Node.Js Advantages – How custom Node.Js web application can benefit?

How Custom Node.js Web Application can benefit

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Node.Js is a server platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine. It is like an open-source environment, especially for developing a variety of networking applications. Node.Js is written in JavaScript format & runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and even on OS X.

This programming language consists of a vast library of JavaScript in module form, which makes developing web applications simplified and easy.

How Custom Node.js Web Application can benefit

Some of the main features, which makes Node.Js favorable for the software developers, are as follows:

  • Node.Js doesn’t buffer data; the applications output the data in bulks or chunks.
  • It has a proper & authorized licensing which is available under the MIT license.
  • The Node.Js library consists asynchronous API’s, that is a non-blocking process. The server never waits for API to return data. In fact, the server moves onto the next API after calling it. Using a notification mechanism the server gets information from the previous API. Therefore, it is asynchronous and highly event-driven.

Some companies that use services of Node.Js developers for custom Node.Js web application development include, GoDaddy, PayPal, Uber, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and eBay, to name a few.

Where to Use & Not Use Node.Js: Node.Js is a perfect tech partner for Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT), Single page applications, Data streaming applications, and applications based on JSON API’s.

Advantages of Node.Js Web Application:

1. Easy Coding:

Node.Js helps the software & web developers to code using JavaScript for both the client as well as the server. This makes it way easy & convenient for transferring data between the client and the server. In fact, it becomes easy to modify & change the data. Moreover, the change will instantly reflect on the client side. It satisfies the needs for the development process offering a scalable solution & fast network.

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2. Hosting:

Hosting has gained significant importance among the developers for developing web applications. It has enabled Node deployments among PaaS service providers like Heroku and Modulus.

3. Productivity:

Node.Js has drastically increased the effectiveness of the web development process. The main reason behind this is that Node.Js web application is developed using JavaScript. This represents the gap between the front and back-end. Therefore, nowadays web developers are combining both the front and back-end.

4. Community Friendly:

Node.Js makes the client & server co-ordination easy. Moreover, it provides an open source community which delivers the best modules that in turn makes the Node.Js applications accessible to everyone.

5. Easy to Learn:

JavaScript is the most popular coding language. It is very easy for beginners as well. So, to become a Node.Js developer, you just have to invest a couple of week’s time.

6. Highly Extensible:

Node.Js is considered highly extensible, owing to its property of being easy to customize as per requirements. One can also make use of JSON API to exchange data between the client and the server.

7. Support from Tools:

Node.Js supports most common tools used by the web or software developers. For example, if you want to find the source code of the application, you can do this using the tool like Jasmin.

8. High Performance:

Node.Js offers extensive high performance since it interprets & decodes the JavaScript using Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. It simply compiles and converts the JavaScript into machine script.

9. Scalable:

Node.Js is excellent when compared to other frameworks. It offers a scalable solution with the best quality and high performance, which in turn suffices the purpose to develop the application.

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Features of Node.Js:

As mentioned earlier, is a javascript library of 50,000 packages, which allows Node.Js developers to create engaging and reliable web applications. Furthermore, it makes easy for web developers to update, share or reuse codes.

  • Node.Js web application encourages data streaming; they are used to the fullest especially for real-time audio and video recording. In other words, the best aspect of custom Node.Js development is that it does not consume much time to upload or process files.
  • Since JavaScript is used to code both server and client-end, it enables a synchronized exchange of data between the web server and the client, both automatically and simultaneously which saves a lot of time from web developer’s end.
  • Not to mention, Node.Js also serves as an open marketplace, which ultimately plays an essential role in technological advancements. The trending chat applications developed using Node.Js are efficient, fast & handles a lot of traffic.
  • As a matter of fact, Node.Js applications offers a user-friendly, end-to-end JavaScript experience. Which makes this programming language ideal for real-time web applications. For these reasons, Node.Js is popular for developing enterprise level software.

Organizations like “NASA and Capital One” have already adopted Node.Js web application. Likewise, it can prove extremely useful for Travel industry software’s that require encoding, uploading and broadcasting of videos and audios, upload multiple large files and for data streaming.

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