How To Hire React JS Developers

How To Hire React JS Developers

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Are you looking for a React JS Developer for your next project? If yes, finding the right developer who can stick to your demands can be challenging. So, before hiring a developer, you must look for industry experts, skills, and technical experts. This article will tell you how you can hire React Js developers and everything about it: 

An Introduction to React JS

React is an open-source JavaScript library used by developers for building UI. Developers use it to fix the issues of web pages and build a single-page apps. Some of the popular tech giants who use React Js are Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Codeacademy, etc. 

If stats are to be believed, there are over 9,600,000+ live websites, and around 10,234 companies use React. The primary reason for this is its popularity, ease of use, flexibility, convenience, fast rendering, and the possibility of creating a user-friendly interface. Additionally, React is the 6th most demanding framework in the JS library and is the most preferred, popular, and standard web framework.  

So, before hiring a react developer, you must access proper technical analysis and other aspects. So, let’s dive into the key responsibilities of a react developer: 

Responsibilities of a React Developer? 

Before you decide to hire a React developer, you must look at the primary responsibilities of a ReactJs developer. A professional developer can: 

  • Create the UI components utilizing the ReactJS toolkit. 
  • Build quality UI code for mock designs and wireframes
  • Check the code continuously to increase the app performance
  • Handle the app’s state and functional libraries to create API calls 
  • Write modern, up-to-a-point, and expensive code using CSS-pre-processors like Stylesheet, JavaScript features, SaaS, and LESS. 
  • Undergo the QA process, including end-to-end testing, unit testing, and integration. 

Necessary Skills to Consider While Hiring React JS Developers

With the popularity of ReactJs, companies and businesses expect a lot from developers. So, you must seek developers who have the necessary skills to adhere to the specific duties and responsibilities of the jobs. Here are a few skills you must look into before having a React Developer

Javascript and EcmaScript

ReactJs developers should know Js features, functions, and syntax. They should have experience in DOM, JavaScript Scopes, ES6, Event bubbling, and hoisting. A detailed understanding of the Ecma script is important to creating React applications. 

Technical Expertise

Developers should have a good technical understanding of JSON, Advanced HTML, Scsslint, ESLint, HTML, and Rest API. They must use the core components of React, like JSX, Component Lifecycle, hooks, class, functional components, etc. The experts should be familiar with Zoho, Jira, Jenkins, etc. 

Frameworks and Testing tools

React Js developers should be familiar with the unit testing frameworks and technologies like Sinon, Tape, Jest, Mocha, etc. They should have a good command of the frameworks and end-to-end testing tools like Cypress, CucumberJs, Selenium, NightwatchJs, puppeteer, and more. Moreover, a good knowledge of React frameworks and Libraries would be an added advantage. 

Multiple Technologies

Choose a developer who has a good command of multiple technologies and is compatible with the Mern Stack. They should also know about the Mern stack to deal with the issue of server loading time and JS application and manage several development requests. 

Version Control Systems

 You must look for a professional React developer who is proficient in dealing with VCS like SVN, Firebase, TFS, Hit, Mercurial, etc. From them, Git is more popular for storing projects on the hosting platform, including GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.

Additionally, hiring developers should be skilled in the VCS to compare the old-new code and reduce possible errors and current. 

Js Build Tools

You must look for React Js front-end developers who are well-versed in various JS tools, React developer tools, and Redux DevTools. They should be experienced in maximizing the React Library and dealing with the new build tools like npm, Webpack, Yarn, and Visual Studio Code. 

React Basics and Styling Methods

Your professional developer should know about Creating React apps and their applications. They should be experts in technologies like Babel, JSX, NextJs, etc. 

Furthermore, they must know everything about CSS technologies like LESS, SASS, SCSS, and other pre-processors. Also, they should know technologies like CSS-in-JS and CSS frameworks like MaterialUI and Bootstrap) for styling React components. 

ReactJS Workflows 

ReactJS developers can easily manage projects and prioritize state management for their app performance optimization.

Moreover, they must know about popular libraries and structures of state management like Context API, React Native, Axios, React Router, Redux, MobX, etc. Their knowledge about new progress like React hooks can be an added benefit.

Sprint Planning

When hiring React developers, make sure that they are able to plan workflow and tasks to finish them on the said deadline. In other words, you must hire developers.

Workflows or tasks and finish them within the desired deadline. In short, you should hire React developers who are experts in sprint planning. They must be capable of dealing with task management tools to track and share the advancement of your project sprints.

Flexible Learning Curve

React features exceptional community support. It is one of the finest libraries for web development, which undergoes enormous changes and progresses every day. Therefore, the developers must be able to learn technology updates and changes when required.

Apart from these skills, you should consider interpersonal skills, such as acceptance of failure, efficient communication, teamwork, change management, creative thinking, and exposure to constructive feedback.

How to Hire the Best React Developers?

Finding the best React developers for handling your projects can be challenging. It would help if you considered some essential factors while choosing the best-fit one. 

1. Think of Your Goals and Requirements

One of the most important steps is deciding your project’s needs and requirements. So, consider them and discuss them with your react developers. Also, think if you want to outsource the React team or want to make an in-house team. 

2. Shortlist the Developers

Once deciding the goals, you should focus on deciding on the best React Js company by checking their portfolio. Make sure you shortlist the company that adheres to your required skills and goals. 

3. Ask For Portfolios

A portfolio helps show the past projects and testimonials that the company has finished. It also helps in hiring the company or looking for other alternatives. Make sure that the profiles are genuine and cross-verify everything. 

4. Discuss your Project Goals

Discuss the project goals with your chosen company and know what strategies they use to execute them. You can discuss it over the phone or can do an in-person meeting to discuss the project goals. 

5. Analyze The Technical Skill

Access the technical skills before hiring for the technical skillset. This will help you gauge whether the company has enough expertise and technical knowledge to complete the project. 

6. Think of The Time Zones

If you hire developers from different time zones, keep in mind that you have clarity about the time zones. For easy workflow and seamless work, know about the developer time zones and then schedule the meeting accordingly. 

7. Flexible Engagement Models

Make sure that your organization is flexible to change the engagement model as per your business needs. While a few organizations need an experiential method, some depend upon the coders’ experience. 

8. Hire Trusted Companies

Make sure to hire organizations that use better tools for the company. Some organizations offer full-stack services, while others offer particular services as per their skill set. 

9. Check Pricing Options

Make sure to review their pricing and compare the proposals. Take their quotations and compare prices. This will help you choose the one that adheres to your budget. 

10. Choose A Payment Model

Choosing the payment model would help you decide the budget and create a roadmap for future endeavours. You can hire professional ReactNative developers full-time or hourly. 

How Outsourcing Your React Project to YTII Can Help?

Outsourcing companies like YTII can help you meet your requirements for hiring ReactJs developers. We can be the best option to serve your complex React development needs. Here’s how we can help: 

Flexibility: We can adhere to your requirements, are flexible, and employ developers to meet your needs. You can share your work with our team to create high-end applications. 

Affordability: When you hire React developers from us, you make an affordable environment for your software development cycle. We also eliminate the risk and overhead costs associated with hiring the right developers. 

Security: Outsourcing means protecting your business data and ensuring that you follow the industry-accepted security standards that back your data. The YTII offshore team will sign an NDA to avoid any data leaks and IP plagiarism and ensure information security and sanctity.

Quality Delivery: Teaming up with an outsourcing company like YTII will help you get quality products and reduce the lead time. Our professional team does not compromise on product values and ensures on-time delivery. 

Transparency:  You can record your progress at any time from anywhere. We ensure complete transparency. 


ReactJS offers many advantages, including easy coding, maintenance across the SDLC, enhanced productivity, and quick rendering of robust products. You should hire a reliable React development company for your business to enjoy all these benefits. With a suitable organization, you can build a high-performing product.

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