Mobile App Development: Flutter setting a new trend in 2024 (Updated)

Mobile App Development: Flutter setting a new trend in 2023 (Updated)

This is 2022 and the development trends are inclusive of an environment where web, desktop, and mobile app development is preferred from a single code base.

Due to professional features and a diverse range of benefits Flutter is a relatively new platform. It manages to make a strong position as it is backed by Google for global dominance. 

This blog will clearly uncover the significance of Flutter and why the language has become the development trend of 2022:

What Makes Flutter a Reliable Development Platform?

a) Backed by a Big Google Gun

Technology has to have a credibility factor which is why Flutter is a serious SDK.

Having a cloud computing solution, Flutter is Google’s UI Kit that helps in creating a comprehensive native application.

This works for mobile, web, and desktop from a single code environment.

There are several options available for native app development like Java, Swift, and Kotlin. However, Google promises to give an enhanced user experience via Flutter.

This clearly means, higher the number of Flutter mobile app developers, high is the Flutter app development demand. So, the relationship is directly proportional. 

In addition to this, the Flutter developer community is on a rise since last year. More Flutter programmers learning the language contribute to the growth of the community.

They have established a pool of resources for learning via documentation sources and the exchange of thoughts. 

The Stack Overflow Graph clearly indicates the rise of Flutter Development when compared to React Native.

This has a lot to do with the support given by Google. The giant has developed a technology that it knew will be embraced by the programmers as well as companies both alike. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

b) Flutter is Definitely Fast

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Let’s enter the technical details regarding Flutter. There are a lot of challenges that developers face regarding learning a language. Check some pros and cons here.

The issue with the lack of standardization ad features is the reason that makes the language less popular.

But Dart is designed for Flutter and tuned for higher optimization of the user interface.

The syntax is clean and simple making it powerful to create application architecture with standardization, ease of maintenance, and coding.

In fact, Dart syntax is quite similar to C# and TypeScript. This is good as Flutter programmers don’t have to learn something new and can build their existing knowledge by gaining command over Dart.

The best thing is the rising developer’s community and documentation help in getting hands-on expertise on Dart language. 

Must-know facts about Flutter:

  • Flutter apps are divided into native binaries that are based on graphics and rendering engines built-in C/C++. As a result of which, it produces a fast and high-performing app.
  • Flutter apps have the ability to get a steady 60fps speed on most of the devices and an incredible 120 fps on the ones supporting it. 
  • The Flutter developer community has high-performance compilation and different code efficiency factors as the primary contributors. These are the reasons why Flutter holds prominence and popularity in the field of mobile app development.

Hire Flutter app developer

c) Ideal Platform for MVP

A Minimal Viable Product is one of the best approaches to validate a business idea. It gives an upper hand in preventing failures as you get customer feedback and their needs. 

Flutter app development is all about the quick turnaround time. Since it has a unique framework, it helps in developing a platform-independent app that is compatible with the web, desktop, and mobile.

It is easy to pre-plan and fix a release of the Flutter app across the platforms in a single go. 

Having high speed, there is an ease of integration and flexibility of the user interface. With Flexible UI, Flutter is the best choice to create a mobile MVP.

Imagine the competitive advantage that you can gain while competing with a competitor by releasing your app on multiple platforms.

MVPs have a lot of scopes especially when it comes to time and cost constraints which are crucial for business.

There are apps that work on different platforms with minimum features. What can be better than this? All these factors are favorable for Minimum Viable Product i.e MVP.

You can hire mobile developers from an offshore company for your project as it will give you a budget-friendly solution. All Flutter apps are high-performing that can be made via widgets.

Finally, a high-end experience can be given to consumers via Flutter mobile development.  All the credits go to the diverse range of plug-ins and widgets. 

Compatibility with Web & Desktop 

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a) Flutter Web

Right now, one of the most hyped features of Flutter is that it has gone beyond mobile. It has entered the web world.

With the help of standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the apps built-in Flutter can comply and run in modern browsers. 

The same code base that is required to build Android and iOs apps also helps in creating Flutter web applications.

The mobile UIs for mobile is for large screens as there are different browsers on a desktop or laptop.

Many widgets help Flutter to make this possible and responsive. LayoutBuilder widget builder function has box constraints. The constraints are used to decide if the UI has to be shown or not. 

With the help of the media query method in-built functions, You can know the device size. Therefore, the mobile app adjusts for the Web. 

b) Flutter for Desktop (macOS Alpha)

 macOS Flutter is in the alpha stage. This clearly means that the Flutter team will not stop with web support.

Right now, there are a handful of plug-ins available for macOS support. So, there are a lot of considerations as an option for development. But, it is quite stable. 

c) Flutter’s Multi-Platform Portability

What next you have to check? Well, it is cross-platform compatibility of the framework.

You always look for a platform that is fast-growing in this industry. But before that, you have to ensure that the app smoothly runs on a different platform in order to reach a broader market.

With the launch of HummingBird on 7th May 2019, Google added web support to Flutter mobile apps that have a web view.

This helps in loading and displaying the content dynamically without rewriting the content.

Why Flutter is the Development Trend of 2022?

a) Same User Interface and Business logic in all platform

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The first advantage of Flutter is the common User Interface pattern via reusable widgets. It then eliminates the individual set of UI properties which includes colors, styling, etc.

UI can be adjusted by editing the code for the iOS and Android Flutter app.

b) High App Responsiveness

Flutter apps have the ability to run on any platform without any change in the code and preservation of outstanding design on platforms.

Flutter app development has moved forward from mobile thereby opening new opportunities for the web as well as desktop today. 

c) Saves Time 

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Having the Flutter hot reload feature, you can save time on deployment. The modern framework application doesn’t require the user to spend any time on deployment like in regular programming.

Applying all the changes immediately without losing any application state.

Building UI, fixing bugs and adding new features without compromising on speed, quality decreases Quality assessment effort. This is a good reason why they consider flutter. 

d) Similar to Native App Performance

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Flutter is written in Dart that eliminates JavaScript Bridge while compling to native machine code. This compiles and releases an application way faster than you do with React Native.

e) Custom and Animated UI of any Complexity Available

Having various widgets, a complex UI is built that looks similar on different versions of operating systems.

Having handy animation via large libraries, easily implements with Flutter animation support.

After this, your app will look polished and smooth. And everything on the customize screen changes. 

f) Markets the app in Real-time

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In today’s era, technology is rapidly evolving and there is an opportunity every day. So, it is important to stay updated according to the ongoing trend.

Flutter mobile app development companies can access a complete range of pre-designed tools, libraries, and a single codebase approach to create a cross-platform app. Here are the significant benefits to consider:

  • It reduces the app development time.
  • It eliminates the risk of having bugs and can be fixed instantly.

g) Supported by Android and VS Code

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Flutter is available on different IDEs. Two main code editors are Android Studio (IntelliJ0 and VS Code. Android Studio is complete software.

The user can download Flutter and dart plug-in, to begin in integration. VS code is a lightweight tool where everything is configurable via plug-in from the marketplace. 

h) Libraries and Documentation

Despite being new in the market, Flutter has plenty of markets that make it possible to achieve any level of functionality in the app.

Since Google is supporting Flutter so vigorously, hiring Flutter app developers for creating an app is now a new trend.

You can prepare excellent detailed documentation with every feature functionality and then practice documentation details to board it swiftly.

i) Widget Fabrication

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Before you hire Android app developers or iOS developers, ensure that you know what the recruitment steps are.

In order to build a user experience, the application Flutter combines to form digital transformation and experience for the user.

Widgets are also made by users according to the needs and it is saving for the future as well. 

Tools & Widgets Making Flutter Platform Unique

Introduced in 2017, and declared as stable for production in December of 2018, Flutter has become the faster-growing mobile app platform according to GitHub's 2019 State of the October report

Although still a young development tool, there are many things that you should keep an eye on this year. 

a) State Management

Flutter’s State Management creates a lot of dust. The official team of Flutter encourages us to look for the best solution or choose the one from the community package. 

b) setState

Easy to understand and difficult to maintain. With the help of setState, Flutter Framework gets notifies the internal changing state.

This schedules a Widget build method rebuilds the UI and reflects the new state. 

c) InheritedWidget

Used for propagating information down the widget tree, InheritedWidget is the parent widget developed as a class with data fields used later.

This widget has a static method that allows all the children in the tree to access the data.

It also provides a function that notifies Flutter if the widget is for data inheritance that should be rebuilt. 

d) ScopedModel

In the general approach, the library has three main classes. The model will store all the shareable data and will extend the class.

In this class, any function that makes a change in the data has a notified listener function. It will notify the widget tree about the changing model. The widgets linking to the model are rebuilt too. 

To make the model accessible in the widget hierarchy, ScopeModel has a custom widget. With the help of the ScopedModelDescendant, the widget is the nearest model. 

e) Provider

Using ChangeNotifier this ChangeNotifierProvider the consumer classes are provided by Flutter.

The methods of changing data call the notify Listeners method while informing the UI changing data.

ChangeNotifierProvider is actually a widget that makes instances accessible by calling the create method.

The variable change anytime and this NotifyListener alarms the Consumer by triggering the builder method. 

f) Redux

Redux implementation in Dart is reliable on the ScopedModel. One of the most common approaches in web development, Redux for Flutter provides coders a proven concept in state management.

The state is in one class that has the ability to change by action dispatch within the app. Changing the state further rebuilds the widget. 

g) MobX

There is another approach that is implementing in the Dart language. The concept under which MobX for Dar works consists of Observables, Actions, and Reactions. Observables are changing data.

Reactions get notifications on track. According to the reaction, there is:

  • A reaction that has the ability to run immediately on any change in passed observability. 
  • When the passed observable is changed.
  • A reaction when the passed statement with required observability is an async version of the statement that is true. 


Google’s Flutter is basically a game-changer in the cross-platform development world.

It has a lot of potential for companies that work on different platforms with a quick turnaround and go-to-market aspects. 

Flutter is the perfect choice for your business if you are looking forward to targeting potential customers on both platforms.

The cost-effective Flutter feature helps it in making it a reliable choice. Companies having budget constraints can certainly look ahead to grow with this platform in order to conquer the needs of the future market. 

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