Top Reasons to Work with an Offshore Development Center (ODC) rather than Freelancers!

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Choosing the right professionals for outsourcing IT services certainly holds the crux of any business project.

While freelancers offer budget-friendly solutions, offshore development centers(ODC) have an extensive pool of experienced professionals & capable to handle large scale projects.

Statista has interviewed senior managers and CEOS to know what factors they consider while outsourcing the project. And here’s the result!


Statista Survey

Keeping the above considerations in mind, let’s discuss how the offshore development center (ODC) in India is better and why:

1. Scalability & Reliability

There are many factors to consider about the reliability of the services, but it is not only limited to the ability to handle projects. It also deals with managing from ideation to deployment, deadline-constraint, specialize in different non-mainstream technologies.

Offshore Development Team:

When a company handles the project, it takes charge of the overall cycle of development. Starting from wireframing to product development and post-deployment support, your offshore development center (ODC) will take care of everything. This depicts that you can manage even a complex project efficiently.

Ensure signing an NDA with your offshore development team, that will include the clause to protect confidential information, knowledge and material that two parties share.


It becomes quite challenging for the freelancers to deal with all development phases because of the non-versatile skill set. That’s why it’s suitable to work with a dedicated team. In fact, freelancers often refuse to sign any agreement or contract & doesn’t take the guarantee of the work delivered.

Take away: Considering dedicated offshore developers is a good idea as they will keep you updated about the project status.

2. Overall Development Cost

Overall Development Cost
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The stats from Statista report states that CEOs or managers of the company consider cost as the 2nd most important aspect while outsourcing.

Offshore Development Team:

When an offshore development center (ODC) handles the project, the bearing cost for every expert is involved. You have to pay the cost for prototyping, designing team, development team, quality analysts, and other professionals (project managers).

The overall cost will be higher than the freelancers but the quality will be optimum.  While finalizing the team, focus on project scalability, the precision of elements, and regular reporting above the cost factor.


In the case of working with freelancers, the development cost is lesser in comparison to the offshore team. But you have to remember that quality comes at a cost.

Take away: Prioritize the tasks and decide the project development cycle so that your offshore team is streamlined accordingly. The overall cost of offshore developers may be a bit more, but the quality is way far impressive.

3. Understanding the Business:

When you plan to hire developers, ensure that your offshore partner or freelancer understand your business model.

Suppose, if you deal in the healthcare business, the freelancer or the firm you are outsourcing the project, should have prior experience and proficiency working with similar industries. They should be familiar with industry standards.

Offshore Development Team:

When you look for offshore services to hire a developer, you get the advantage of your domain being used wisely. Since an agency or a company has experience working with different domains, it is very easy for them to understand the requirements.


It is challenging for the freelancers as they might not grasp your business model that easily and clearly.

Take away: While outsourcing development work, the clear picture of requirements is a priority. This can be handled professionally only when you hire offshore developers from a company/agency. So, if you have a unique project in hand, it is always a good idea to go with a company that has conversance with your business.

4. Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions
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Developers aim at turning your ideas into reality. For this, following agile methodology is best, as it gives space to experiment and implement ideas at various phases of project development for the betterment of the throughput.

Offshore Development Team:

In offshore outsourcing, the team of experts usually follows the agile methodology & well aware of the process to make a project successful. They have enough experience and understand the requirements to make your project successful.


When you hire freelancers, it becomes difficult to experiment as they have a rigid model for project execution. They are open for improvement once or twice and that too, when your project is ready for wind up.

Take away: While freelancers only dedicate a predefined time to your project, they may have other projects to work on. Whereas an offshore development center (ODC) has dedicated offshore developers that are specifically assigned to your project.

Will you Outsource Project to an Offshore Development Center (ODC) or Freelancers?

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If you are looking for something that will provide you with the highest amount of satisfaction, consider the services of an offshore development center (ODC). It will give an edge over your competitors & invest in long term growth when you have a reliable team by your side.

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