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Why Flutter

 Let us first talk about why we choose Flutter. Flutter is a Google open-source platform that allows developers to create natively compiled applications for mobile, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase. Flutter is a complete software development kit – rather than a framework or library, as is the case with other popular alternatives. 

 Flutter has gained a lot of traction among programmers all around the world. It combines aspects from cross-platform and native development models to allow developers to create robust apps in a short amount of time. Many organizations seek a Flutter app development company to develop applications that cater to many audiences. 

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 For small and large businesses, there are numerous advantages to employing Flutter for app development. Many mobile app development service providers use it as a popular cross-platform application development framework. 

 Details on Key factors 

All the development platforms have the same user interface and business logic. Flutter does not require any platform-specific UI components to render its UI. Flutter merely requires a canvas to draw on to display the application’s UI.

 1.Reduced Time to Market: 

 When you use Flutter, you can bypass complex and time-consuming processes in-app and mobile development. The bypassing makes the entire process faster, easier, and less stressful. You will create the Android and iOS versions in half the time that it would take otherwise.

 2.Performance of Native Apps is similar

 Flutter does not rely on any intermediate code representations or interpretations, unlike most cross-platform frameworks. The widgets take into all the platform differences such as navigation, icons, scrolling, and fonts. The Flutter application is written directly in machine code, removing any performance issues caused by the interpretation process.

 3.Implementation of Simple Platform-Specific Logic: 

Flutter makes it simple to communicate between platform-native code and Dart using platform channels. With a little extra effort on the native side, you can implement anything a native app can do on a Flutter app.

4. Flexible User Interface

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 Flutter lets you build and ship the features based on native end-user experiences. You will be able to do full customization to allow the pages and the apps to render faster with flexible designs. 

5. The Possibility of Going Beyond Mobile 

 You can do a lot more with Flutter than make mobile apps. Flutter for Web and Flutter Desktop Embeddings are now available. Even if a flutter mobile app is not entirely ready, a flutter developer can run the app on any browser or platform.

 Let us now talk about the technical factors from a user’s perspective to make Flutter a dependable platform to develop apps. As a developer or as a team manager, these are the macro reasons why you should seriously consider Flutter as the platform from a technology perspective.

 6.Backed by Google

 Flutter has a cloud computing solution. Flutter is a Google UI kit. The platform helps in creating an entirely native application that works for mobile, web, and desktop. The ability to work in multiple devices happens out of a single code base. Unlike other frameworks, Flutter has an enhanced user experience that comes as an advantage. 

 7.Dart support

 Google is working on a package that will allow Flutter programmers to leverage the cloud functionalities in Dart. The entire team is knowledgeable about the specific technologies both in the front end and the backend. The whole project uses one language. The project is likely to be more successful. The cloud functions in Dart also support server less solutions.

8.Growth of a large community 

Every platform has its pros and cons. However, one of the critical factors in the community. The flutter community is growing very fast. Lots of users and their comments are making it in the community. You will have a good team of developers in the community who will keep contributing to the growth of the platform and also responding to the user’s queries. Read our other post to check what features make flutter more adaptive.

 Features of Flutter:

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Now, let us look at a few features in Flutter that makes it attractive to the users

 1.Develop, Deploy and Manage change

 With Flutter, you will develop, deploy and manage change rather than using different platforms. You will work effectively on one platform and deploy the UI, the APIs, and track the bugs. 

2. Hot Reloading

 With Flutter, the developers can see the code changes almost in real-time. The developers will be able to make quick changes to the code base when they see the progress of the code side by side. 

 3.Automatic scrolling behavior

 Flutter has a feature called Automatic scrolling behavior with a better scrollbar that shows on the desktop. The scroll bar does not show up on the browser. This feature will help developers to continue with the development without having to worry about the scroll. 

 4.Minimalistic coding

 Flutter uses Dart as the programming language. Dart uses AOT and JIT compilation. The hot reload function as described above helps in spotting the progress side by side. The feature helps in the developers to limit the coding. Flutter allows you to save a lot of time and cost. 

5. Text handling capabilities

 The form factor was a big issue in mobile development—the look changes when the same content is viewed on multiple devices. The developers will be able to experience refactoring how the text is handled. 


 There are numerous reasons why Flutter should be your first choice when creating a new mobile app. It is swiftly gaining popularity due to its multiple advantages. Flutter isn’t just Google’s baby; it’s also a platform that’s swiftly displacing other frameworks and arming global companies and leaders with the best cross-platform mobile apps. 

 Flutter outperforms the competition. Flutter has proven to be an efficient, robust, and successful solution for mobile app development for startups, thanks to the solid Google-backed Firebase, an extensive range of customizable widgets, and pre-designed tools.

 Startups on a tight budget who want to expand and stand out in the marketplace by developing the most awesome cross-platform app should certainly choose feature-rich Flutter to meet the future market demands. Read our post to know why startups should choose flutter for app development.

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