India: The Biggest Node JS Talent Hub

In recent years, Node JS has emerged as a highly functional and pervasive technology in the IT market. Built on the JavaScript run time of Chrome for seamless and fast networking apps and server apps, Node JS has presented itself as a game changer with its open source and cross platform features. With its high speed, scalability, and usability, it has revolutionized the way real-time applications work. This is the reason that high-end companies like PayPal, LinkedIn, and Walmartetc. have implemented Node JS units in their IT space and are extracting its benefits big time. In fact, PayPal reported a doubled requests per second with an instant reduction of 30% in response time after incorporation of Node JS. Also, LinkedIn witnessed a 20X faster new system with Node JS.

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Moreover, while Node JS is disrupting the IT market, India has emerged as a Node JS talent hub. Over the years, Indian developers have mastered this technology and empowered businesses across the globe with its power-packed implementation. Isn’t it quite evident from the fact that 80% of US and European firms find India as the perfect destination for IT outsourcing? Furthermore, if we go by the statistics of Evans data project, it is believed that the developers in India will increase to a whopping 5.2 million from its current base of 2.75 million by 2018. In fact, it will exceed the number of US developers which shall stand at a figure of 4.5 million. So, wouldn’t it contribute further in India being a hub of high-end developers and world-class Node JS talent? Still on the fence? Well, we have got you covered. Take a look and find out why India is the preferred destination for Node JS talent.

Access to a hub of young IT professionals: Amidst the 1.252 billion of the Indian population, 3.1 million of young professionals become a part of the workforce every year. They are not only dedicated, hardworking and talented but, are also fluent in English who study each and every facet related to any technological advancements and easily get hold of the high-end technology like Node JS thereby giving the best of their services to clients.

High-end education system: India has benefited considerably through globalization and IT disruption. It paved new avenues for a whole new high-end education system with ample of technical institutes producing tech savvy and technically sound IT professionals. The state of the art infrastructure, global exposure, seamless technology have made Indian IT professionals master the development of Node JS and ensure the creation of a plethora of real-time apps that satisfy the global companies.

One stop solution for all Node JS developments: From the seamless data streaming, access to high-speed web apps to the instant solution of database queries and controlling sync issues, the Indian developers are a one stop solution for each and every Node JS related benefits leading to unmatched satisfaction of their client base.

Fully conversant with Node JS technology: Though Node JS is a high-end technology which is helping businesses scale with its rich features, it also a very complex and intricate technology which is hard to understand. However, the skills and expertise of Indian developers make this complex technology very simple, user-friendly and seamless.

Great support for non-technical clients: At times, there are clients who have little or no knowledge of the technical aspects and Node JS being a complex technology can be quite intriguing and difficult to incorporate in business. In this context, Indian developers and software agencies have a robust communication model to keep the clients in sync with the latest technological aspects and give them a deep insight regarding the project assigned and completed.

Cost savings while getting the best of Node JS benefits: Indian developers are not only well equipped with Node JS features which can make any project successful but, are also cost effective and efficient. Indian developers charge one-third of the price as compared to the charges of foreign developers. Hence, quality services at reasonable rates definitely make India the most trusted hub of the Node JS talent.

Top-notch confidentiality and high-end security: The high-end security provided by extensive NDA and IP protocol builds the trust of global clients on Indian developers and agencies and encourages them to hire more of the Indian talents.

With a user base of a huge 3.5 million along with a growth rate of 100%, Node JS has definitely emerged as a world-class platform. In fact, the powerful features of Node JS make it an ideal platform for developing high-end apps ranging from data streaming apps, gaming apps, real time tracking apps etc.

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