Pros of Outsourcing IT Talent: The Measurables

Outsourcing isn’t an alien concept anymore. From IT to matters of our day to day concern, a lot has been outsourced and thanks to this concept that has spread its wings across the borders, we have witnessed the world reducing into a little space. IT outsourcing is the most common form of outsourcing and tech giants have vouched for this process due to the immense benefits they carry. Outsourced IT projects have proved their efficiency across the latitudes. They take much lesser time in searching for the right people to work on the project and this can result in better and faster completion of work. You can pool in the talents of experts across the globe and can focus on other matters that need a focused perspective from your end. You may also use the dollar-rupee arbitrage to take advantages of price and fees across the various markets.


Typically, companies that accept and cater to clients who intend to outsource IT projects handle the work with a much higher level of efficiency. Most organizations view outsourcing as a means to expand into other countries and fresh markets. On a much detailed level, outsourcing has a lot many advantages than what is objectively asserted to be its plus points.

1. Complete your IT projects at a much lower cost: As mentioned above, most companies may employ the dollar-rupee or any other currency arbitrage to their benefit. About 90 percent of the companies that opt for an outsourced team are interested in the significant level of savings they make. Many of the projects have witnessed the completion of the project in an overseas land at one-tenth of the cost if it were to be materialized at their end. This very point works as the most priced consolation for clients to opt for IT outsourcing in India. While hiring remote developers, you may keep your options opened and may take two features to compare the services offered; the quality of services offered and the cost for such quality service. Make sure you choose an agency that can strike the perfect balance here.

2. The Talent Pool: Different people. Diverse opinions and a pool of expertise. This is the beauty of outsourcing. When you decide to outsource your projects, you may come across a lot many freelancers and other experts who have abilities to the core in their field. If your team consist of people who come from different regions and culture, you are sure to get a mix of the best possible skill sets to work on your task. If you were to handle this task by yourself, you may have to spend a lot of time searching for the right candidate which will further lead to an unpredictable delay in the completion of the project. If you are hiring an agency, there is absolutely no question of such delay because they already will have the right people with the desired level of expertise. While hiring freelancers, be it a designer or a developer and tester duo, do check their past profiles very well to understand the depth of their expertise.

3. You can focus on what you do best: By making the very decision on outsourcing your project, you are allowing your core home team to focus on other important tasks. On having outsourced your IT projects, you may focus on obtaining fresh contracts or something that may not really be outsourced. You can work towards expansion and progress of your organization as a whole. This stands true if you are a company that is into the IT industry completely. If the project isn’t outsourced, your team may have to spend a larger part of their time in keeping track of the latest developments in the industry and will have to constantly make efforts towards updating their skill sets leading to a waste of their productive hours. Make sure that your agency understands your need perfectly so that you can actually save the time which you may otherwise have to spend explaining your requirements over and over again.

4. IT Agencies know it all: The solution provider that is taking up the assignment for you may have already handled many such projects and they know it all. The various issues that you may face while independently working on a project may be solved in a jiffy by these agencies due to their level of expertise at handling such issues. They may be able to solve the queries and find a better solution to every possible issue that may arise over a period of time. Make sure that you have a fair idea about the clients with whom the agency concerned has worked for. This will help you clarify any doubts about the company’s efficiency and credibility.

5. Occasional Follow Up: This is every agency’s favorite. As you outsource your IT projects, you are delegating a responsibility to an agency that understands the depth of your project and will work harder towards helping you achieve your goals. You only have to evaluate their services on a regular basis and give your suggestions when needed. It doesn’t demand a lot of your time and focus because these IT agencies can efficiently manage the work by themselves. Schedule a periodic connect with your team and have a quality driven discussion.

Currently, the most popular reasons to outsource IT in India is when dealing with data & network management or cloud. Apart from the technical aspects, outsourcing has simply made lives easier for all across the globe. The credibility of the concept may be defended with statistical facts that prove its efficiency and demand especially here, in India. With an amazing IT support structure, India is where you ought to fix your process and with an amalgamation of brainpower, infrastructure, and creative ideas, our hub here, at Your Team In India is where your next IT project must be kick started. Drop us a line at and our experts will get back to you.

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