Top 13 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

A broad spectrum of intelligent technologies like Artificial Intelligence has managed to penetrate into different industries in this information and technology-oriented era.

Healthcare is no exception. It is witnessing the rapid integration of AI over a couple of years.

According to a CB Insights Report, 86% of the life science companies, healthcare providers, and technology vendors are relying on Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Also, different industries that are either directly or indirectly related to healthcare are evolving and all the credit goes to AI & automation.

The same report further claims that healthcare systems will be spending $54 million on average, on different AI projects.

The Exponential Rise of AI Solutions in Healthcare

AI in healthcare is helping frontline clinicians to become more productive and efficient.

The solutions are also ensuring that backend processes are highly effective. As per the data-driven by the Global Market Insights, the AI market (healthcare) is expecting a tenfold and major boom by 2025. It will become an enormous $13 billion industry.

One major use of AI in Healthcare industry is, AI simplifies the lives of the healthcare department personals by performing tasks that are performed by humans but in less time.

Top Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare has a countless number of applications ranging from discovering links between genetic codes to powering surgical robots.

Reinventing and via machines that know how to predict, comprehend, learn, and act. All in all, AI has proved to be a blessing to the healthcare industry. 

As innovation continues to flourish, automation is providing tremendous benefits.

Besides offering a specialist solution that saves time and cost in the treatment processes, there are applications that help to increase the accuracy of treatments.

Here are the top AI-based applications trending in the healthcare market: 

AI Healthcare Solutions for Doctors

Doctors are being benefited by the AI solutions as it is helping in improving performance and experience.

For example, it analyzes the data and applies AI machine learning to give decision support while improving diagnostics.

Two AI-based applications that fall in this category are as follows:

  • Diagnostic Imaging Interpretationai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketThe complexities of deciphering images and conducting analysis resulting in efficient AI-based applications.With deep learning programs and technology categorization, AI-based imaging systems are equipped with algorithms having quick image reading.

    This further includes MRIs and CT scans. The system not only helps a doctor to improve performance with better diagnostics but it also proves to be a vital tool in combating the shortage of radiologists in the hospital.

    One of the popular AI-based diagnosis checkers  Buoy Health uses an algorithm that helps in treating the illness.

    Here is how it works: The chatbot understands the symptoms of the patient and the health concerns. Then it guides him towards required care as per the diagnosis.

  • Precisionai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketA new approach followed by doctors focuses on preventive care relying on data collection. This ranges from collecting genetic information, wearable devices, and advances in the electronic healthcare system.

    Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, etc. efficiently monitor heart rate and activity levels. They can send alerts to the patient regarding exercise and medicine dosage.

    The best AI solution obtains information from mutation genetics and DNA.

    This makes it easier for the system to scan, thereby detecting cancer and vascular diseases in advance. It also helps in predicting the health risks patients may face in the near future.

    Closely analyzing the patient’s lifestyle, environment, and biometric data, AI-based precision health tools identify potential risks. 

    The aforementioned examples have made it very clear that artificial intelligence is making life easier for medical providers.

    And there is no looking back as it will continue to do so as the apps are developed and iterated in new areas.

AI Solution for Patients

The Healthcare industry is focusing on the patient’s experience and engagement with artificial general intelligence.

With AI-enabled interfaces, patients have taken control over their care solutions.

AI best practices in healthcare industries regarding patient’s solution are defined below:

  • Virtual Health Assistantai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketArtificial Intelligence companies have introduced virtual health assistants using augmented reality, cognitive computing, speech, and body gestures. The application has the ability to deliver a personalized experience where patients are free to clear their doubts and learn how to manage their health efficiently.

    A virtual health assistant is a unique technique that is able to reduce frequent hospital visits reducing the load from medical professionals.

    In addition to this, they serve as a bridge between the service providers and patients.

  • Customer Service Botsai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketUtilizing natural language processing (NPL)and sentiment analysis, interactive chatbots have been built. They allow patients to ask questions regarding bill payment, appointments, or medication refills.

    Patients suffering from chronic diseases know how to take care of their condition. But communicating with them via bots helps in decreasing the burden of the medical providers.

    Various AI tools assist in providing positive results to patients while healthcare professionals have time to focus on priority tasks.

    Therefore, this digital healthcare solution achieves better outcomes with advanced treatment while engaging patients.

AI Solutions for Administrators

Best AI companies have automated administrative processes in the healthcare market. Furthermore, it eliminates bottlenecks with efficient data management related to medical practice.

Currently, artificial intelligence engineering is utilized in the realm of revenue cycle management and optimization.

Right now, AI utilizes in the realm of revenue cycle management and optimization. Well, here are the applications of AI machine learning solutions related to the healthcare departments:

Real-time Physician Documentation: Accuracy, comprehensiveness, and note-taking efficiency are boosted with the use of real-time decision-making models. 

  • Computer-based codingai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketRPA machine learning suggests medical codes based on clinical documentation. These suggestions are used in artificial intelligence development so that codes get validated.

More AI Applications in Healthcare Market Worth Considering

AI has leveraged the healthcare industry to a significant extent. It is bracing itself up more for various changes so here are more applications besides the aforementioned ones.

  • Robot-assisted Surgery Processai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketCognitive surgical robotics collects data from real surgical processes to improvise the already existing surgical approaches. This is one of the best uses of artificial intelligence as doctors can collect information from pre-op medical records while obtaining insights.

    The strategy helps in minimizing the treatment time and score of error.

  • Digital Consultationai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketUK based app, Babylon takes the help of emotional artificial intelligence to deliver ideal medical consultation based on a person’s medical history. Moreover, the application offers recommended action.Another personal AI, helps healthcare personnel to monitor patient’s conditions and offer treatments accordingly.

    The program utilizes machine learning to support patients while specializing in chronic illnesses.

  • Cybersecurityai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketIn the healthcare department, it is important to keep all the patient-related data safe and confidential. In addition, for preventing system breaches artificial intelligence machine learning programs are introduced. Being intuitive, it gives the extra layer of safety that is required.
  • Fraud Detectionai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketAs many patients are looking forward to cost-effective medical services, fraud cases are also increasing at an exponential rate. Medical institutions suffer damage due to this fraud. The AI-based solution helps to minimize fraud attempts.
  • Dosage Error Reductionai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketOne extra dose of medicine can have dire consequences on the body. So, it is important that the patient has the perfect intake. Artificial intelligence technology is designed to decrease the margin of medical errors that may occur during dosage prescriptions.
  • Health Monitoringai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketAI & ML-based technologies keep track of a patient’s health. They monitor the pulse, body temperature and other activities ensuring the individual is healthy. The apps also send alert notifications to the user regarding improvements.
  • Drug Creationai automation, AI developers, AI-based applications, AI-based healthcare solutions, healthcare marketDeveloping new drugs with clinical trials is a time and money-consuming task. AI healthcare processes scan the existing medicines and then redesign them so that they can fight against a particular disease with effectiveness.
  • Connected Machines A diverse range of medical healthcare centers focuses on connected devices that relay information to one another. The unique artificial intelligence project makes the process safer as well as intuitive. Also, it assists in consolidating the data for further analysis.

Final Thoughts

Top AI Intelligence companies have potentially solved the problem of the iron triangle in the healthcare domain.

Undoubtedly, this triangle involves interlocking factors like accessibility, affordability, and effectiveness.

It has cut-short traditional methods by introducing better AI treatment techniques while improving service accessibility as well. 

The best possible way to maintain a good cost-structure in the healthcare system is to handover the time-consuming manual tasks to machines.

Patients should also be able to use self-service AI programs for the betterment of their health. They already keep on demanding more advanced tools from the healthcare industry.

With the volume of information generated in the health department keeps rising, it is high time for healthcare organizations to embrace AI-integrated apps.

Further, partnering with a reliable AI offshore development company can help healthcare firms gain a competitive advantage over the traditional process of evaluating the information.

It will also enhance the accuracy in decision-making, as learning algorithms are more precise in interacting with data.

This will result in an unprecedented insight into treatment variability, care processes, diagnostics, and patient outcomes.

Moreover, look for the leading AI companies for developing AI-based healthcare solutions and take advantage of the same.

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