If You Don’t Have PWAs, You Might Be Falling Behind!

Do you remember, what apps do you use?

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram?

Most of you don’t go beyond these. There may be cases where people cling on to  news apps, game apps, shopping apps etc. Besides these, there are areas where millions of searches are being performed everyday. 

The mobile app industry is always looking forward to new technologies that will help make the user experience smooth.

Google is the prime evangelist in the domain of premium user experience introducing new technologies inclined toward millions of mobile users. The major inclination is towards- Progressive Web App’.

‘Progressive Web App’ is a software development methodology that builds hybrid apps for websites and mobile applications. This helps in combining the features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience.”

Here are few figures, you definitely want to consider:

All of them are unignored returns.

Now is the time to know the functionalities of PWA.

The Prime Functionality of Progressive Web Applications

1) Instant Load Time

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Built with progressive enhancements as the core principle, Progressive Web Applications enable apps to enable in real time. This technology takes advantage of the device cache thereby decreasing the amount of information needed for responding users.

The technology enables the apps to save information in the device’s cache so that it reaches straight to the users device.

When there are more than one multiple visits from a single pace, the Progressive Web Applications gives instant loading with cache content display. And the rest of the display is in the content progressively.

2) Add to the Home Screen

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The ‘Add to Home Screen’ is a functionality that allows the users to successfully download applications

The ‘Add to Home Screen’ prompt that PWA comes armored with allows the users to install the applications straight on their device and once users accept the request, the web apps offer them native-like experience right on their home screen.

The mobile app developers you hire know how to create progressive web apps. It allows the business to decide how the app will appear to the users. Defining the home screen pwa icon, splash screen and theme color of the address bar in the browser.

Using these mobile app design workflow personalizations, it becomes easy for the businesses to get the icon added on the home screen. This gives an immersive experience with complete control of the screen orientation

3) Offline Mode of Operation

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Although there are many app ideas for startups but you have to choose functionalities carefully so that you build an app that will amaze users.

PWA is built on the principle of offline-first and it comes powered with the robust caching mechanism to manage all the offline requests. Then it further sends them across once the connection is available.

Hire mobile app developers to deliver the best app that gives a greater level of performance irrespective of what the connection condition is.

4) Push Notifications

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One of the major differences that stands between Native and Web application is Push Notifications. These are now available with PWAs.

Best mobile app companies via PWA gives users a more personalized experience. The notifications that look similar to native applications run on the user’s device while empowering businesses. This has the ability to tap the highest value offering web audiences.  

5) Web Payments

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PWAs simplify and secure the online payment for application users. In order to achieve that, there are skills required for mobile app development.

Web payment feature makes use of the stored address and payment details and doesn’t ask the user to fill any details during checkout. And because this is developed on a native mode, the PWAs offer a smooth checkout experience for users.

You should build an app that gives businesses the flexibility to offer a variety of different payment options working on the range of different devices.  

Making an app for ios and android becomes easy when all the above mentioned functionalities are utilized. Progressive web applications play a very important role in revolutionizing the revenue model of a multiple business globally.

Here are a few business cases that partnered with mobile app development companies to enter the arena.

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What Issues are Solved by Progressive Web App Development?

1. App Discovery

No matter what business you are in, as a startup you want your business to stand out, isn’t it?

But having a presence and competing against 2 million apps present in Play Store and Apple Store takes a lot. For this it is important to hire experienced iOS or Android developers.

2. App Installation Fatigue 

As per a Comscore report, many users download no apps every month. Progressive Web Apps have been specifically designed in a way that it gets over the attached app fatigue.

There are a lot of ways in which it is made possible and best programmers will know it.

The advantages include:

Users discover the app automatically while browsing social media or web.

The pop-up appears only when the user repeatedly visits the page.

The app downloading process is hassle-free. The users don’t have to find the app in the store to install it.

Unique features like offline mode, push notifications work even if the visitor doesn’t install the app. 

3. Widened App Reach

Native apps are straightforwardly used on the platforms for which they are built. Like an individual having an Android device can use apps present on Play Store and the same applies in the case of iPhone. This further restricts the app reach that any business can achieve.

Having progressive web app developers on your side means no dependency on Play Store and Apple Store. This further makes it possible for your brand to get restricted on an ‘X’ set of customer base.

4. App Maintenance

App maintenance on both the platforms (Play Store or App Store) is costly as well as time-consuming. It is challenging for every startup to deal with this issue.

Progressive web app creator knows how to build an app that is not only easy to maintain but also relives the resource dependency. You get a number benefits if your project is in the right hands.

5. Better Looking Revenue Model

When you have thought of building an Android or iOS app, you have to follow the rules.

It is a fact that these rules tend to curb not just the complete extent of innovativeness but also a chunk of revenue.

They ask business owners to pay them a share of revenue that they have earned on the app-based purchases.

Create a progressive web app so that the experienced developers can tell you which is the right direction and what will lead to more results. They are the ones giving you the right advice so that your business flourishes.

6. Greater App Loyalty

App retention plays a major role in the app development marketplace. In that case, if the app takes a lot of space on the phone it is not good. Sending notification to the customers helps users keep engaged in return helping with the low abandonment rates.

A phone app development company knows what to build and how to build a progressive app. The functionalities of the app vary from business to business.

Now that you have finally realized that there are many problems that PWA solves for a startup, let’s explore how technology fits in Startup or Medium Business Ecosystem.

How Can Small Businesses Use Progressive Web Applications?

The answer to How can PWA help Businesses lies in a number of ways.

Being a business owner who has a startup can be challenging. The major objective of any company is to ‘earn money’.

It is difficult to have an online presence when all you have is a website or sometimes not even that. There is a possibility that you have fallen behind the trends in the industry and you don’t know where to go.

On the other side, it is a possibility that the website that you may have is outdated.

And while on one side there’s an outdated website on the other there is this conscious and costly need of the hour to go mobile if you wish to stay in the business.

Progressive Web App Development is the solution.

As you have already seen the benefits of PWA, it is time to do so what it can do for startups and medium enterprises.

1. Get More Returning Visitors

Telling your audience that you exist is one of the most daunting tasks on the planet. But the fact that users will only use PWA after ensuring you have an amazing website and everything else that they demand. This brings you one step closer to them.

As PWA gets placed in the Home Screen of the devices, it becomes easy for the user to keep you in mind every time they unlock their device. A dedicated mobile app developer helps you in creating such an app that is liked by your audience.

2. Capture New Leads

Running a successful business requires the right strategy. Everyone is aware of the fact. But what  is more difficult is to get the hands on the exact insights into the customer’s psyche.

The moment a user installs the progressive applications, it interacts well automatically. So you need not to worry at all.

Once in, you can send the latest information regarding new products and services with an instant pop-up. Progressive web app technology does this automatically on the basis:

  • Number of visits
  • Page visit
  • Current location

Being crisp, unlike native apps or websites progressive web app development services help you lead the refining process which results. Everything is easier and direct, making it convenient for the marketing team to direct their efforts.

3. Hook Visitors Even When No Network

Unlike native mobile apps, developing progressive web apps give you the ability to stay operational even when there is no network.

This is one of the biggest advantages of progressive web apps. Users then remain hooked within the app even when the Internet connection is missing and get all the facilities that they experience under all network conditions.

4. The Best of Websites and Mobile Apps

Progressive web app solutions deliver the best of Websites and Mobile Apps. PWA 2020 technology takes what’s best in both mobile apps and websites. Further, it provides one solution to the startup so that they can flourish their business.

Progressive Web Apps Features that it Gets from Websites –

  • Instant Browser Access
  • Real-Time Loading
  • Google Indexing and Link Redirection

Features of Progressive Web Apps that it gets from Mobile Apps –

  • Push Notifications
  • The start screen of that of an app
  • Offline Content access provision
  • Full-Screen Ability

5.  Automatic Content Update

Undoubtedly, progressive web app performance is commendable. This is one of the reasons why big brands are utilizing it.

A major benefit of Progressive Web Apps for businesses lies in offering real-time updated content to the end-users.

While syncing in the databases in real-time, it becomes hassle-free for businesses to offer real-time data. Especially when they launch the application.

The top progressive web apps are created by the best developers and the functionality comes handt for business. They rely on constant content change like restaurants or eCommerce platforms.

6. Amplifying Branding Awareness

Mobile progressive web apps have enabled SMEs to place logos on the home screen for plenty of users. This is helping to secure the visibility of the brand and boosting the top-of-mind awareness program for the consumers.

Plus, PWAs also enable specific splash screen and a full-screen experience. This is accommodated with more than 78.25% long user sessions as compared to websites and apps.  This progressive web app feature gives higher engagement from customers when they use PWA.

7. For Cost-effective Mobile Presence

The best app development company offers SMEs an affordable alternative to a native mobile app to the end-users.

More than 50% of the search queries are for mobile. This is one of the major reasons why Google has now shifted its focus on mobile-first websites.

In this type of situation, mobile app service providers help startups to drive greater mobile traffic. This they do by offering users facilities like less data usage, less storage spending, and much faster load time.

All the aforementioned points hint directly towards a time where Progressive Web Apps are the need of the hour.

What are you waiting for?

Hire mobile app developers so that you can turn your business into a brand by creating a progressive web application.  

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