Outsource Your IT Work or Do it Yourself: The Choice Is Yours!

With the evolution of company structures and workflow patterns, the IT industry is increasingly getting inclined towards the virtual office way i.e. outsourcing its employees rather than going for in-house hirings. Outsourcing has become a trend which is growing at an unprecedented rate. And, why wouldn’t it be such a hit? After all, it’s so simple and cost-effective. It doesn’t only bring down the cost considerably but, also improve efficiency along with expanding the dimensions of service delivery. This is a major reason why 62.5% of SMEs are opting for outsourcing rather than hiring in-house.

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Moreover, the remarkable increase in IT outsourcing has significantly bridged the IT skill gap of 21% which arose because of budget constraints and lack of adequate skills amidst the immediate in-house hirings. So, wouldn’t you want to outsource your IT workforce and save both your time and money without having to compromise on work quality? Remember, cost savings go a long way in building the strong foundation of a company. Still on the fence whether to outsource or go the in-house way? Take a look at these points and find it yourself.

Cost efficiency of outsourcing remains unmatched: The operational costs involved in outsourcing is negligible as there are no overhead costs of infrastructure, maintenance, utility, and technology. This is a critical factor contributing to the outsourcing of 43% of the IT workforce.

You get instant delivery along with top-notch skills and expertise: Outsourced IT workers have specialized IT skills thereby they require less learning time and give instant delivery of quality work.

Opportunity to tap a whole new world of global talent: Unlike in-house workforce which is limited to a particular demographic area, outsourcing helps you get hold of a global workforce of IT talents.

Gives you flexibility in managing operations and human resource: The outsourced IT workforce manages all your business processes and gives you flexibility in controlling more imperative issues.

You can use time zone differences to your advantage: As your outsourced IT workforce is globally located, you can use the time zone difference to your advantage by assigning them work in different shifts and get it done round the clock.

Now, you know how outsourcing your IT workforce will keep you a step ahead in competition while you reap out its benefits. However, to make it more clear and precise here is a comparative analysis of outsourcing and in-house hiring. After all, we don’t want you to have any doubts or second thoughts.

Fields In-house hiring. Outsourcing.
Costs and overheads. Recurring high-cost because companies have to invest in infrastructure along with doing the research work, achieving marketing goals and catering to the staff needs and issues. Higher business efficiency because of cost-effective resources and default access to an in-built state of the art infrastructure and technology.
Training. Apart from the high costs involved, training your in-house employees is limited to the dimension of your organization. It is less costly and lets you explore new global talents with top-notch and high-end skills.
Risks involved. The risk involved is solely your responsibility and not of your in-house team. It can deviate your attention from the core work and adversely affect your business operations. The high-end outsourcing service providers are efficient in risk management. They can foresee and manage the risks for you through their seamless technology giving you time to focus on more critical work.
Time required for work delivery. You can’t begin your project unless you have trained and developed your in-house time. Also, they work for a definite time frame and can’t provide instant delivery of work. Since they are available round the clock with all the skills and capabilities, you can begin your project asap and get instant delivery.
Quality of work. You need to invest a lot of time and money to acquire quality resources or else your HR quality remains low. Tough competition compels outsourcing service provider to give constant high-quality services at reasonable rates.
Project management. It is very expensive to hire in-house talent for short-term projects. You can easily outsource your IT workforce for short term projects and go onboard seamlessly.

So, instead of putting your valuable time, effort and money in hiring an in-house team, it will be great if you outsource your IT workforce. It won’t only give you a competitive edge over your competitors but, also help you generate ample revenue through its cost effective benefits and high-quality work.

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