How to Hire Dedicated Remote Developers for Your Coding Needs?

The evolution of technology is a crucial aspect of the modern organization. Notably, this evolution has led to facilitating the ability of organizations to expand.

Today, there are innumerable individuals across the globe having the ability to work in a wide range of projects. In view of the increasing demand for developing web & mobile applications in a cost-effective manner, companies prefer to work with remote developers.

To develop software, website or mobile applications, dedicated developers are a must. But it’s not an easy task to afford them, facilitate them with emerging technologies and meet their demands on salary and other aspects.

That’s when it becomes economical to hire remote developers. However, searching for a proficient remote development team is a complex task itself & requires a lot of patience.

Thankfully, there are certain steps to follow that can help you discover hidden gems that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Choosing the right individuals not only means acquiring talented applicants but also choosing the people who will understand your business objective and strive hard to fulfill it.

Indeed, choosing the best remote companies is a well-thought process that takes time, skill and planning. To clarify, this comprehensive guide will give you the hiring process of remote employees from tip to toe.

How to hire a dedicated remote developer for your coding needs

“Acquiring the right talent is the key to success.” -Marc Benioff

Here is What We are Going to Cover:

1. How to prepare yourself to hire a developer?
2. What skills does your dedicated development team possess?
3. Which platforms help you find the skilled developers?
4. How to narrow down your search for top remote developers?
5. How to Effectively Manage Your Remote Development Team in 2019?

1. How to Prepare Yourself to Hire a Developer?

How to prepare yourself for hiring a developer?

The hiring process begins way before you post a job. In order to captivate skilled & dedicated developers, you have to ensure if your company actually needs a remote employee?

Sometimes a few companies fail to get quality developers and the problem lies within the planning process.

Ask Yourself these Questions to Resolve this Issue:
  • Spend some time to plan out your requirements.
  • Can your in-house team do the needful?
  • What will be your benefit to work with remote developers?
  • What perks and package will you pay?
  • Outline the projects/tasks for your remote team.
  • Plan the work schedule for your developers.
  • What are the ways to measure the success of the hiring?

Question all of these to yourself and find answers to make sure why you actually need to hire a developer. Chances are that your company is ready for working with a remote development team but you might be still dragging your feet feeling how it will affect your business.

Fret not, you will be reaping the rewards.

2. What Skills does Your Dedicated Development Team Possess?

What skills does a dedicated remote developer possess?

Now that you are convinced that you will hire remote developers, look for the soft characteristics that they should have.

Note: Remember that a good remote developer has a different skill set and qualities compared to an in-house developer. In other words, you should be able to differentiate between both. So as to get the high-quality work consistently, evaluate them on the below-mentioned points:

(a) Are they confident communicators?

A proactive developer is someone who is always ready to take charge. Good teams are always coupled with confident communicators who give crystal clear expectations to their project managers.

Because of the different time zones and also the language barriers, it is important that everyone understand one another.

If you feel you are hiring someone who is too eager to please but is not confident in fulfilling your expectations, move on to the next person.

(b) Can they take charge?

You will find many developers who will sit idle waiting for your instructions and tasks. At the same time, a motivated developer takes charge of his own and finds ways to add value to your project. Are they able to address multiple issues without constant promoting?

(c)  Do you feel they are selfless?

By all means, selflessness leads to knowledge sharing. In the office scenario, it is quite easy to achieve it because there are opportunities to lean over. Thus, look for those who are active contributors.

(d)  Can they meet deadlines and stick to timelines?

In the long run, project scoping makes sure that everyone plans their time. Evaluate if they are confident in meeting deadlines and complete the project before time.

After all, finding remote developers is not that challenging. But the difficult part is knowing if they will truly execute your plans.

Obviously, the best developers will have all of the qualities. While they look simple but it is daunting to evaluate these characteristics during the interview process. Henceforth, we will be discussing which platforms will help you find quality developers.

The time spent on hiring is the time well spent – Robert Half

3. Which Platforms Help you Find Skilled Developers?

Which platforms help you find quality remote developers?

One of the things that draw a lot of remote developers is the potential for flexibility. These developers are free from geographical barriers.

Having required skills is one part of the equation but if you are planning to focus on finding long-term relationships, you have to very careful about which hiring platforms you choose.

Top hiring platforms:

1. Flexjobs
2. Your Team In India
3. RemoteOK

Generally speaking, these recruitment platforms help you in finding highly-skilled applicants that are ever ready to face challenges.

One of the most popular hiring platform for searching remote developers. This site is geared toward candidates looking for a flexible job. To sum up, brands like Uber, Apple, and Amazon hire their staff from this job site. The website is currently listing more than 33000 jobs across 50 different categories.

Your Team In India:
Your Team in India is an offshore development center based in India, which helps other IT companies to set up their team of remote developers in India. They believe transparency and collaborative approach while offering comprehensive IT solutions.

All in all, you can hire remote developers at flexible hiring models on hourly or full time (dedicated/monthly) basis from the trial.

(a) Your Team in India connects you with the best Android, iPhone app developers, custom app/web development, designing & integration developers that deliver exceptional results.

(b) Being an ODC, Your Team in India also work as on-demand hiring platform to allocate professionals for your project dedicatedly as per your demands.

Having more than 40000 remote workers a month, RemoteOK focusses in remote job board leading to development positions. The perks offered by companies are quite good and the developers you will find are knowledgeable.

Thanks to the Internet that connects you with talented people across the globe. Other platforms include, Nodesk, Landing.Jobs, Jobspresso, Remotive and Let’s Work Remotely.

4. How to Narrow Down your Search for Top Remote Developers?

How to narrow down your search for top remote developers?

The preparation for the interview equips you with plenty of questions that helps you to evaluate the candidate better. Most interviews are conducted over Skype or Google Hangout.

In the first place, it helps you ensure that the applicant has enough time to communicate and understand your objectives. During the hiring process, be smart as it saves time and doesn’t waste your energy in the long run. Analyze if the candidates are perfect for your company in terms of professional and technical abilities and then you will be good to go.

Also, send them emails well-in-time regarding the complete interview process. Likewise, ask them if they have any questions regarding anything. Moreover, know their strengths, weaknesses, time-management skills, team building skills, and their previous work relationships.

Testing coding skills:

This one is the real test. Fix a time limit and see how good they are at completing the codes. You will know how the individual will tackle the problem. Also,

  • Go for background verification
  • Check technical knowledge
  • And overall personality
  • After this, go through your checklist and rank the candidate.

Don’t overlook these diamonds in the rough, until you have thoroughly evaluated the individual’s potential. As a matter of fact, look out for a testing center of excellence to make your project a success.

“You can’t teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them.” -Arte Nathan

5. How to Effectively Manage Your Remote Development Team in 2019?

When you have finally hired them, have you ever thought how will you manage them? How will you ensure they understand their responsibilities? Are they working on their assigned tasks? Are they motivated enough?

These questions may pop up your mind every now and then so make sure you are successfully managing them.

Remote developers offer ultimate scenarios but don’t feel that you can’t have any control over them. Here is what you should do to handle a remote development team from anywhere in the world:

  • Set clear expectations
  • Take out time for discussions
  • Schedule video training from time to time
  • Have long one on ones
  • Filter your missions
  • Aim on goals and their productivity
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Establish close bonds

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” -Stephen R. Covey

If at any point you feel, things are not falling in place, don’t quit. Get back to the drawing board and start from the beginning. This will certainly hit the nail on the head. In fact, you will get a significant advantage over your competitors if you follow the aforementioned points.

Wish you all the best for your business growth!

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