The Release Management Cycle Basics: Guide 2

The Release Management Cycle Basics: Guide 2

Let's continue from where we left in our last Release Management Cycle Guide. In this guide, we are going to talk about the next steps in the Release Management Cycle that govern the success or failure of a software development process.

As you are already aware of the fact that a software development process begins with the planning. After planning it undergoes the development phase and then tested to make sure everything is in its right place. So, before you hire offshore developers or remote IT team, let’s explore the next steps now!

The Release Management Cycle Basics: Guide 2

1. Deployment:

Once you hire a dedicated development team, and they make your software market-ready, the next step is to deploy the product in the market. Now, to ensure getting the most out of your efforts, you should correctly launch the software and manage the whole process of deployment. It is a part of the Release management cycle.

However, one important thing to remember here is that the deployment phase is a continuous process. In simple words, every time the software goes through a change during its life-cycle, it has to go through the software deployment phase. This ensures that your software will look old.

2. Review:

After the deployment of the software, the process to judge the success or failure of the software starts. This phase involves reviewing the entire development process, figuring out the pros and cons & everything else related to the entire process followed.

It is critical because this phase helps to find out the corrective measures to consider in the future process of software development. It also plays a crucial role to ensure that client expectations will match the end-product.

3. Closing:

After the successful development & review of the process, we reach the closing phase. To ensure that you will deliver a quality product to the client, controlling the various aspects of the software development process becomes significant. And, this is exactly what release management cycle does. By capping every phase of the development process, release management makes sure that the product does not end up going in the wrong direction.


While working on software development with offshore dedicated developers, it’s all about controlling the process! As it is quite evident from this post, ‘Release Management’ keeps a check on how different stages are being carried out as part of the software development process.

For software development, this check becomes quite important. Otherwise, you will end up building a less efficient software for the end users.

What might surprise you is that many companies don’t pay attention to the release management. As a result, they end up wasting their time, money and losing clients at regular intervals. Are you also the one?

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