6 Main Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers in India

You were aspiring for this giant project for months and you’ve finally got it. Now the next you might be looking for is – Team of developers!

To begin this tedious job, there are 3 options:

  1. Go for your in-house resources
  2. Hire freelancers
  3. Dedicated Developers

In-house resources can be a good option only if they are not engaged in any other project. On the other hand, Freelancers are the ones who are easily available. They are comparatively cheap to hire, but the only doubt is their quality of work and deliverability.

So what’s next? Dedicated Developers India, and to opt for this one, you need a strong reason right?

6 main reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers in India

We give you 5!

  1. Get the monkey of project management off your back

You hire Dedicated Developers in India. A highly skilled team of developers will work for your project. The whole work will be assigned and coordinated by their team leads. Moreover, the project will be managed by the project manager. So, in short, the load will be off your back.

What do you need more?

Hiring Dedicated Developers team will ensure you more agility, transparency and quality. While the expert team of software developers will be busy working on your project, you can bag a few more projects like this!

  1. Dedicated Developers hiring is always cost efficient

Cost saving does not always mean hiring resources with lesser money. Instead, if you speak business, it’s the final amount of profit as a result of cumulative decisions taken. When a dedicated hired team will work for your business from top to bottom, you’re actually getting more time to invest in the other spheres of businesses.

India runs a total $150 billion of outsourcing industry and is being one of the cheapest outsourcing destinations; it’s a direct target place for budget offshore software development company, teams and management.

  1. Flexibility of resources

When you’re working with your in-house team, you cannot get an exact skill-set if it’s missing in your existing team members. To train them and then to engage them in the project would be a dollar short.

Instead, when you’re hiring a team of dedicated developers in India, you can customize your team on the basis of your exact requirement.

  1. Ongoing Project Customization

When you’re going for dedicated hiring in India, you’re going to get the full authorization to customize the ongoing project. Throughout the project, you can add or release as many resources as you want to. Also, you have the authority to remold the project planning, escalate, reframe or adjust the project development at any moment of time.

  1. Emergency Management

This is very basic, but can’t be neglected. The direct responsibility and liability goes to the one who is responsible for the payroll.

For dedicated developers hiring in India, all the responsibilities of the payroll, termination and HR related stuff solely go to the software development company.

Therefore, in times of emergency, you’re expected to get a quick resolution.

Also, unlike freelancers, as you’re getting a synchronized team from a stable software development company, so you can access them at any moment of time. They will always be available for all your queries and will provide you reliable support at the time of emergency.

  1. UX developers are easily available

Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Hilton, Bank of America, Nascar, CNN, HP, Samsung and Animal Planet: all these leading companies across the globe have one thing in common. They hire dedicated resources from Poland, Ukraine, India, China, and Romania.

These top 5 countries have the source of inexpensive resources and the companies’ business is highly dependent on user experience.

Hiring dedicated developers in India is the best solution to all your needs! India has got well experienced and highly skilled UX developers, which can work at a comparatively lower cost.

Also, post launching support, flexible time zone working shifts, skilled developers of multiple niches: possibilities are uncountable. Talk to us, we’ll let you know the rest!

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