7 Best AI based Chatbot Builders to Consider!

Either you call it a buzzword or flourishing technology, but artificial intelligence has led to some of the best inventions so far. A chatbot is one among them.

Furthermore, the implementation of chatbots has transformed the way brands interact with users.

Until now, chatbots have shown their significance in the banking sector, financial services, food industry, real estate, etc. In short, if your working in the customer service industry, chatbots can help boost your business sales.

Before we explore the top chatbot builders of 2019, it’s important to understand the following two:

What is a chatbot?

What is a Chatbot?
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The chatbot is an AI software having the ability to simulate a conversation with a user. You can integrate a chatbot with your messaging application, the website or mobile app.

Without a doubt, chatbots are the perfect replacement of repetitive tasks. That’s why companies use them for automating customer support.

From the technology aspect, you can understand that chatbots are the advanced version of QA systems, that leverage the artificial intelligence for progressive self-learning.

There are 3 Different Types of Chatbots:

  1. Support Chatbot
  2. Skills Chatbot
  3. Assistant Chatbot

To create a chatbot tailored to your business requirements, you need a chatbot builder.

What is a Chatbot Builder?

What is a Chatbot Builder?
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A chatbot development platform or chatbot builder is a staging that helps in building a chatbot for the web, mobile app or messaging.

There are different types of chatbot builders available in the market. Some provide you a simple-code interface with drag-and-drop functionality and visual editor. While others a bit complex that allows you to deploy code to voice applications like Alexa.

Not to mention, you will also find the more advanced versions, where chatbot will use machine learning to continuously evolve themselves from their interaction with users. These type of chatbots fall under the category of assistant chatbots and based on self-learning to deliver the optimum results.

Top 7 AI Based Chatbot Builders to Consider:

7 Best AI Based Chatbot Builders to Consider

If you are not tech-savvy and looking for easy to manage bots, this blog is definitely for you. All the below mentioned chatbots works on the simple drag and drop approach. Let’s discuss these chatbot builders one by one:

1. The ChatMate

The Chatmate

ChatMate is a chatbot builder platform that can assist you to in attending customers coming to your website. Be it any basic information or question, ChatMate can be your hero.

The Chatmate Features:

  • Installation of ChatMate plugin on the website
  • 24*7 engagement of visitors
  • Qualified lead generation and traffic
  • Customization of the chat window
  • Handles multiple clients
  • Instant business success
  • Agent scheduling
  • Co-browsing
  • Shortcut messages
  • Knowledgeable database
  • Customer engagement
  • Conversation flow
  • Intent matching
  • Sentiment analysis

With an empowering support strategy, they allow hassle-free connectivity to your customers via touch, text or voice user experience. Moreover, the sales growth solutions of this chatbot building platform deliver live chat tools with great chat team.

Accomplishments by Chatmate:

  • 20+ Business Supported
  • 25000 Chat engagements
  • 220,000+ messages
  • 50000 conversions
  • 200 entities
  • 98% satisfactory rating

2. Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey Chatbot

Mobile Monkey is considered as the fastest growing chatbot builder. You will be surprised to know that Mobile Monkey is the favorite Facebook Messenger Marketing tool of Neil Patel.

This powerful chatbot builder offers an interactive interface. In fact, it makes the Facebook Marketing process easy and fun. This chatbot is free to use, therefore, becomes a must for Facebook marketers.

Here is the list of the features that make it stand out from others:

  • Chat Blast: Send notifications and updates in messenger
  • Upgrade Ads: Click to messenger ads for follow up
  • Client Management: User administration and analytics report generation
  • WordPress plugin: Brings the power of chatbot into messenger
  • Long Contact List: Built leads, landing pages, and checkboxes
  • Auto respond comments: Runs events and contests
  • Automate chat: Instant FAQs retaining user history
  • Integrate Business Applications: Connect CRM, email and webinar

Well, what more can you expect from this free chatbot builder? For this amazing creation, Larry Kim (CEO of Mobile Monkey) was named “Marketer of the Year” by Search Engine Land.

3. Botsify

Botsify Chatbot

This is another Facebook Messenger platform that utilizes the easy ‘drag and drop’ approach to create chatbots. This chatbot builder also allows easy integration to the plugins, smart AI, machine learning, and analytics.

Botsify features include:

  • Pre-built templates
  • Supports API
  • Collects data
  • Simple to understand the user interface
  • Basic analytics
  • Machine learning features
  • Broadcast messages
  • You can choose a free or paid version.

Although AI and machine learning will be challenging for those who have zero technical knowledge, so the drag and drop substitutes help in making the complete process simple.

For this situation, Botsify offers human takeover ability for a smooth transition from bot to an individual. The platform is free for one bot but paid for many.

Here are the 5 steps to be followed in the paid subscription:

  1. Login botsify.com
  2. Connect Facebook account
  3. Setup webhook
  4. Write chatbot commands
  5. Botisfy will start handling customer service

4. SnatchBot

Snatchbot Chatbot

The Snatchbot platform promises to build the best possible messaging experience for the customers. Additionaly, there are plenty of robust features provided and enterprise-grade security to comply with regulatory mandates.

Snatchbot features:

  • Easy to build
  • Script based
  • Freely deployable analysis product

It’s one of the best chatbots available to build, connect, and publish the unique AI-powered chatbot & communicate with the users in a better way.

5. Chatfuel

Chatfuel Chatbot

Chatfuel is bot builder for Facebook Messenger that makes bot development easy. Notably, no coding skills are required to use Chatfuel. To point out, the free version gives access to approximately 5,000 subscribers.

Key features of Chatfuel:

  • Communication management
  • Avatars
  • Even scheduling
  • Activity monitoring
  • Activity dashboard
  • Automatic notification
  • Reservation management
  • Event scheduling
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-admin accounts accessibility
  • Third party integration
  • Autoresponders

Number of chatbots created – 360,000

Number of users serving – 17 million (globally)

Languages supported – 50

Plugins Developed using this Chabot Builder:

  • Google search
  • Bing search
  • RSS Import
  • Subscribe plugin
  • Digest
  • Zapier
  • LiveChat

The paid version starts from $15/month & helps to get more subscribers and audience, including priority support for some extra data management features.

6. ChatterOn


ChatterOn is one of the fastest chatbot builders that promise to build the bot under five minutes. If required, you can choose one chatbot from their already developed pre-bots & customize it with the help of a simple builder.

AI and machine learning algorithms are very solid. It’s because this chatbot supports a wide range of rich content inclusive of photos, gifs, buttons, videos, and carousels.

Key features:

  • Pre-built chatbots
  • Easy to use
  • Machine learning
  • End to end solutions
  • Well documented
  • Business integration
  • Monetization
  • Rich content

The bot can also be monetized with the help of contextual ads from Radbots. ChhatterOn can be used for free with access to all the features.

But there is a restriction of 15000 messages. After that, you have to pay $0.0010 per message. And once you will touch the mark of 15,000 – this chatbot becomes budget friendly.

7. Flow XO

Flow XO Chatbot

Flow XO is a comprehensive solution for building chatbots, hosting, and deploying them across different platforms. To emphasize, this clearly means you are not limited to FB messenger. Chatbot widgets can also be built for websites or can be integrated with suitable third-party platforms.

The features worth noting are:

  • Virtual welcome mat
  • Gathers information
  • Answers simple questions
  • Pre-filter leads
  • Live Chat
  • Accept payments
  • Offers light-hearted entertainment

With an easy-to-use interface, this chatbot builder has a free version that anyone can try. The free version will give you access to all the features. But it is limited to just 500 interactions.

Whereas, the paid version starts with $19/month offering 5000 interactions.

Let the Chatbot Building begin:

With the availability of these platforms, any individual without programming knowledge can create a basic chatbot. But to make your chatbot more personalized & interactive, it’s better to hire AI developers. With the help of expert AI developers, you can customize your chatbot to fulfill your business goals.

Customer satisfaction is a major key to the success of any business. And chatbot is one of the best solutions available to make your customers happy!

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