React Native vs Xamarin – Which Cross-Platform is Better?

The mobile app industry is growing at an exponential pace. Each & every business is using a mobile app as a medium to interact with their customers. And to fulfill the increasing demand, companies like Facebook & Microsoft took the initiative to develop a cross-platform.

Nowadays, the growing popularity of cross-platform is putting a lot of people in great confusion. Everyone has the same confusion between the two favorite platforms of mobile app developers – React Native and Xamarin.

Are you also confused between the two? Let’s compare both the platforms on different parameters & find out which comes out as a champion!

Which One is Better - React Native or Xamarin?

What is React Native and Xamarin?

React Native: It is an open source mobile app development framework created by Facebook. Using this framework, you can develop an iOS and Android application under one common language; JavaScript.

Xamarin: Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is also an open-source mobile app development framework. To develop a mobile app, developers should have good knowledge of C#.

Now, it’s time for React Native and Xamarin comparison!

1. Performance:

  • React Native: React Native is used for rapid development. The framework allows individuals to use native code in the app. This tool helps to achieve 60 frames per second. Also, it helps in building some part of the app with the help of native code and remaining with react native. Facebook app is built this way. React native doesn’t support 64-bit mode on Android. But it manages to give a custom UI design framework that uses fast native widgets under the hood.
  • Xamarin: Helps in building high-performance apps. With the help of platform-specific hardware acceleration, the speed increases. Just like React Native, Xamarin also gives a near-native performance. GUI, 64-bit support and quick execution is the factor taken into consideration.

2. Development:

  • React Native: React Native development team strives hard to fulfill the demand of the customers. This web development tool offers a lot of flexibility as it lets you choose a development environment. Any IDE/text editor can be selected for the app, and the best part is that there are plenty of good IDEs and text editors available on the internet like Visual Studio.
  • Xamarin: If the developer wants to build a Xamarin app, he has to work in Visual Studio. This is restricted and working with other options is a bit typical. Additionally, Xamarin provides an amazing Integrated Development Environment offering you useful tools, controls, and layouts to make the app work smoothly.

3. Market Share:

  • React Native: React Native has managed to gain massive popularity within a short time span since its introduction. For this reason, the demand for react native app developer has increased. According to Github, approximately 1002 contributors committed 7971 times in 45 branches with 124 releases.  The most popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg, Uber, Walmart, Vogue.
  • Xamarin: According to Forbes, Xamarin is used by 20% of Fortune companies like Bosch, Samsung, Haliburton, SAP and is deployed among 120 countries. Helps for building cross-platform apps, lets developers reuse code and debug products. Building a strong relationship with Microsoft, it has a community over 700,000 developers till date and over 15000 companies rely on it. Some of which are Novarum, CA mobile and Story.

4. Community and Assistance:

  • React Native: It has very strong support from the developer community. Moreover, plenty of online courses, tutorials and videos are available on the internet that will help you to learn. In addition, there are numerous blog posts written regarding React Native. In fact, There is a good number of learning resources available for this framework, and the number keeps increasing.
  • Xamarin: Xamarin also has good community support as it has a lot of learning material. Like React Native, there are plenty of articles and blog posts written about it.

React Native vs Xamarin, which one is better?

When it comes to React Native vs Xamarin, deciding which one is better is a tough job. It’s because both platforms offer high-quality application backed by brand names like Facebook and Microsoft.

Both platforms are credible to reduce the time and cost of development. So, closely observe both the platforms in terms of performance, development, market share and community assistance.

Finally, if you don’t have employees who can fulfill your task, it is advisable to hire professionals. You can also choose to hire mobile app developers & bring down your development cost up to 80%.

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