Startling Facts about Remote IT Staffing

The Indian IT industry staffing pattern is the most speculated pattern and why not? It makes one of the largest and the most sought after markets. The staffing industry makes a house of options, from employment vacancies to placing applicants as per project requisites and supplying temporary workforce as theneed arises, it involves a lot more than what it actually seems to be. The industry is dynamic in such a way that the market size of this industry was INR 26, 655 crores back in 2014 and was reported to have increased by an impressive 35 percent in 2016. The growth in the years to come is reported to range between 10 to 15 percent year on year. The industry includes both Flexi staffing and permanent recruiting.


The Flexi recruitment sector accounts for about 75 percent of the industry while about 19 percent belongs to the permanent section. Indian remote staffing industry has one of the largest flexible staffing workforce numbers in the world, ranking right next to China.

With more and more companies embracing the concept of a remote workforce, it’s necessary to catch up on some startling revelations about remote IT staffing.

Recent studies came up with some really interesting facts about remote IT staffing. Here’s a glimpse of the revelations made about the IT world.

“In the next decade, more employees might want and work from home than operating from out of an office space“

Research conducted by PSFK, a provider of innovative insights for creative professionals revealed that by 2020, about 60 percent of the current tech force prefer developing codes and plans from the comforts of their home. This insight definitely got a lot many business persons thinking of the implications of such an option. The equipment the workforce will need, the most professionals and simplest way for managers and techies to connect, what technology will facilitate the connection and what changes will have to be made while recruiting a future set of staffers who will be able to manage the telecommuting. Perfecting the answers will take time and it also demands a bit of research and professional help from IT solution companies who are prepared to spearhead the program.

“Workers with flexible timings and shifts tend to be happier with their jobs”

This Forbes headline says it all: “You’re 87% More Likely to Love Your Job If You Work from Home.”
A research study conducted by Leadership IQ revealed that workers in the years to come would opt for a job that will help them opt for a job that will help them strike a balance between their work life as well as their personal life. Many Indian IT companies have understood the need for such a balance to get the best out of their employees and about 30 percent of the Indian IT companies have understood and developed such flexible shifts and timings and work from home programs to help their tech support work better and deliver quality while passing on the comfort of being at home. Most of the IT hosts have realized that telecommuting encourages employees to work at their most productive times rather than harnessing the traditional hours.

“A correlation between cost and planned tele-IT-staffing i.e. about 45 percent cost benefits”

Virtual staffing saves about 70 percent of the actual cost. This has been proved and accepted by many industrial units that Indian staffing industry has done a great deal at helping their clients cut costs and has helped achieve targets in a better manner. Many IT companies in India and their clients have given a positive streak to the tele-IT-staffing and the benefits attached to it. The cost benefits don’t just limit themselves to the Indian companies concerned. It extends its cost advantages to the outsourcing company as well. “If accepted by all, it can sum up to 35 to 45 percent cost benefits. We are planning to implement the plan soon,” says Anil Mehra, admin in charge of a tech solution company in Mumbai.

If the trend is supported by all, it might become the next big thing in the It industry. The growth perspective remains on a high note as always and most companies are going to take the plunge, thanks to the irresistible offering remote IT staffing in India has.

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