Node.Js Advantages – How custom Node.Js web application can benefit?

Node.Js is a server platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine. It is like an open-source environment especially for developing a variety of networking applications. Node.Js is written in JavaScript format. It also runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and even on OS X. It consists of a vast library of JavaScript in module form, which makes developing web applications simplified and easy.

How Custom Node.js Web Application can benefit

Some of the main features of Node.Js, which makes it the first choice among software architects or software technicians, are as follows;

  • Node.Js doesn’t buffer data; the applications output the data in bulks or chunks.
  • It had proper and authorized licensing. It is available under the MIT license.
  • The Node.Js library consisting of API’s are asynchronous, that is a non-blocking process. The server never waits for API to return data. It moves onto the next API after calling it, using a notification mechanism it gets information from the previous API. Therefore, it is asynchronous and highly event-driven.

Some companies that use services of Node.Js developers for custom Node.Js development include, GoDaddy, PayPal, Uber, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and eBay, to name a few.

Where to Use & Not Use Node.Js

Node.Js is a perfect tech partner for Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT), Single page applications, Data streaming applications, and JSON APIs based applications.

Advantages of Node.Js Web Application

Easy coding: Node.Js, helps web architects or web developers to code in web applications using JavaScript for both the client as well as the server. It makes it way easy and convenient for transferring data between the client and server making coordination very easy and simultaneous. Changing of data is also very easy. It shows up immediately on the web page which automatically updates and appears instantly on the client. It fulfills and satisfies all the needs for the development process offering the result as a scalable and a fast network.

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Hosting: Hosting has gained a lot of demand and importance among web developers for developing web applications. It has enabled Node deployments among PaaS service providers like Heroku and Modulus.

Productivity: Node.Js has drastically increased the effectiveness of the web development process. The main reason behind this is that all the Node.Js programs are developed using JavaScript, which in a way represents a gap between the front and back end are split separately. Therefore, nowadays wed developers are combining both the front and back end.

Community friendly: It is simply easy communication between the client and the server. Node.Js provides an open source community which delivers the best modules that in turn makes the Node.Js applications accessible to everyone.

Easy to learn: JavaScript is a most popular coding language, most of the web developers have a good hand over it. It is very easy for new beginners as well, which makes it much easier for them to handle the backend. Since it is easy to learn one need not invest a lot of time to work with it.

Highly extensible: Node.Js is considered highly extensible, owing to its property of being easily customizable as per requirements. One can also make use of JSON to need for exchanging data between client and a server.

Support from tools: many widely and commonly used tools support Node.Js. Say for example if one wants o find the source code of the application, one can find out using tools like Jasmin for the same.

High performance: Node.Js is said to have extensively high performance since it interprets and decodes the JavaScript using Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. It simply complies and converts the JavaScript into machine script.

Scalable: Node.Js is better when compared to other frameworks. But it is not a replacement for other technology. However, it can provide scalability and better quality performance which in turn suffices the purpose.

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Features of Node.Js

Node.Js, as mentioned earlier, is a library being a storehouse of 50,000 packages, which helps developers to create attractive and better solutions. It just makes easy for web developers to update, share or reuse codes.

Node.Js web applications encourage data streaming; they are used to the fullest especially for real-time audio and video recording. The best aspect of custom Node.Js development is that it does not consume much time to upload or process files. Since JavaScript is used to coding for both server and client-end, it enables a synchronized exchange of data between the web server and the client, both automatically and simultaneously which saves a lot of time from web developer’s end.

Using Node.Js coding especially from the back end is very much advantageous, owing to being better efficiency and overall developer productivity, for easy code sharing and reusing, better speed and performance, compatible with a huge number of commonly used tools. Node.Js also serves as an open marketplace, which ultimately plays an essential role in technological advancements.

Node.Js web applications are indeed a blessing for the web developers. The very trending chat applications which are currently ruling the market run of high speed, lightweight and high traffic model. Node.Js will help create such models which will require real-time applications which can function in any environment. The Node.Js applications can prove to be the savior for the IT market since they deal with powerful load web applications. They provide user-friendly end-to-end JavaScript experience thus providing a real-time experience. Node.Js web applications are very flexible since currently, they are present in both browser and web server. Node.Js is considered for a smooth migration to shift from server to browser or vice versa.

Node.Js has more advantages when compared to disadvantages. One best property about Node.Js is that it can be used from both back and front-end servers. It is gaining more demand among new web developers as well as professions web architects, owing to its versatility. Many organizations are adapting to Node.Js based application to reap the advantages mentioned above. It is extremely popular as an enterprise level software. Organizations like NASA and Capital One have already adopted Node.Js web applications. They can be extremely useful for Travel industry software’s which would require encoding, uploading and broadcasting of videos and audios, upload multiple large files and for data streaming. Above are the few reasons why this technology works best.

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