Is it Worth Investing in .Net Development for your Next Project?

Is it Worth Investing in .Net Development for your Next Project?

In a highly competitive landscape, the tendency to produce something innovative for the customers has become a necessity. For this, web development companies are focusing on cutting-edge solutions to deliver highly customized web applications.

To develop a web app, it's important to understand the nature of your business and then determine the technology stack that can fulfill your business objectives.

In lieu of increasing demand for a top-notch web app technology, Microsoft introduced ASP.Net Framework. Dot net is one of the best server-side scripting technology where Windows web server hosts Asp.Net website and web apps.

Is it Worth Investing in .Net Development for your Next Project?

Statistics on .Net Development

  • According to Similar Tech, there are approximately 2,347,702  websites developed using .NET web development.
  • BuiltWith Statistics showcase that there are 41,304, 935 live websites, that use ASP.NET framework. 

.Net Development Business Applications

  • Custom CRM system
  • Inventory Applications
  • XML Web Services
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping system
  • Dynamic Websites
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Smartphone Application
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solutions

What Types of Websites and Applications are built with the .NET framework?

This feature-rich platform can be used for a wide variety of next-generation apps. Now, let’s delve into the range of applications you can develop using this framework!

1. Business Functions

Gone are the days when businesses were conducted without the presence of a software tool in the background. Today business owners make constructive use of applications and software in order to streamline their business processes. Whether it is supply chain management, sales or finance, business software has the ability to do wonders, .Net is extensively utilized in the creation of software like CRM, supply management app, and more. 

2. Re-Designing

No organization remains static. The needs to keep changing and so does the software scalability. Asp net framework helps in redesigning the current app to make it line up with the upcoming needs of the organization. 

3. Interoperable Apps

If a company aspires to have an interoperable app that brings together user experience across various platforms, .NET play a pivot role. With the range of features, .NET help developers to create an app and work in sync.

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4. Games

.NET is extremely versatile and this property makes it suitable for the building gaming applications. Having plenty of features, they also help in the development of wen and enterprise-graded solutions. 

5. Communication

Every business requires emails and chat platforms for seamless communication among the workers. .NET is a good platform for emails and chat. It has the ability to integrate with Outlook having a more holistic approach. Moreover, there are plenty of techniques that make communication fool-proof. 

6. Multi-Threaded Software Architecture

.NET utilizes multi-tiered software architecture. Having the property of physically separating functions for presentation, app processing, and data management, it helps to build flexible applications. In addition to this, .NET developers can also add or edit a layer without reworking on the entire app. 

7. Cross-Platform

For a cross-platform solution, it's recommended to hire .Net developers, as they work on a modular and swift platform that helps in creating server apps which run on Linux, Windows, and MAC. 

8. Smartphone Applications

.Net helps in building responsive mobile applications that work smoothly across computer, mobile and different other devices. 

What are the Advantages of the .Net Framework? 

.NET is a great choice when it comes to delivering multiple web-based applications according to market trends. Here are the major benefits of .NET framework.

1. Reliability and Scalability 

.Net web development framework is a highly robust and reliable app development platform for building commercial applications. Since its release, 14 years ago, .NET web development platform is extensively used by small, medium, and large companies. The framework easily modifies with the needs of rapidly growing companies that offer the right framework to improvise business apps quickly and efficiently. This means your app can grow and evolve your business moves to another level. 

2. Interoperability

Microsoft has recently released two Windows 10 Internet of Things editions to boost the degree of efficiency. Hiring .Net developers to create apps for devices connected to IoT manages to increase the flow and security of interoperability for software that is designed in a .NET web development platform. 

3. Safety

Since the inception, .NET development framework continues to prevail as a formidable technological framework in different organizations. From governments to MNCs, this framework has served as an information security solution. 

As MVC architecture is leaning towards SoC, the Microsoft application development facilitates secure integration of scalable applications. Moreover, applications like ASP.Net development and Web APIs like SQL Server and Azure Document DB, a formidable technological framework is utilized for a broad section of industries. 

4. Vast and Workable Solution

When mobility solutions are discussed, .Net web development is one of the considerations. This is because it provides a flexible and versatile mobile app development solutions that keep increasing. The best thing is that the wide community of .Net web development has managed to develop many projects to foster interaction within smartphone devices and websites. 

Wireless Universal Resource File (WURL) is a database for mobile devices that has the name, type, height, browser version and width of the complete screen in the flagship project for.Net development. This data collection device gives webmasters information regarding mobile traffic user agents of the site. This database has the ability to integrate into any .NET project seamlessly.  

Basically, mobile applications based on .NET deliver incredible user experience while assisting companies to increase product and service demands. 

5. Powers Self-Hosted Web Apps

An Internet Information Services Server is used to host ASP.NET web applications, PHP web apps, and static websites. It acts as an FTP server to host WCF services. It is possible to create self-hosted ASP.NET app by using web API with Nancy, WCF, or Owin. 

6. Minimizes Coding Hassle with Reusable Components

The .NET framework requires object-oriented programming model revolving around data rather than logic, focusing on objects rather than actions. 

7. Open Source Community

Initially, .Net was primarily undertaken as a countermeasure against the influence of Sun’s Java in the Information and Technology scenario. In order to address Java’s cross-platform compatibility attributes and more productive languages, Microsoft introduced C#, which is the primary language for .Net web development

After facing competition with Java for consecutive years, Microsoft decided to take a crucial step and integrate open source and multiplatform technology framework via open-source .Net Core.

This great move of Microsoft helped in resolving the monolithic nature of the .NET web development framework that imposes impediments in the execution of some developments. Implementing cross-platform compatibility is best as an open-source.

The final result is favorable to different organizations that offer to strengthen its customer base and plenty of third-party applications which are .NET platform friendly. With this smart move, Microsoft is looking forward to expanding the number of applications that can be effectively run using the C# programming languages. This also helps in increasing business revenue. With the rise in the number of development executed, the licenses and subscriptions for SharePoint and Office 365 increases.  

However, this movement manages to foster constellations of ASP.NET developers and their communities that work for a broad spectrum of platform inclusive of Android, Linus, Mac OS, and iOS. 

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Is .Net Worth Considering?

.Net framework is a widely used development framework that builds enterprise-level web applications. The amazing technology immeasurable benefits for different issues like memory management, security, and exceptional handling. The platform’s maintainability, ease of deployment, and reliability make .Net the top framework amongst the development community. 

The aforementioned benefits make it an ideal choice for your next project as it is certainly worth considering.

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