12 Tips for Hiring Expert Java Developers

Tips for Hiring Java Developers

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In a world where individuals are inclined towards smartphones and tablets, app development seems to be a lucrative task. While considering the programming languages, frameworks, and SDKs for mobile apps, make sure you consider the frontend development environment. But be aware of the backend development as well.

Do you know according to Oracle, Java is the most used runtime platform for different businesses.

Many companies use Java for various functions. Known as the ‘king of programming,’ Java has become a popular choice when it comes to app development.

Today, IT outsourcing has become a go-to solution for many businesses, regardless of project size and type. And why not when it is sustainable for both short-term and long-term projects.

As you look for expert Java developers for building a successful remote development team, we will provide you with tips on how to hire a Java development team to reap the benefits of a successful project.

12 Smart Tips for Hiring Expert Java Developers

12 Tips for Hiring the Expert Java Developers

1. Note Down Your Project Requirements

The first step you must follow is to note down the requirements of your project. They have to be based on the organizational objectives or how your product can address the objectives and needs of the customers.

When you plan to map out Java app development needs, pay heed to the following considerations:

  • What is the objective of the app?
  • Will it fulfill user requirements?
  • How can the application be improved?
  • How do you see the product on a long-term basis?
  • What is the engagement model?
  • Do you plan for monetization strategies?
  • Do you have a list of features?

When you understand the aspects mentioned above of the Java development project, you may move ahead to consider the technical requirements of the project. This will help you in hiring a dedicated Java development team for your business needs.

2. Identify The Development Category

Every Java project is different from the other. Therefore, you should know what the requirements of your project are. It is important to categorize your project before you start hiring expert Java developers.

  • Java Web Development: Hire a Full-stack Java Developer having adequate experience in building easy to use web apps. 
  • Custom Java app: When you have a unique business requirement, make sure you take the help of a senior developer. This is because he has experience in creating enterprise applications.
  • Java Game Development: Hire Senior Java app developer who has knowledge about Meta & Screenkit used for creating gaming applications.
  • Java Product Development: Find a Java app development company where programmers know about ideation, screening, requirement evaluation, and implementation.
  • Java System Integration: Get the Java application integrated with the framework of your choice when you have reliable experts by your side
  • Java App Update & Migration: Certified Java experts stay updated regarding the latest tools and frameworks.  
  • Java App Maintenance: Every app requires continuous maintenance as well as support. So, collaborate with developers who know how to do that.

Make sure you know in which category your project falls and then hire Java developers accordingly as per requirements.

3. Specialization

Do you want to build a dedicated team of expert Java developers that are tailored towards your project needs? For this, it is important to have professional Java developers having years of experience in the industry. This helps you get highly optimized Java programming solutions.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages having the ability to build secure and reliable apps for various verticals. 

In today’s result-driven industry, it becomes more important than ever to collaborate with a team of developers that provide best in class services.

4. Frameworks and Technologies

There is a long list of mobile and web apps that can be created via the Java programming language. Different Java development toolkit makes it possible to achieve the level that it has. A few frameworks include JSF, Grails, Plat, Spring, Maven, and more.

There may be a case where the Java developers have knowledge about the various framework but not the one you are looking for. So before you hire, cross-check if the expert has adequate knowledge and experience regarding the same. 

5. Flexible Engagement Models

You need to evaluate the project your requirements and see what is more suitable for your project. Different engagement models are having different pricing. In general, there are:

(a) Fixed Price Model:

While addressing a software development company, you have an idea about your budget. In this case, the fixed-priced model will suit you the most. 

In this model, there is already a predefined budget as well as a schedule. This means you and the Java development team agree on a fixed cost that you will be paying after the successful delivery.

While keeping this in mind, you can enjoy the below benefits of this model:

  • A transparent and predictable development process
  • The fixed priced project has to be completed within the agreed time without any delays, no matter what. 

Tip: This engagement model is best for small projects having a limited budget and clear deliverables.

(b) Time & Material Model:

Unlike the fixed price model, this one offers way more flexibility in terms of budget and project requirements. The total cost, as well as the scope, is not known until the project completion. This entirely depends on the actual time and effort that is used to implement it.

  • When planning is in progress, this model allows you to change the project milestones on the go. 
  • There is increased flexibility as it follows the ‘pay as you go‘ approach.
  • There are constant supervision and active involvement of everyone in the project throughout the process.

Tip: Good fit for product improvement and technical support.

(c) Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated app development model has the best features of Fixed Price, Time & Material model. You have an offshore development team by your side that has your project usually for a long term basis. 

The model aims at compensating for the lack of necessary skills and expertise within the in-house team members. You can either manage the complete team or hire a project manager who will be responsible for the full coordination. 

Having a straightforward pricing model, the dedicated model is the best of both worlds. There is a service fee that depends on team size and is billed monthly. The advantages of the model:

  • Predictable and transparent budget
  • Flexible project scope
  • Complete control of the team
  • Java developers are completely dedicated to your project

Tip: You can reap the benefits of the model even if you want to make changes in the middle of the process.  

Based on the aforementioned, you can then decide to hire the developers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis.

6. The Screening Process

Before hiring any development team, make sure you are satisfied with them. Moreover, take an interview with the development team you will be working with and ensure if they are capable enough. List of basic skills on which you should evaluate the expertise of Java developers:

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

Core Java Theories

  • Variables, the scope of variables, autoboxing/unboxing, constructors, operators, Loops, Arrays, Strings, APIs
  • Inner Classes
  • File Handling APIs
  • Network Apps
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Architecture
  • Multithreading
  • Streams
  • J2EE, EJB, JSF

Java Developer Certifications

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  • Oracle Certified Associate, Junior Java SE 5,6,8
  • Fundamental skills
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Oracle Certified Associate, OCAJP 7, OCAJP 8
  • Implementation, Basic of Web Development
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
  • Web Development, API, Enterprise, Server Faces, Web Services
  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM)
  • Architect, Designing, Enterprise Edition Technology
Also, you should interview them based on the technical parameters.

Here’s the Insight:

  • Development Skills: Having knowledge about JDBC, RESTful, and design patterns.
  • Tools: Java specialists should be expert in Seam, HIbernare, Android Studio, GradleMaps Store. Spring, ORMLIte, Corona SDK, Caching Touch are a few more tools they should know about.

Their strength should include wire-framing, UI design, Concept design, AR & APIs. Cross-check the skill set required and then take the final decision. Every developer won’t have all the skills mentioned above and then mix & match to come up with a brilliant team. 

 Must-Ask Questions for All the Java Developers:

  • What is the importance of the main() in Java?
  • Difference between path and class.
  • What is Java’s final keyword?
  • What is Enum and Composition in Java?
  • Do you know about the Java Reflection API?
  • Explain user and daemon thread.
  • Function of CountDownLatchC
  • Compare & swap algorithms
  • OutOfMemory error
  • Explain JDBC
  • What is the 2 phase commit?

7. Fix A Development Methodology

The development industry is dynamic and keeps evolving continuously. For this reason, agile methodology is what you should prefer. This method will decrease the risk of covering new functionalities. There is always real-time, seamless communication during the process.

  • Faster, smaller: This methodology focuses on requirements, planning, development, testing, and delivery.
  • Communication: Clear communication ensures that the process is on track even when the conditions keep changing.
  • Feedback: You don’t have to wait until the delivery phase to gauge success. The development speed and process are gauged on a regular basis.
  • Trust: The teams following this methodology are self-organizing. Besides following rules of management, they understand your objectives and work even a mile extra to reach towards them.

Agile methodology is the most preferred methodology because it improves collaboration, communication, development speed, quality, and transparency.

8. Study Case-Studies

The best way to know more about the development company, have an overview of their case studies. In short, the Java development project samples is evident proof of their efficiency in development.

This will help you to support the certainty. You can also explore the reference check to support their claims.

9. Decide the Team Size

Make sure the offshore development company has the best team that handles your project efficiently. Decide how many team members you want for your project. The members of the team you are hiring should commit on-time delivery while abiding by high quality. This eradicated unnecessary delays or interruptions. 

10. Multitude Of Satisfied Clients

Testimonials are the social proof from different happy clients as it provides sufficient assurance about the development company and their reliability. Your projects are implemented successfully if the team is passionate enough for working. 

One thing you should take care of is whether the testimonials are genuine or not. You can also rely on Google and AngelList reviews.  

11. Comprehensive Services

What if you not only want Java development services but also designing, development, testing and more? In that case, collaborate with an outsourcing company that offers you comprehensive services while taking good care of your project. 

Furthermore, getting all the services under one roof takes away all the hassle from you regarding your project. Also, the developers you hire should understand the value of your business secrets, source codes, data and various information that you give them during the NDA.

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12. Track Record of the Company’s Sustainability 

Software companies spring up now and then. So, it is important how many of them sustain in the market. Hire expert Java developers online from a company that has sustained for more than a decade, is continuously growing, and has a bright future. 

Such companies will not only help you with development but also provide you with the Java specialists who will guide you with the best besides your requirements. Also, this will help you come up with an amazing quality product that will satisfy the needs of the users.  

Future of Hiring Remote Team for Java Development 

Hiring offshore Java developers is becoming the norm. The importance of such teams to a company lies in the flexibility of hiring based on the skills while reducing the in-house management costs. 

Offshore development has gained a lot of strength and it is in no mood to go downhill anytime soon. Although, there have been challenges the outsourcing companies have dealt with and blossomed better than before.   

Global clients get specialized services. As a matter of fact, years of experience in the industry have made offshore companies more confident and trustworthy. Standards are improving, knowledge and skills are on the rise.

The future of the offshore software development industry is in safe hands and the upcoming years are expected to see more diversification serving a larger region of the world and not depending on a particular economy.

In case you are planning to set up an offshore development center in India, your search stops here! Get in touch with us and our business managers will guide you through the process.

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