Offshore Development: The Bigger Picture

Offshore Development The Bigger Picture

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Hiring an offshore development team may sound like a huge commitment. As an entrepreneur, make sure your company is doing best every day. This means knowing about every industrial change.

This article will elaborate on the complete process of offshore development, the best ways to filter frauds, reduce potential risks and make it work for you in the long run.

If you are serious about choosing the right offshore development partner, this guide is for you.

Offshore Development - The Bigger Picture

This guide covers all the practical approaches and how to peruse long-term business relationships.

How to start?

How to get started? Where will you find the ideal company that perfectly aligns with your business requirements?

Follow this step-by-step approach on how to find qualified providers to find qualified professionals.

Here is What will be Covered:

I. Dedicated offshore development team: How will it work?

II. Why offshore development is the need of the hour?

III. Pros of the offshore development team.

IV. How to go about it?

(a) Look for professional tech partners

(b) Evaluate what matters the most

V. Conclusion: Outsourcing done right.

I. Dedicated Offshore Development Team: How Would it Work for You?

Developing a product from an idea is not easy. Even when you know your goal, there are chances of falling down. Sometimes milestones are missed and deadlines are extended. This happens most of the time.

Do you know what the problem is? Perhaps, this is the time to determine how good is your remote development team.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your team has the hold on various aspects?
  • Can they take the lead?
  • Do they have the skills needed for the development process?

If you are unable to get resounding yes to the aforementioned questions, then it is the time to think about setting up your offshore development center.

If you find that your company is falling into a similar situation, partnering with a dedicated offshore development team could be the answer.

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II. Why Offshore Development is the Need of the Hour?

The following points could tell you that yes, this is the right time to hire remote developers for your coding needs:

  • Your Existing Staff don’t have the Required Skills

Perhaps you are planning to build a new product that requires a different skill-set. Sometimes, businesses find themselves in the need to extend their presently working team.

When you hire the talent pool of experts, they work exclusively for you. Having them solely focus on your projects, it decreases team management issues while amplifying productivity.  

  • Start Quick and Stay Flexible

In every project, time is the essence. The last thing any company would want is a long time in hiring skilled manpower.

Fortunately, that won’t be an issue when you hire dedicated offshore developers from India. Thanks to the well-oriented processes as the team are all set to counter emergency situations.

Fast deployment means high flexibility. Give the project the required push by hiring professionals.

  • You are Unable to Meet Deadlines

Always remember your business objectives. Hire a good team that will dedicatedly work on your projects to meet deadlines!

  • Your Team is Unable to Think About New Ideas

Your team is not able to see the bigger picture and now it fails to inspire or think outside the box. Work with those who will give ideas from another perspective.

Their fresh take on your business is valuable as the insights can propel your company to reach heights.

III. Pros of the Offshore Development Team:

  • Low labor and operational cost
  • It’s time to focus on core values
  • Improves service quality and delivery speed

IV. How to Go About It?

(a) Look for Professional Tech Partners

1. Define your broad needs

When you know your destination, you’ve already covered half your journey. Set your goals and it will be very easy to move ahead in the process. Have a clear picture of the idea about your project requirements & what individuals you will need.

Be open to the suggestions based on the present situation. There are additional optimizations you never thought about or your offshore development partner may have a stronger opinion than you initially anticipated.

When you are looking for prospective outsourcing providers, be very particular about what you expect from the relationship.

What will be the best skills suited as per your requirements? There are a few companies covering development, giving the business authority to the client-side.

Another offer more varied services that are way above software development. If you are a company looking forward to a complete solution inclusive of business analysts, project coordinators, designers, quality analysts and more.

Then the skill of the developers is an important factor in searching for the right technology partner.

2. Researchers

It is recommended to find potential providers who have a lot of grunt work. Well, creating personas certainly helps. Move a step further to understand the ideal software development company you are willing to work with.

You can do this with the help of the traditional method of researching like opting for online searchers or posting a question on Quora.

Every company looks for a dependable and reliable remote development team, so various recommendations do carry weight. After all, it is important that others praise your product and services.

Hop on Company Review Platforms:

Put credence in the former and already present client’s testimonials or reviews as these will clearly give you the best feedback.

3. Narrow Down your List

Narrow down your search list and make note of those firms that you want to get more in-depth with. This list should compromise of only 2-4 offshore development teams and the sustainability as per the criteria you have already defined.

If you are very serious about taking the right decision of choosing a reliable partner, you should have ample time to assess all of them.

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Don’t make a choice as per the prices. Although, money is an important aspect but remembers that going for a cheap route further leads to costly outcomes down the road.

Only by looking at the cost of the services they will be providing you cannot judge a company. A better way to gauge the metric is to work out the value for money the company will be able to deliver in the time-span.

There are certain factors that will enter the computation and in the next section will clearly discuss each of them in detail.

4. Visit your Team in Person or Go for Video Call

If they are near, it is recommended to give them a visit. At least two partners that you are more certain to work with. Meeting in person helps you with a more hands-on approach to evaluate these firms than depending on what you have read about them.

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Besides the premises and employees, it is also important to assess the location especially if you will be there on frequent visits.

If visiting the place is not in your reach, consider a few video calls with the management. Have a sneak peek at the office premises, working space and have a word with a few employees to get a better feel about the work culture.

Take references from the company whom you are planning to outsource your work and take feedback from the clients.

(b) Evaluate What Matters the Most

When you have already narrowed down your choices and set-up meetings as well, how to make sure which company is best for you? Here are a few criteria to consider while evaluating offshore development team:

1. Background Check

The first thing to know is how long has the company been in the industry and who is behind it?

The success of the offshore development process hinges a lot on mutual trust. Therefore, one should get a thorough understanding of the capability of the company.

The values and experiences of the owners radiate throughout the whole business every ear. If the same management team is running the company from past 10-12 years or so then hats off. The company has managed to survive in this cut-throat competitive work and has emerged as a winner.

This further depicts the level of commitment of the founders that they have for the business they started years ago.

Get a good grasp of the capabilities of the team across varied roles that are required for the project to run successfully. Never hesitate to ask them for references from previous clients who had a similar setup. The customers may also be able to provide you a good piece of advice regarding the long-term collaboration.

2. Who Should be on the Team?

If you are nodding in agreement with the above signs discussed, then you know what you have to do next. Extend your already existing team or begin from scratch by having a completely new team for the project.

3. Skills and Technologies your Offshore Team Should Possess!

When you are working with an offshore development team, they not only provide reliable remote team but full-time developers. You get potential help with the additional skills that may be required on an ad-hoc basis.

If you get the team, you can leverage these to get faster results with more efficiency.

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V. Conclusion

Outsourcing done right!

When you possess years of experience, there should be a clear understanding of the expectations. Clarify your intentions and examine your potential companies while analyzing the checklist so that you are better guided throughout the process.  

Do you know how your competitors knockout profitable products every month? And how they are able to get so much done in less time? By joining hands with the right partner, they develop a knowledgeable team that turns out to be cost-effective.

The post has shed lights on how offshore development works, the perspective and benefits of outsourcing. It is certainly the need of the hour if you want to do something really unique.

The strategies mentioned above are your playbook for offshore development success.

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