How to Build an Offshore Product Engineering Team?

How to Build an Offshore Product Engineering Team - YourTeaminIndia

Competition is becoming more global as technology is rapidly evolving. Customers have an emphasis on quality, reliability, and value when it comes to a product/service. Speed to market is the paradigm of world-class manufacturing.

The product-oriented team does much more than simply write code. The team is a feature -factory that looks at the complete picture while analyzing and measuring the performance of features to unearth opportunities for improvement. From staying involved with the project and design, decision making to encouraging ideas, there is a lot that goes when you set up an offshore development center.

Where Do You Start?

Firstly, as the boss, you should have a motivated, talented, passionate team that believes in your product vision, working with passion towards a goal. The product that satisfies the predefined success criteria makes the complete team proud of the outcome.

There are many offshore development competitors in the industry that provide affordable solutions, so what will set you apart? The ability to establish a high performing organizational culture having skilled labors and a lot more.

Remember when you are building a new offshore product engineering development company. You want to inspire people to work for you.

It is now time to explain to you how to assemble great teams having top-notch talent:

How to Build an Offshore Product Engineering Team - YourTeaminIndia

What Makes a Successful Product Engineering Team?

Good remote development team strives to influence decision making by avoiding a function-separated dynamic. Building strong relationships with colleagues is their motto. They are accountable for product metrics and product goals. Finally, this breeds a true sense of equal ownership of the product.

Creating a Product Engineering Team: Where to start? Who to look for?

First things first: Write down what all you need.

  • Front end-developers
  • Backend developers
  • Designers
  • Quality analysts
  • Digital marketers

And more as per your requirement. As soon as you are done with it, start shaping the team. Done? The next step is to define the team’s objectives.

1. Hire An Experienced Project Manager

According to the Project Management Institute, only 58% of companies understand the value of project management and 93% report using standardized practices. Therefore, having a motivated and experienced product leader is important as he elegantly unites vision, design, brand, interface and user feedback to create an awesome product.

The manager overlays different perspectives to become the core decision-maker. A talented and creative leader understand your user better than you. He makes sure there are design scenarios, experiences, and features that actually solves the complete problem. And yes, they are capable of making their team turn features into an awesome interface. All of this merges into a brand that communicates efficiently with a product that people love.

Attributes of a Good Project Manager:

  • Encourages open and effective communication
  • Access competence
  • Enhances trust within team members
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Problem-solving skills

2. Access Competence

Make a detailed assessment of the ability of the team. Shortlist the ones that have a good track record in the required technology stack and around similar verticals. Prefer the ones who have previously worked for a remote team.

3. Team Structure & Finding The Right People

When the product development effort is undertaken, the teams are divided for planning the project, coordinating it, and providing critical business direction. The development, efforts, and monitoring of the product performance are also essential.

When the project is small, the project manager should be a functional manager who does R&D with the complete team. Moreover, he should have full-time involvement with the team and the project in progress. The product is to be partitioned into modules, and then technical coordination has to be taken into consideration.

4. Communicate The Vision

No matter what you are developing – a product, a solution, a component, a prototype. Ensure that the team can understand the big picture. They should know what the strategy is and the rationale behind the important decisions. Plus, every team member should have access to ‘what, why & how’ and relate the mission accordingly.

Articulate the opportunity of successful communication so that customers are better served while driving profit and creating value for the company. The dynamics of the team reflect the spirit-this is the primary key of product execution.

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5. Access to Insights

Information sharing is important for a powerful product development team. You should have a flow of updates, resources, ideas to enhance collaboration and meaningful interactions. The material is only shared on a need-to-know basis, but there is a general feeling of openness. The team should keep accessing updates, ideas, critical decisions, planning, approaches, strategies and anything that impacts the development.

6. Plan Efficiently

Understanding the project objective, client requirements, design targets, schedule, budget, and deadlines is important. The whole offshore development team should have information about the aforementioned. This information can also be provided via graphs and charts. The team can raise issues before proceeding further, and they are to be answered quickly. 

When you have decided to build an offshore product-focused business, then challenges are less technical and more of engaging the customers. This will happen when the team feels the connection to the business. They should have different innovative ideas and always motivated about doing things differently. Most importantly, you have to put product management, marketing, and operations together as a group and allow them to work as a complete team to solve issues whenever they occur. Meanwhile, don’t just throw work randomly on them and ask them to implement it. Be organized in every manner.

Adopt iteration and break the project into small tasks is ideal. Define milestones and allow quick iterations. Follow Agile and Scrum methodology.

7. Training Your Team

Effective teams require a significant investment in training. This is inclusive of team launch workshop and building training. The performance measurement system, rewards, appraisals, and incentives help in enhancing the team’s performance. A positive culture within the team results in continuous improvement.

8. Appreciate Team Building Power

A Gallup study depicted that a highly engaged leadership team can boost employee engagement by up to 39%”

As different teams are formed, it is now time to recognize interpersonal dynamics. There is an effort which makes the mobile app or website development team process effective. Be smart enough to identify employee skills and assigning tasks. Every individual certainly has a personality and technical talent. The different perspective that different people bring to the team enhances vitality and creativity. However, all the members of the team develop a basic orientation towards working in a team environment. The group’s cohesion lends them the power to aim at a common goal that is waiting to be accomplished.

9. Team Empowerment

You, as the head of the team, should let the developers be self-directed at a certain level. This maximizes the contribution of the team members. It also provides the mechanism for balanced, consensus decision making without outside influence. Undoubtedly, empowerment and self-direction lead to more motivation, ownership, and development of a team member’s capabilities.

10. Know-How to Manage Time Zone Difference

Remember, your evening will be the client’s morning.

You and your team have to overlap work hours for virtual ‘face time’ with the help of conference calls, online meetings, and IMs. Having a 10-12 hour difference in time poses the biggest challenge in having effective communication. To overcome this issue, it is recommended to have daily scrums within all the team members so everyone is on the same page.

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11. Be Realistic

It is important to share opportunities and the big picture with the product development team, but you should also keep them grounded by communicating the risks, challenges, potential pitfalls, and your strategy to overcome the hindrances. The team should be aware of everything and be ready for everything.

12. Optimize Meetings

As the boss, you should ensure that the team’s time is used effectively. Furthermore, meetings should be meaningful. Have just the right people during the discussion and finish the meeting with actionable tasks and clear ownership. Also, provide constructive feedback later.

13. Celebrate Small Accomplishments

Whenever the team reaches the fixed goals, don’t forget to pat their backs. This encourages them to work even better and also improved team spirit. Also, thank everyone who was part of the project.

Must Do’s:

  • Above all, define a clear-communication strategy 
  • Have well-defined requirements
  • Make sure the team collaborates efficiently 
  • Rather than hiring a huge team only because you have the investment, it is better to hire a small, skilled, professional team.
  • Put everyone on a single code base.
  • Use short iterations (1-2 weeks)
  • Conduct daily meetings for product progress
  • Use a continuous integration platform
  • Create an easily accessible data repository and collaboration site
  • Finally, offset the problems like network glitches and optimizing source code operations by minimizing dependencies.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, it is not only picking up good professionals but also to match one another and club together like pieces of the puzzle. In addition, appreciate teamwork, efforts involved, celebrate accomplishments and track project progress. Build a dedicated developer outsourcing team that will be successful no matter what hurdles come their way. With this, you will experience great work, have amazing progress and form a bond of professionals who enjoy working together.

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