Best Advantage of Java Outsourcing Development

Best Advantage of Java Outsourcing Development

Whenever you check the ranking of the world’s most popular and demanding language, you will realize that Java is usually on the top. 

Here are the rankings you must look at:

  • GitHub’s Popularity Programming Language Rating- Second place
  • Second place in the top five companies by Fortune 25
  • Stack Overflow’s most popular technologies - Fifth position

Why Choose Java Web Development over Other Languages?

Companies like Apple, Walmart, and Amazon take the help of these older programming languages. Having unique features, this language has come a long way in the development field, making it a go for many development projects.

Here are some of the best reasons to choose Java over other programming languages:

  • Simple to use, object-arranged, and free.
  • Multi-platform deployment via a broad class of libraries. Seamless similarity during migration for a more updated version. 
  • Supports multi-threaded and cross-platform programming.
  • Platform independence at source and binary levels. 

Top Reasons to Outsource Java Development

Top Reasons to Outsource Java Development

1. Enormous Cost Savings 

Cost is one of the biggest factors in the case of outsourcing. In terms of development, the cost of building a web application largely depends on the technology stack, features being introduced, and the overall size of the project.

When you outsource your Java project to an offshore software company, you get exceptional services at a low-cost. And the reasons for the same are quite obvious;

  • You don't have to train your dedicated offshore team, as they already will be having years of experience.
  • There is no need for setting up the infrastructure, which includes both software and hardware requirements.
  • Regular or full-time employees demand more hourly rates, high bonuses, and other employee benefits.

All of the above reasons helps you save up to 60% of the development cost.

2. Better Quality Assurance

When you are working with an offshore development team, there is no need to worry about quality. Especially when you are outsourcing to India.

Why India?

Well, most of the offshore software companies across India follows the international standards and methodologies for development. This gives them the upper hand in writing quality code and delivers quality web apps.

3. Dedicated Team Working for You

If you have made a collaboration with a reliable outsourcing company, you can stay rest assured that a dedicated team will be assigned for your project.

A dedicated team of Java programmers will have a clear idea of the deliverables and expectations of the project. If everything seems alright, you can even retain that team for post-development support.

Once you develop a strong partnership with them, you will experience a boost in the efficiency of your in-house team as well.

How to Take Best Advantage of Java Outsourcing?

How to Take Best Advantage of Java Outsourcing?

Java is a very simple yet complex programming language. It can be used for building a wide range of applications. From building a basic web app to even highly complex enterprise solutions, Java can be used for anything.

Steps to follow while outsourcing Java development;

1. Define your Goal and Project Scope

Before finding the Java development companies to create a project, it is important to establish requirements and knowing when the project completes.

Without clearly defining your objectives, you may be fine-tuning it while tracking up a bill. Delaying the launch will give a significant advantage to your competitors.

All this will help you to build a team of dedicated offshore developers that can stay committed to your company and business goals.

You should make them measurable, traceable, and realistic. The developers should know that all the expectations are achievable. You also have to estimate the project scope that defines how much work is involved. 

This allows you and the outsourcing parties to come to a mutual agreement related to price, deadline, and more.

Always put your idea to paper. This doesn’t mean a single page or rough idea jotted down in bullets. By this we mean, create a thorough representation of the digital product.

To be brief, it is important to create a mockup.

Without the initial mockup or design, no offshore development company can;

  • Provide you an accurate project cost.
  • Deliver a flawless project.

One of the major hurdles to overcome while outsourcing is ineffective, while communication is when you don’t have a wireframe or blueprint. It is the root cause of many problems.

When you are not able to establish clear communication and are unable to explain;

  • What do you want?
  • How do you want?
  • When do you want to?

You can’t tell where the project will go. So, the best way to prevent confusion is to create a mockup that details all the features.  

Well, you can also ask your offshore team to create your mockup using wireframes. Anything that explains the complete scope of the project.

Besides avoiding confusion, creating a mock-up reduces the delivery time of the project.

Note: Don’t keep forcing and become demanding with the offshore agency. Milestones are certainly an important tool to evaluate the team's progress but it is good to use them carefully.

2. Decide Your Budget

Every Java outsourcing development company is unique. And therefore, they have different pricing policies.

Some charge on an hourly basis and others as per the plan you choose. Just like defining your requirements and goals, it is equally important to set a budget.

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Study the top five Java development companies and evaluate what strategies they are following. Don’t be the one that ends up choosing a cheap company.

Price is certainly a deciding factor but it is not the only factor.

3. Screen Java Developers like a Pro

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When choosing the outsourcing company, thoroughly assess the background of the java developers. Evaluate if their technical expertise fits your requirements and quality standards.

Java Certifications

  • Spring Professionals
  • Enterprise Integration Specialist
  • Spring Web Application Developer
  • IBM WebSphere
  • Oracle Certified Master, Java SE 6
  • Java EE 6 Web Services Developer, Oracle Certified Expert
  • Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect 
  • Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer, Oracle Certified Expert

The technical screening of the Java developer helps you in choosing the best developers from the offshore team. You should also evaluate decision-making skills, knowledge, achievements, and soft-skills.

4. Have Your own Technical Dedicated Project Manager

This is vital. An offshore project benefits a lot from a dedicated project manager that takes care of the project all the time.

This project manager also proves to be vital in removing the bumps. No Java development project sails smoothly in the first go, there are always obstacles.

If there is a non-tech manager, the project quality will be at risk. Non-tech founders don’t know how to review code, so this unreliable development company may try taking advantage and then cut corners.

This severely damages the quality of the project. It will not affect the user experience but also force you to have it rebuilt. 

Have a project manager who is highly experienced in the same technology stack as yours. Make sure you coordinate with him and keep track of every aspect of the process.

This will not just ensure product/service quality but will also keep everything under budget. A project manager is the best person to resolve issues since it has a clear picture of what is going, how, and where.  

5. Have a Basic Understanding of the Language

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You don’t have to be a software engineer for outsourcing your Java project.

But as an Entrepreneur, it is vital that you have the basic knowledge of the programming language and its complete structure.

This will help in formulating the questions while hiring developers and recognize their skills set. 

Having proper knowledge will also help you in staying informed as to the project underway. If you have an experienced staff of professionals, it is likely that you will defer them.

But, it is always good to have a least cursory understanding of Java.

6. Transfer of Knowledge

Many outsourcing Java projects have a period of 6 months where your project manager transfers knowledge. It hardly takes time to speed up like proficient professionals.

Effective knowledge transfer is practical when there is a well-structured process on the basis of a detailed analysis of various requirements. 

Therefore, you should devise a plan while considering the following factors:

  • Specify knowledge that has to be transferred. 
  • Select a suitable way of knowledge transfer.
  • Assign roles to the outsourcing team of Java developers.
  • Determine parameters to evaluate the goal.

7. Hire Java Developers as per Project Demand

Many teams have a good amount of experience in working with different programming languages. But has your team worked on the Java development project in your niche?

When you are narrowing down the outsourcing companies, an important step to finding the right match is to pay attention to the projects they have previously worked on.

For example, if your project is related to a restaurant app, you want a team that has good experience in creating food-related apps. If it is not mentioned in their portfolio, you can always ask them directly.

This way, it becomes easy to hire Java developers that will be the right fit for your business.

Ensure the Outsourcing Company is updated with Latest Releases and Trends


Java is a programming language that has been in the digital industry for 25+ years. The latest Java 14 or JDK14 version was released recently on March 17, 2020.

So, while outsourcing, it is important to ensure that your team of top offshore developers are up to date with those trends.

1. Strive Hard for Outsourcing Transparency

A successful application outsourcing requires crystal clear communication between you and your offshore team. Both parties have to agree on priorities and information requirements.

2. Make Sure Your Partnership Works

  • How frequently do you communicate with your offshore development Java team?
  • Have you ensured to make them comfortable making them feel, they are extended, part of your team only?
  • Have you set clear expectations?
  • Are you and your development team on the same page?
  • Ask yourself these questions and make sure everything works positively. 

These were the important things you should think about when you embark on an outsourcing partnership. Understand project details and always be upfront regarding your requirements. All this will certainly make things smoother. 

3. Language and Culture   

Most of the companies have the habit of adopting a casual approach when it comes to culture and language. Well, it is a very significant factor that has been considered for the offshore java project.

Here are the reasons to consider:

  • The outsourcing destination that you choose may or may not have the same culture as yours. Understand and cooperate with them so that you collaborate efficiently. 
  • English is a common and popular language that is used globally for outsourcing. However, keep in mind that there are countries where developers are not fluent in English. So make sure the offshore company you are about to partner with is good in English.  
  • Lastly, you should identify, acknowledge, and accept the cultural differences that are possessed between companies. 

4. Monitor and Track Your Development

Once you successfully collaborate with an outsourcing agency, it is important to take updates regularly or on a weekly basis.

This helps you to know about the ongoing processes. Plus, you can also make changes if required. 

5. Extend the Contract

If you think that your partnership with the offshore company has been satisfied, you can extend the contract further. This will make the developers available for you.

So, whenever you require any changes or guidance, you can take their help.

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6. Beware of Failures

“Only a fool learns from his own mistake. And a wise man from the mistakes of others.” This quote sums up this point in a single line. 

Before outsourcing your project, it is important that you identify different situations that may result in failure or risk. For example, identify outsourcing companies that charge hidden costs in the middle of the project. 

Ineffective financial management, project budgeting, and control also result in the failure of the project. In many cases, a lot of confusion resides where expectations are not as per the KPI and performance criteria. 

Moreover, if you collaborate with an inexperienced team of developers, it results in a lack of established processes. 

In the nutshell, an effective process leads to a total breakdown of the partnership. When you are aware of these factors, it is important that you take the necessary steps as that is the only way out. 


Outsourcing Java Development project brings in a lot of quality as well as guidance from the experts. When it comes to outsourcing, the world is your marketplace.

Make sure the aforementioned tips are followed as this will make this outsourcing process effective and productive for your business.

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