Full stack developers Vs Specialized Developers. Which one is the best for your Business?

Full stack developers Vs Specialized Developers. Which one is the best for your Business?

Today's rapidly evolving digital landscape demands more software or app developers. But sometimes, choosing the right developer can take time and effort for businesses of all sizes. For example, should companies hire full-stack developers, who can handle all development needs, or should businesses hire developers specializing in one area?


Several entrepreneurs often demand more clarification on Full Stack vs. Specialized Developers. This is due to a need for more understanding of the difference between the two.

In simple terms, the main difference between full stack developers vs specialized developers is that a full-stack developer focuses on web application development and is usually more cost-effective than a specialized developer. Simply put, you'll pay less for hiring a full-stack vs. front-end developer or full-stack vs. backend developer.


Hence, many prominent enterprises and almost every startup prefer a Full-Stack Developer over a Specialized Developer. But in some cases, a specialized developer could be the right option.

To help you make the decision, we'll highlight the differences between full-stack and specialized developers through this blog post.

What is a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is a professional with suitable skills for both backend and frontend software development.

Many businesses tend to hire full-stack developers as such professionals can work in user-focused software development projects and can use their skills for various coding languages

Such developers is also experienced in several languages and programming skills as mentioned below:

  • Front-end development using the frameworks like Vue.js, Angular, and React. 
  • A front-end developer knows what are the java backend technologies and how to use them. 
  • Sound knowledge of languages like PHP, .Net, and several others for backend development. 
  • Skills related to UI/UX designs.
  • Knowledge about Markup Languages like CSS and HTML. 
  • Databases like MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL, and others.
  • Software testing tools like TestComplete, Postman, Selenium, Katalon Studio, etc. 
  • Working to ensure the architecture, building up the roadmap for a successful product, and scalability. 

In contrast to the most popular perception, a full-stack developer does not need to program the codes during web app development on his/her own. In most of the projects, such developers are either responsible for frontend or backend development. 

Apart from writing the code, it is the responsibility of a full-stack developer to implement several frameworks, libraries, and tools. So, with comprehensive skills and knowledge for a software developer, full-stack developers naturally emerge as ideal prospects for iOS or Android software development and related projects. 

When to Hire a Full-Stack Developer?

Though a full-stack developer works efficiently by taking charge of your project from scratch to its launch and timely maintenance. However, they have a few restrictions that might harm your projects and business. To help you up with that, we have listed the criteria below that makes them an ideal fit for your business:

  • Small software development projects
  • Small to medium-sized business
  • Projects with less investment
  • Less complicated projects

What Is a Specialized Developer?

As the name suggests, a specialist is an expert in one discipline. Their work revolves around that discipline and such professionals are known as specialist developers.   

Hang on! 

This does not mean that the specialist developer will not have the same understanding required for creating and delivering a web or mobile-based app when compared to a senior full-stack developer. 

It means that a specialized developer would be your go-to-guy for that specific subject that can be anything such as designs, domain modeling, database design, and more. 

When to Hire a Specialized Developer?

During a software development process, the tasks are assigned as per the expertise among the teams and the sub-teams. The Specialized Developers, in this case, serve as a master of the field they excel at, acquainted with, and propelled to. Let's now check out the factors that make Specialized Developers the best option for you:

  • Large and long-term Projects
  • Projects having high investment
  • Innovative and challenging Projects

Full-Stack Developer Vs Specialized: Which one is the Best for your Business?

Full-stack developers and specialized developers have their fair share of merits and demerits. However, none of them fit in all types of projects. For instance, hiring a full-stack developer can be very cost-effective, however, the technology and innovation in a project can't be promised. 

You must be aware that Quality, Time, Price, and Flexibility are a few significant aspects that one must consider during the software development of the project. Let's now dig a little deeper into the aspects to find how the full-stack developer and the specialized developer are different from each other. 

  • Quality: Specialized Developers have precise skill sets and deep knowledge in a specific domain. Such professionals can deliver high-quality projects using the best technology stack.  As the focus of the specialized developer is limited to a specific technology and work following the latest trends making the development process much easier. 

Being well-versed with existing as well as the latest technology, such developers can come up with some amazing ideas or mobile roadmap based on that technology. 

Now, Talking about Full Stack Developers, they are the jack of all trades (just as we mentioned above), it becomes difficult for them to track the progress of your software development. This leaves you feeling restricted and affects the quality of your product sooner or later. 

  • Time Management: Time Management is another crucial aspect of the Product Development Cycle. This factor varies according to the project's size, this is best for small-scale projects. A full-stack developer can manage the time more effectively, as they need not conduct any meetings or coordinate with the teams. 

A specialized developer can comparatively take a lot more time in this kind of project, as they need to coordinate with every team member for the process. 

  • Costs: The cost of a project and developer is dependent on the following three factors:

  1. The software and hardware-based infrastructure
  2. Generic resources
  3. Human resources like developers, designers, and others

The cost of software, hardware, and other resources is quite important. However, there's a huge difference that can be observed in the cost when opting to hire Full-stack developers and specialized ones. 

Hiring numerous specialized developers for different fields that are quite expensive rather than employing a solitary Full Stack Developer, that makes the software development process more budget-friendly. 

Full-Stack Developers Vs Specialized Developers Salaries and Other rates

The average Full Stack Developer Salary in the United States is $95,944 to $114 K. Whereas, the average salary of a Specialized Developer may range up to $79K to $131K.

Who Should You Hire for Your Business in 2021?

When hiring an employee or choosing to hire a pro-level team in India, however, is it confounded between Full Stack Developers and Specialists?

Selecting a developer for your project is a crucial process. Therefore, before starting to a conclusion, you must analyze your requirements and evaluate which professional is the best fit for you. 

Both Full-stack and specialized developers can really work wonders in different situations. A full-stack developer, being the jack of all trades, can prove to be really helpful for a small project on a low-budget.

Whereas, if you want to focus on technology and innovative specific aspects, a specialized developer can be the perfect one for you. 

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