Finding Quality Dot Net Developers in India

India has been and continues to be the most sought after outsourcing destination for both, companies based in India as well as the ones based beyond its political boundaries. The reasons for this are many. The key ones here are – the ability to pool the best possible talents, its state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure at a lower cost, the speed of the market considering the fact that companies work with clients from different time zones and the accommodating feature of the government policies and the overall economic climate.


But what are the prerequisites to hiring the perfect dot net developer or that perfect team for your project is important? Finding the right people for your outsourcing work isn’t cakewalk but you can definitely do it the right way with a few points that call for your attention.

1. The prerequisite: Know what exactly it is that you’re searching for: You need to know what is it that you are searching for in your development team and whether you intend to build an entirely new desktop application or some other plan. Also, how much are you willing to pay for it before you start your search is also a deciding factor. If you are planning to approach a development company, they may also be able to customize a design plan based on your budget. A detailed research is inevitable and investing your time towards it is a prerogative.

2. Experience Matters: Companies that have a history of a few years to their credit is considered to be more reliable. A long and successful stint in the industry, though not an extensive proof, proves that they can consistently deliver great outcomes, products, services. They may also be considered a sustainable business-customer relationship for the long term. With regard to the individual.NET developers, it is imperative that your search filters those candidates with at least 2 years of experience. If the post is that of a CTO or IT head, the span of experience increases to a span between 10 to 15 years.

The more experienced the developer is, the better equipped he will be to handle technical hurdles in a better manner and his problem-solving ability will help the company tide over the man issues that are bound to arise. Experience also includes the journey of the candidate – from developing websites and mobile apps from the scratch and other expertise.

3. Proficiency in Microsoft Technology: Apart from the years that a developer has to his credit, it is necessary to evaluate his proficiency at technologies like C#, J#, VB.Net, etc. The company you hire should have a solid knowledge of all or almost areas of ASP.NET development. This includes cross platform integrations, security features, development services, interoperability, and code reuse.

4. Mobility Solutions: It is fine if you aren’t in search of mobile based solutions at this very point of time but you cannot rule out the possibility of a need that may arise in the future. So the choice of thecompany would ideally be the one that can cater to this particular need as well. You may be able to turn to your in-house company rather than searching for external support when needed. Having sufficient knowledge of every new aspect of software development industry.

5. Guarantee: The Company should be willing to take complete charge and responsibility of the project that they are going to take up. The modifications, maintenance or the need to fix any particular work required or any unexpected delays, etc. must be handled by the team.

6. Budgeting Matters: Apart from the team credentials, if another factor exists that needs a detailed discussion and contemplation, is the budgeting as well as the customization factor. Make sure you opt for a company that is capable of delivering quality and the maximum value within the set budget or can help you customize based on your budget.

7. Support: It doesn’t really end with the codes being transferred; it, in fact, marks the beginning of a long term relationship. Your development team must be able to provide unconditional 24/7 support. Though not necessary in most cases, it is better to opt for a round the clock support system.

Cautionary Note!

Always enquire of hidden expenses that may arise if not discussed before. The costs must not exclude any hidden cost and must not include hidden terms. Ask for an extensive full cost quotation and try getting everything documented.

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