Best Practices to Hire Offshore Java Programmers

In the digital expansion era, establishing and maintaining a powerful business presence with the help of the latest technology is a challenging task in itself.

However, developing apps and software requires accurate implementation of skills and in-depth knowledge from the best of developers. So, it is important to hire passionate Java Programmers from India to get the best results.

The major question that now arises is where to hire java developers? Whether they will be offshore java programmers or you will be hiring them locally?

As the talent pool of developers are across the globe, it is beneficial to hire skilled developers from different countries and make them work for you remotely. Here are some best practices to hire an offshore java developer:

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1. Understand Your Requirement

The priority task should be defining the requirements. This is the must-do thing before you hire a offshore Java programmer/developer.

They should be based on your business objectives and how your solution/product will address those objectives and customer requirements.

Pay heed to the following mentioned considerations:

  • What is the main objective of the application?
  • Will the users be benefited with the solution/product?
  • What will be the monetization model?
  • What is the long-term vision of the product?

Once the aforementioned aspects are crystal clear to you, go ahead to consider the technical requirements and dependencies. This helps in hiring a dedicated Java developer based on your business needs.

2. Look for Talent & Longevity

Testing the skills of the candidates is a daunting task but is something you should always consider. Interview them in a way that you determine if their basics are clear.

Look for someone who wants to make a big impact with their work. They should have passion regarding what they are into. This leads to long term relationship with them as well.

The same people working on the project have incredible knowledge about the project over the years and they always come out with creative strategies or solutions to captivate customers.

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Having relevant experience for minimum 3-4 years is very important. Prepare tests to determine how talented they are. What do they respond when they are put into on spot situation.

Talented professionals always help in expanding a business. This is for the betterment of the company and also the customers.

3. Know the Expertise of Shortlisted Offshore Java Programmers

Java developers play a significant role in the software engineering landscape as they have a diverse range of skills which gives them the opportunity to solve problems that your business maybe faces.

If you are planning to build an offshore development team from India, precisely tailored for your specific needs, then go ahead and hire professional Java app developers having specialization.

Before committing completely, it is important to figure out the required skill set.

If you already have a functional development team in your office then you will have a clear vision of the missing link from the development chain.

But if you are trying to build the team from scratch, formulating a plan should be your priority.

That said, when the business kick-starts with the hiring process, only the CV’s won’t matter but also what matters is their skill-set which you may have to dig deep down under.

After you are done with the completion of the first scouting mission, you will have all the required information that you required to hire the Java programmers.

However, if you are still looking for a spark or something out of the box from the professionals, exploring their coding proficiency is the one thing that you need.

GitHub is one of the best platforms that help you discover the coding level of Java developers by viewing the repositories hosting their code. This helps in taking a concrete decision.

During the process, ask them a few questions like “triage a bug, find the root cause of the issue and look for the relevant solution.

Command over coding

The software industry is acting as an incubator for burgeoning talent, so in this competitive marketplace, you will never have the scarcity of talent.

Having knowledge of key software is also important that are important during the development including:

  • Source control: Git
  • Build automation: Maven
  • Continuous integration/development tools such as Jenkins
  • Agile/Project Management/Bug Tracking tools such as Jira, Bugzilla
  • Great communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • A solution-oriented approach

If there is someone who can demonstrate experience with the aforementioned, get them signed right away. But don’t forget to test their coding ability or involved them in a hackathon.

So, whenever you are in search of a new member for your team, look for a developer that ticks all the boxes related to the coding ability.

If you feel, they is someone who will stand out of the crowd, then he will certainly play a significant role in helping your business grow.

So make sure to get connected with a reliable Java developer who is willing to provide result-driven, industry-specific Java development services.

4. Who is the Right Fit for your Organization’s Culture?

During the process, make sure the applicant has an attitude that fits with your company ethos. Start raising red flags if you feel at any point that the individual will not understand the culture of your organization.

Never go for someone who wears multiple hats. If you feel you need more than one developer to complete the project, either go for someone who can perform all the required task or hire two developers instead.

This helps in forging the beginning of a long-term relationship leading to permanent hire, down the line.

5. Analyze Core Java & Problem-Solving Skills


Bear in mind, you are hiring offshore dedicated Java developers for development and also explore their core Java skill set and how good they are in problem-solving should be the priority.

Creating, deploying and managing code effectively is a must-have skill. Look beyond their resumes and test their proficiency to discover true potential.

Always remember that there is a multitude of developers across different geographical locations in the world waiting eagerly for an opportunity to showcase their talent. So, hiring the right one is important.

Knowledge of working with the following is important:

  • Large scale business apps and websites
  • Design patterns
  • Multi-threading techniques
  • Javascript
  • CSS and HTML

Note: If you haven’t dug deep, you may discover they have only worked with one Java version so expanding your business objective won’t fit the bill.

6. Examine their Case Studies

Look for their portfolio and their development project samples. This will not only help you to get a better candidate but will also boost the developer’s confidence.

Also, it will determine the efficiency to create the project for clients.

Key takeaways

  • Before starting the hiring process, judiciously evaluate your requirement.
  • Pick someone who will fit well in your cultural environment.
  • Take rigorous interview, identify strength in the framework, latest technologies and know which software development methodology they follow.
  • Don’t believe claims, cross-check as well.

Continuous evolution and ever-changing user base make Java a language which is widespread across the development spectrum.

Having working knowledge about Java libraries and extended frameworks is important.

If the candidate has that, it shows not only have they taken out extra time to educate themselves but they have also made them all set for the wider business scenario.

Here is a checklist on hiring java developers which may help to choose a right java developer for your organization.

So, whenever your business plans to make the next level Java hire, make sure the skills fit well as this will allow a top hiring choice for growth and expansion.

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