexible UIs to elevate the customer’s experience. For e.g, Flutter owns the built-in widgets for the material design, Cupertino and default animations for normal scrolling, rich motion APIs, etc.

3. Best Native Performance

Indeed, if you have a large budget to spend on mobile apps, you can go ahead and hire separate teams of Android app developers and iPhone app developers.

But if you are on a budget and want to develop hybrid apps, most of the frameworks will compromise with the performance, thereby undermining the app’s user experience. 

Whereas apps build with Flutter give a quality performance. The apps run via natively compiled code without the interference by interpreters, therefore, start quickly to maintain a constant 60fps speed.

In short, if you plan to develop the MVP of your application using Flutter, it will have the ability to provide native experience to the users.

4. Expedited App Development Process

App development using Flutter provides quick turn around time. This is because the SDK comes packed with the hot reload functionality making it possible for the developers to review the app changes in real-time. This makes the complete app development process fast and easy.

5. Straightforward Integration with Firebase

There is no need to have a separate backend for developing a simple MVP. Firebase offers out-of-box support for plenty of services like cloud storage, cloud functions, real-time databases, hosting, authentication, etc.

Basically, the Firebase Remote Config assists you in making changes in the app without long waits for the play store to deploy the same.

The support becomes serverless, redundant, and scalable. This simply means that there is no need to spend a lot of time and resources on the development of the backend. It can be directly combined with a tool for automating the development and release process like Fastlane, facilitating continuous delivery.

6. Supports Plenty of IDEs

When you hire Flutter developers, they can choose a number of Integrated Development Environment. Flutter Live uses Visual Code. This code is light-weighted and much faster, having many features available in the Android Studio and IntelliJ, thus, eliminating the need to start over.

7. React Inspired Modern Framework

React is basically a JavaScript library. Whereas Flutter has a modern framework inspired by React, thus, allowing developers to use the complete framework or parts as per the requirement.

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8. Built in-app Campaigns

After the app launch, marketing is the first concern for most entrepreneurs. Well, Flutter has found a solution to this problem as well. It allows you to promote the app on different platforms inclusive of Google Play, Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and continuously growing on the Google Display Network.

Moreover, it offers $75 credit on the spend of $25 on different campaigns.

9. Continuous Growth and Improvement

Flutter gives a dynamic app development setup. It comprises of a dedicated widget engine and UI components resembling the native platforms. The widgets are also flexible when it comes to customization and are aesthetically designed. 

10. Flutter has an Active Community

The super-active Flutter community is always active for the contributors. The community has several platforms inclusive of Github for raising tickets, Meetup for the next event, or getting involved in Q/A conversations in Stack Overflow, Medium, Slack, YouTube, and different platforms.

Companies that have taken Advantage by Developing MVP

Undoubtedly, developing an MVP before launching the actual product has a long list of benefits. And there are many companies that gained overnight success by using MVP’s first approach. Here are a few companies that released MVP’s to achieve massive growth:

1. Dropbox

Dropbox, the most popular cloud-based storage platform, had to face financial challenges in its initial stages. They didn’t even release the physical product, rather created a short video that demoed their product’s first build.

Because the concept was unique and innovative, it turned out to be an overnight success. After the immediate release of the video, their beta sign-up list went from 5,000 to 75,000.

2. Instagram

The biggest photo and video sharing social media app, “Instagram” was launched when the market for editing software for images was saturated. Developing an MVP initially, making it a huge success.

In the beginning, when it was a simple photo-sharing platform having basic filters, it was only compatible with iOS. In a saturated market, the MVP worked wonders for the makers.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb has its own significance in the tourism industry. It started offering accommodations at a reasonable price to the travelers and tourists around the locality of their journey. The MVP had different images of the apartments and flats. With Flutter MVP, the main motive was to obtain feedback from the customers and then work on the end product accordingly.

Closing Thoughts

Building exceptional and high-performance mobile apps require a decent amount of support from SDKs like Flutter. Well, Flutter has the ability to make a lot of difference as it can simplify the complete process of mobile app development without compromising the appeal and quality of the app.

It provides native app performance, making it more lucrative to the initial adopters and investors. Also, it beautifully fits into the particular needs of the Flutter app developers hired while offering a good deal of customization.

However, there has been no skepticism regarding the Flutter’s efficacy on the outstanding interface, flexible APIs as well as excellent performance.

So, what is keeping you from picking up this platform for your MVP development? Drop your requirements at info@yourteaminindia.com and harness the lucrative power of Flutter to create an extraordinary Minimum Viable Solution as the end product.

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