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What is an Offshore Development Center (ODC)

What is an Offshore Development Center (ODC)?

The increased market volatility and the economic downturn have forced businesses to adopt stringent budget cuts and rethink their modus operandi to build resilient and flexible business models. Today enterprises are actively looking to move their software projects to Offshore…

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Setup your own Offshore Development Center - Your Team in India

Setup Your Own Offshore Development Center(ODC) In India

The global economic turmoil and the increasing gap in opportunities vs. available IT resources in western countries have forced companies to look for trusted offshore outsourcing solutions that are cost-effective, viable, and sustainable for their IT needs.  The demand to…

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Major IT destination in 2022

Demystifying The Major Indian IT Destinations in 2022

“The question for CEOs globally is no longer - “Should my company go to India?” but instead “Can my company afford not to be in India”?  Cost-effective services, the latest technology solutions, and a large pool of English-speaking skilled human…

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Model to hire developer

Choose The Right Model To Hire Developers From India

An increasing number of enterprises and startups consider India a primary destination for software offshoring. The core reasons for hiring offshore developers from India are driven by a strong economic value proposition, like:  Unparalleled Quality Exceptional Cost Saving A quick…

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Hire Developers

7 Tips To Manage Your Offshore Team Successfully

Offshore development is trending! With the world changing dynamically, an IT offshore model is becoming more and more popular. Offshoring is a well-known practice that plays a crucial role for business in the long run. Though, one of the primary…

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